2012 Dream Baby Shower Voting is Underway: Vote Now!

Richmond’s 2012 Hip to Be Round Dream Baby Shower voting is underway! Thanks to Stony Point Surgery Center and all the amazing local business donating prizes for this fun contest totaling over $4,000.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Vote here by using this link: You’ll see  nominations below, and you may vote once per person only between 6/15-6/26/12.
  2. Celebrate with us at the Expectant Girls Night Out at Hip to Be Round in Carytown 6/27/12 from 6:30 pm-8:00 pm where we’ll announce the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prize winners. Each nominee may bring 1-2 guests and celebrate with us, RSVP HERE.
  3. The Grand Prize Winner will be presented with her gifts and will be given invitations from Dawn Correspondence, catering by Wild Greens Catering, cupcakes by Frostings, and coordination and favors from Celebrations at Home with Chris Nease for her very own shower to be held by 8/30!*

*please note: blackout dates occur in July; actual shower date to be scheduled with Chris Nease of Celebrations at Home for an optimal, amazing shower!

And the nominees are:



Adrien Poulos                                                 Click this link to vote for for any nominee

I am nominating my daughter Adrien who is a wonderful nurse & a great person.She cares so deeply that not to long ago I called to have her meet me in Carytown. “I can’t Mom, I’m baking,” she said. She & another nurse were whipping up different treats to help a Mother who’s daughter had been in the hospital for almost a year, waiting on a new heart. The Mother wanted to have a big party for her 18th birthday & celebrate receiving the heart.  Adrien & her friend wrapped all the treats, returned to the hospital, then sold them to the night shift. This after working 12hrs. All of the money went to the Mom.  Adrien was the type of child that would take her mittens off & give them to the homeless person @ the corner. She & Jason had a true Richmond wedding & now are expecting our first grandchild. I’m so happy that I’m going to be Grandma. My little girl is all grown up & I would Love for her to have this very special “Dream Baby Shower” to celebrate her becoming a Mom!~ Thank you~

Alexa Glover                                  Click this link to vote for for any nominee         

Alexa is a sweet lady that I’ve known most of my life. The past few years we’ve become better f riends and I know she’s there for me and I’m there for her if we ever need anything. She went through a very rough, unhappy short marriage & sadly suffered miscarriages. She will be 35 in January and recently found out she’s due with a little one in December 2012! She had cramps and spotting early on and was nervous obviously. Thankfully, the baby is healthy and mama is fine! Up until this point, she’s only had fur-babies. She resides with her awesome parents and they’re all excited about welcoming this blessing into their home this winter!

Alison Fallecker                            Click this link to vote for for any nominee         

Alison Fallecker is very deserving of this year’s 2012 Baby Shower! Not that I am biased or anything, being her husband, lol. :-) But, seriously, I have watched my awesome “warrior-chick” wife handle this pregnancy with grace, even when it wasn’t easy. She has maintained a positive mental attitude, even while experiencing constant nausea, zero appetite, and hormonal mood swings. Through it all, she still manages to work her day job, work at our 2 home-based businesses, take care of me, and still keep up with all of the mundane housework. She is SO excited to become a Mom for the first time, as it has been one of her dreams for a long time. Finally, the biggest reason that you should vote for Alison is because of her heart. She spends most of her days selflessly serving other people & taking care of their needs. This would be a huge blessing & a great way to let her know that the people she serves day after day really appreciate all that she does for them. Thanks for voting for Alison!

Alison Griffith                                                          Click this link to vote for for any nominee

I would like to nominate Alison Swindell Griffith for the Dream Baby Shower. Alison deserves the shower more than anyone I know. She is a kind hearted, give everything you have type person. She has a beautiful toddler right now and is expecting this fall. She is a career mom who focuses her busy life around her child, her volunteer firefighter and shift working husband, and her community. She spends every moment she can sharing her parenting skills and love for children with a niece as well as her own son and baby on the way. To top it off she just graduated college working on classes, while working, being mom, wife, and an active community member. Alison deserves this honor and would represent Hip to Be Round very well!

Amelia Nelson                                                    Click this link to vote for for any nominee       

Amelia is 26 years old and this is her first pregnancy.  She moved to Richmond from Alabama several years ago, leaving behind friends and family.  She has been serving in a restaurant for the last 4 years while also holding a second job in retail.  Amelia selflessly decided to put her school career on hold while her husband of 7 months had returned to school.  Even though they had planned to wait until he graduated college in 2 years, God had other plans.  Currently, she is 17 weeks pregnant, juggling 2 jobs, and helping support her husband who also serves in a restaurant while attending VCU full time.  Amelia deserves to win the dream baby shower because despite all of the setbacks in her life she struggles, perseveres and always puts others ahead of herself.  I’d like to make things easier for and give her an unforgettable baby shower.

