Stand Up Against Bullying: Unity Day is October 9, 2013


Bullying. We’ve all heard way too much about bullying in the news. Young kids taking their own lives because of bullying is an almost unreal possibility to most of us. But it happens – and much too often. Wednesday, October 9, 2013 is Unity Day 2013 It’s a day when the National Bullying Prevent Center […]

Casting Call: Moms with Alternative Parenting Styles!


Do you wish you could let the world know how you feel about parenting? Do you have very firm ideas about how to raise children? Are you open to different types of parenting – and tolerant of styles other than your own? Do you over- or under-parent? Then this might be what you’re looking for! […]

Breathe Easy Salt Spa Open House February 23: Respiratory Relief and More

breathe easy salt sap

Breathe Easy Salt Spa, the first salt therapy treatment center in Richmond opened January 23, 2013 and will have an open house on Saturday, February 23, 2013 from 12-3 p.m. Come join them for special deals, refreshments and tours of the spa. Located on 15812 WC Main Street, Midlothian, VA 23113 in Westchester Commons, Breathe […]

Protect, Educate and Organize: All at One Place!

Kim Woodson Richmond VA Insurance Agent

                                                Kim Woodson is a Farmers Insurance Agency Owner and an advertiser on Contact her if you have any questions about insurance.

Silent But Deadly: Carbon Monoxide Poisoning


Reprinted with permission from Farmers Friendly Voice newsletter – Kimberly Woodson, Farmers Insurance Agency Owner Carbon monoxide (CO) is an odorless, colorless, toxic gas — and because it’s impossible to see, taste or smell, it can make you ill or even kill you before you are aware it’s in your home. All people and animals […]

Feeling Drowsy? Stop Driving!

Kim Woodson Richmond VA Insurance Agent

By Kim Woodson, Guest Writer Many of us don’t get enough sleep and as a result we may become moody, irritable and easily stressed. But if you’re behind the wheel, lack of sleep can also impair your driving which may lead to potentially dangerous consequences. In addition to accidents, sleepiness can lead to higher stress […]

Lawn Mower Safety Tips

Kimberly Woodson of Farmers Insurance Group is always looking for ways to make our community safer. Sure, she sells insurance — but she also gives great tips on safety for families even if you’re not in the market to purchase insurance! Check this out. By Kimberly Woodson Spring and summer — time to appreciate the […]

Richmond Mom Kim Woodson: Luxury Vs. Necessity

by Kimberly Wooden Woodson Luxury vs. Necessity. In challenging economic times, knowing the difference between “need” and “want” is important. I’d like to suggest that life insurance is a “need.” It may be tempting to think of it as a luxury, especially when you’re trying to trim your budget, but I hope you resist temptation: […]

Boating Fun and Safety

By Kim Woodson Thanks to Kimberly Woodson, Farmers Insurance Group agency owner, for this great article. Summer is time for fun! Swimming, boating, and lots of water sports will be in full swing soon. Boating is indeed a pleasure, but it’s important to be safe at the same time. And if you have a boat, […]

Tips for Buying a House

Kim Woodson Richmond VA Insurance Agent

By Kimberly Woodson Many experts believe the housing market is getting ready to rebound — I hope they’re right! If you’re thinking about buying a home don’t forget to consider insurance. Would-be buyers often get pre-approved for mortgages, research school districts, and look at numerous houses before finding the “perfect” home for them. Often however, […]