Best Television Shows For Kids And Their Parents

Peep and The Big Wide World

It’s true! My kids watch TV sometimes, and I like television, too! However, some of the TV shows my kids have fallen in love with over the years (and by TV, I mean Netflix although I’ve heard they’re on cable, too) are terrible. The good news is when my kids insist on those shows, I […]

Moving On: Transitioning from Elementary to Middle School

Pre teen girl getting on school bus

By Priscilla Wright, M.Ed, LPC,NCC Moving on to middle school can be an exciting time.  Some children embrace this change while others find it difficult. Here are a few things that parents can do to ease the transition. School Environment: The expectations are greater in middle school. Students are expected to keep track of and […]

How to Talk to Your Child About Their School Day and Get More than “Fine”

Ready set parent

  By Dr. Elizabeth M. Vantre   You learned through a parent volunteer that not only did your child’s class get a visit from the ice cream truck for good behavior, but your child got the only A+ on the science test.  Why is it then when your child gets off the bus, you excitedly […]

Back to School Survival Guide for Parents

Father Saying Goodbye To Children back toSchool

By Steve Green, Executive Director Sylvan Learning of Richmond While the idea of waking up at the crack of dawn to prepare lunches, fighting over appropriate school attire and regulating the amount of television watched might have you frazzled, take solace in the fact that you can play a big part in getting your children […]

Separate but Together: Parenting After Divorce

Divorce and  Separation concept

By Priscilla Wright, M.Ed, LPC,NCC Making the decision to separate may be difficult for most people. When the decision is made, the parties involved may agree that this decision is best for the entire family.  It is often not an easy decision to make. During a separation or divorce the entire family is experiencing loss […]

Welcome To MAMA CAMP

Mama camp

My kids spend a lot of time together with me as their fearless leader because they are only 2.5 years apart and get along, but this summer, I was able to arrange their camp schedules so each could attend a week of the greatest camp ever: MAMA CAMP. MAMA CAMP is when one sibling goes […]

New Book for Both Parents & Children About School Readiness


Kindergarten is a big transition, and while some kids take it in stride, others have a pretty tough time. This daunting rite of passage is exactly why Christine Bronstein, daughter of Borders Books co-founder Louis Borders, penned Stewie Boomstein Starts School;  a new book for both kids and their parents to help ease the transition into […]

ODD: Feeling Like You’re on the Debate Team with Your Child

Angry Boy photo by Philippe Putt copy

By Priscilla Wright, M.Ed, LPC,NCC Do you feel like you on the debate team with your child? Do any of the following seem familiar to you? Your child argues with you or any adult in authority. Trivial matters easily annoy him or her. He or she deliberately annoys others almost appearing to push their “hot […]

How to Help Your Child Prepare for a Move

prepare your child for a move

Whether you are moving across town or across the country (like we are…eek!) moving can be a stressful experience for your family. Children thrive on routine and stability, so it’s important to pay special attention to your child (ren) during this time. Although I wouldn’t go so far as to call myself an expert, I […]

Welcoming a New Baby? 10 Tips to Pave the Road for Sibling Bliss

big and little brother

This article is sponsored by: Worrying how a new baby will affect your first-born is very common. Including your child in the excitement and preparations will help set the stage for sibling harmony.  1. Celebrate the news with your child.  Congratulate them on becoming a big sibling.  Show them pictures of you and your siblings […]