January 20: Breast Density


Breast density describes the composition of a woman’s breasts. Breasts are made up of glands, fat and thickened tissue, but the amounts of each of these components vary from woman to woman. Women who have more milk producing, milk transporting and connecting tissues as compared to fatty tissues are considered to have high breast density. […]

January 13: Permanent Birth Control Options


The majority of birth control options available – pills, implants, injections, rings, patches and IUDs – serve as temporary solutions for contraception, meaning that at any time, women can choose to discontinue use and have a chance of becoming pregnant in the future. Some women, who are certain that they do not wish to have […]

Get Healthier: Six Tips for a Healthy 2014


As we welcome in a new year, let’s remember that health is not merely the absence of disease, it’s a lifestyle. Whether it’s getting enough sleep, enjoying a hobby or learning to set limits with others in your life, it’s important to take time to be good to yourself. Take steps to balance work, home, […]

January 6: Folic Acid Awareness Week


While a healthy diet is always the best way to get the vitamins and minerals you need, prenatal vitamins are recommended if you are planning pregnancy or if you are currently pregnant. Your health care provider might also recommend that you continue taking prenatal vitamins after your baby has been born, especially if you are […]

Making Room for Sleep

Source: Virginia Women's Center

While most of us know that it’s important to exercise regularly and eat a nutritious diet, as a society, we are quick to “burn the candle on both ends” and give up sleep in order to complete our “to do” lists.  This strategy will come at a cost if we routinely deprive ourselves of sleep, […]

December 23: Deep Breathing


Content Provided by Virginia Women’s Center The holidays can be a stressful time of year. What is the quickest, least expensive and most effective way to de-stress and relax? The answer is…deep breathing. Everyone can practice deep breathing. Because it requires nothing except you and your breath, it can be done anywhere, anytime. The benefits […]

December 16: High-risk Obstetrics


Content Provided by Virginia Women’s Center While there is no guarantee that preterm labor can be prevented, there are some changes you can make to have a healthy pregnancy and reduce your risk of having a premature baby: Quit smoking, drinking alcohol or using street drugs. Talk to your health care provider about how much […]

Talking to Your Daughter About her Period


Content Provided By: Virginia Women’s Center While it’s not as dreaded as the birds and the bees talk, talking to daughters about periods is not usually high on the list of parenting milestones that moms look forward to. Take a deep breath and read through these tips to help prepare you for this exciting time […]

Postpartum Mental Health Workshop

Postpartum Mental Health Workshop The nursery colors are picked out and the registry items are selected. What’s left to do as you plan for your new arrival? At Virginia Women’s Center, we believe that a woman’s postpartum mental health is just as important as her physical health and that’s why we’d like to suggest that […]

November 4: Prematurity Awareness


By: Virginia Women’s Center November is prematurity awareness month. In the U.S., 1 out of 8 babies is born prematurely. Premature birth is any birth that occurs before 37 completed weeks of pregnancy. Preterm babies account for a large proportion of infant deaths. More infants die from preterm-related problems than from any other single cause. […]