Amy Munn                                       Click this link to vote for for any nominee         

Amy is a terrific mom. She is pregnant with her second child. She has a 3 year old daughter who lights up her and her husband’s lives and is a joy to be around. Amy is employed outside the home and does an awesome job of juggling work and family responsibilities. She and her husband recently bought a home and they keep very busy. Amy cares deeply for all children and I just want to be able to give her a “dream shower”. So often we forget about those moms having a second child and tend to think they have all that they need. In this case, all of her baby items are from her daughter and her new little boy may need some additional “boy” items! Amy takes great care of herself and her family and is so very cautious about everything she does while she is pregnant. This just shows how protective and loving a mother she is! Please vote for Amy!! :)

Amy West                                                         Click this link to vote for for any nominee

Because with her first child 9 years ago she was not given a baby shower and she is an amazing mom!  She was a single mom for 8 years who has managed to raise an amazing daughter.  This new baby will be so lucky to have her as its mother!  It will have a fantastic dad as well!  Very lucky child!

Anna Lindstrom                                              Click this link to vote for for any nominee         

Anna is an exceptional caregiver. She has worked at daycares for many years and lives children. After suffering a traumatic ectopic pregnancy a couple of years ago she was limited at her chances for a healthy pregnancy. She was nervous yet estatic about her pregnancy and Anna is anxiously awaiting the arrival of her baby boy!

Antoinette Marie Alvano                    Click this link to vote for for any nominee         

Antoinette Marie Alvano lives in Richmond, VA with her husband Carl.  Antoinette, ( Toni for short) and her husband having been married for over three years. Since Toni was a little girl, she dreamed of having a large family since her biological family is quite small. She married into a large happy and very close Filipino family and she and her husband Carl couldn’t wait to have children. Toni’s love of children inspired her to offer childcare services in addition to her full time business career. While caring for children, it came to light that Toni has a special way with autistic children.  Soon, she was in demand for her kind, intelligent and loving childcare skills with this population of children.  Toni still skypes with some of her previous little ones and their families. Finally Toni and Carl are blessed with a little one of their own on the way. I feel that this pregnancy is so special and Toni is deserving of a wonderful dream baby shower.

Ashley Barry Mason                                                           Click this link to vote for for any nominee         

Ashley is a very fun, and loving mother to her son, Max and has a little girl on the way. She is so giving to her friends and lights up a room with her smile. She works hard to make sure her family has what it needs. She deserving of this because she would do anything for her family and friends!! I am so very lucky to have her as a friend.

Ashley Grizzard                                                    Click this link to vote for for any nominee

Ashley hopes to be a mother who nurtures and inspires a strong body image, a value in education and curiosity, and demonstrates tons of love to her child. She is a very empathetic and giving person who works with the homeless population by day, but also volunteers her time and energy for the area’s festivals and for organizations that raise awareness of eating disorders during her free time. She has helped fundraise for the Eating Disorder Coalition, and been featured on several local news stations in order to promote positive body image.

Ashley has been a resident of the Museum District for the last 4 years, and looks forward to living a healthy and happy parenthood with her partner, Taylor, that involves family, friends, and the community.

Ashley Michelle Robinson                                                         Click this link to vote for for any nominee  

I would like to nominate my fiance Ashley Robinson. She is going to be a first time mom this year and is currently a full time student at VCU. She found out she was pregnant in the middle of spring semester and continued to obtain an excellent GPA upon completion of the semester. Ashley plans on maintaining her full-time status in the fall in the pursuit of a higher education in order to support her new family and plans to graduate on time. She is very involved with the Richmond community and is working towards applying to dental school. She is currently taking summer classes and working part time to save money for the baby. We were recently engaged on our trip to Virginia Beach and cannot wait to begin our new lives together. We are a little strapped for cash with us both being full time students. It would mean the world to her if she received this dream baby shower for her first child. I can think of no one more selfless and deserving than my beautiful wife-to-be Ashley!

