School Food Tasting?! You Bet!

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Ever wonder what your kids are eating for school lunch? Do you have a strong opinion about healthier and less processed foods in the lunch line? We think this is a great idea from Chesterfield County!! Chesterfield County Public Schools is inviting students and parents to taste food being considered for school lunches and breakfasts. […]

Richmond Montessori School – A World of Difference

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Many schools claim to be the best in the world. We believe that Richmond Montessori School is best for the world. Richmond Montessori School (RMS) provides what parents desire – an educational experience for their children that is more than just academics. Since 1965, RMS has provided a supportive, child-centered environment that encourages independence while […]

Important Information: Parents of Children with Asthma Headed Back to School

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Article by Guest Writer: Laura Bender Back-to-school season is always a whirlwind, but for families of children with asthma, worries about their child’s health at school often add to the stress. The Richmond area is home to more than 18,000 children with asthma. The good news is, there are actions families can take to keep […]



As a sentimental twin mommy, that simple word “rising” has soothed my nostalgic soul all summer. Incomprehensibly, the day after Labor Day, our two will be matriculating into middle school. MIDDLE SCHOOL. Thankfully, for now, these precious, waning days of summer, they’re still rising sixth-graders. Seems like only yesterday we were scouring the aisles of […]

Preparing the Child with Special Needs for a Great School Year


By Lia Tremblay, Guest Writer Back-to-school time is hectic for any family, but for a parent of children with special needs it can be especially daunting. Here are some tips to help ensure smooth sailing throughout the school year. Get Organized You may already have a big binder or file box to keep track of […]

Back to School: Preparing Healthy Lunches


By Guest Author: David Novak, Contributing Editor for Healthline Whether you’re packing your own lunch or one for every child in the house, there are real challenges when thinking about your midday meal.  You certainly want healthy options that keep you full enough to stay away from the candy and soda machines come mid-afternoon. There’s […]

Healthy Back to School Lunch Ideas

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HEALTHY BACK TO SCHOOL LUNCH IDEAS FROM GIANT/MARTIN’S Think outside of the lunchbox – thanks to creative ideas contributed to by Martin’s! Carlisle, PA – With summer vacation winding down, the team of nutritionists at GIANT Food Stores and MARTIN’S Food Markets are offering several ways for families to think outside of the lunchbox […]

Goodbye Daycare, Hello Kindergarten

My almost-Kindergartner, proud in her new school shoes.

I can’t really put my finger on the source of my anxiety about the transition from preschool to kindergarten. We, the parents, are not ready. She, the eager excited 5-year-old daughter, is so ready. Daycare is what we’ve known.  It’s been a very important part of the ‘village’ for 5 years.  I can recite all […]

5 Ways To Learn About Your Child’s School Day

5 ways to learn about your child's school day

    Have you ever picked your child up from school excited to learn about their day? You enthusiastically greet your little one with a smile and a “What did you do today?” only to receive the evasive (and common) answer of “nothing.” While you know it’s not actually true that they did “nothing” all […]

Be Brave and Kind

roscoe at camp

I felt a kind of courage on Roscoe’s first day of summer camp when his delight and anticipation for something yet unknown felt so much mine. We drove steadily across town with the windows open. The warm air blew through the backseat, and roared to the front where I watched him through the rear view […]