Blair Ward                                  Click this link to vote for for any nominee         

Blair has a huge heart for children and even now still babysits in the evenings or weekends so that others can go out. This would be an amazing gift for her as she is always giving of herself. as she and her hubby are very active in the mission field and often sacrifice their needs for others.  Her kindness and compassion towards others are sincerely genuine.  Her gratitude, if she won, would be genuine as well.

Brooke Willey                                    Click this link to vote for for any nominee         

My husband is in the Army and we are 1,200 miles away from home. He will be away at training for the birth of our son and won’t be able to meet him for almost a month after he arrives. It would be a great experience to win a baby shower, since I don’t have any family here to throw one for me.

Casie Welker                                                Click this link to vote for for any nominee

Casie Welker really needs and deserves this baby shower. She us an awesome person, friend and daughter. I know she is going to be a wonderful mother. She has had some tough times this year and one could not imagine how helpful this shower would be for her. She’s a very hard working person with a huge heart. I know if Casie could win this baby shower it would help her tremendously. She would be overjoyed and thankful I’m sure.

Catherine Gholson                                                  Click this link to vote for for any nominee

Cathy is expecting her first baby, a boy named Ryan. Her husband and herself will be celebrating their second year of marriage right around when baby Ryan is due. Cathy has been extremely frugal in buying baby stuff, mostly used, and she’s refurbishing it herself. She’s very active in her church and in VCU sports. I know she’ll raise a very well rounded little man. So this is why I think Cathy should be nominated. And win!

Catherine Whitehurst Grimm                   Click this link to vote for for any nominee         

Catherine is already a phenomenal mother to her son Christian.  As the wife of a youth minister, Catherine is very involved with her church and community. She deserves this baby shower because of her caring and compassionate dedication to her friends and family!!!

Christina Dawkins                                                   Click this link to vote for for any nominee

I believe this mom to be is very deserving of the 2012 Dream Baby Shower.  I am expecting a set of twins, which of course was a great shock.  I am now over the initial shock and trying to get prepared.  I have a 7 year old daughter who is very excited to have new siblings, but not about sharing the room.  I still do not know how to organize the bedroom in the most efficient way.  I work two jobs still and so my time is not in abundance.  Please consider me as your choice.  This will not only help in costs of the twins, but also time I can save to get ready for the new family members.

Crystal Arroyo                            Click this link to vote for for any nominee         

I am nominating Crystal Arroyo because I feel that there is no other person that deserves it more than her. She is a wonderful person with a huge heart. She is always looking for ways to help someone in need. She puts other in front of herself especially if she feels she can do with out. She never turns anyone down and she always encourages people to do better. She has been through so much in her life and she continues to keep faith and have a positive attitude about life. She has been through two miss carriages and this is her first child she is able to hold and I feel she deserves the best. Please nominate her to be the winner cause she is the best candidate for the baby shower.

Crystal Vial                                  Click this link to vote for for any nominee

TRIPLETS! I am nominating my friend, Crystal Vial; a driven physical therapist, dedicated wife and loving mother to her 2 year old son. She is 18 weeks pregnant with TRIPLETS!!! Due to complications in her high risk pregnancy she is on doctors orders not to work and therefore leaving her family on just one salary. Crystal is a wonderful person who is very deserving of this nomination and in need of our help! Please consider her with your vote and thank you!

Danielle Domangue                                                    Click this link to vote for for any nominee 

I would like to nominate expectant mom Danielle Domangue. She is a woman who gave up her life and home in Texas to move to be with the man she loved and the father of her child. She has worked incredibly hard to make a wonderful life for her baby, herself and the father of her child. She works, she takes care of their two dogs and she keeps herself in shape as well as involved with the community so that she can get to know more people and make a true home here. I don’t know anyone more wonderful or deserving of having a gift for their new baby- except Danielle.

Erica Thomas                   Click this link to vote for for any nominee         

She has done a lot for everyone between her fiance’s family and my families. She’s an awesome girl who deserves something for her and her li’l bundle of joy.

Heather Twiddy                                              Click this link to vote for for any nominee

I am a mother of 1 who has been trying for a second for 2 years now. I would like to have a dream baby shower to help with the items you need when having a baby. With my first one, my husband and I both lost our jobs and hit rock bottom – now he is employed and I work part-time. We have made sure for every holiday our daughter does not go without even if that means we do. I know some people have sadder stories or harder times. I just hope to give anything and everything to my children and this will help. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Hedi Cho                                       Click this link to vote for for any nominee         

Hedi spends so much time dedicated towards the well-being of her son, Cooper.  She chronicles her love for her son in a blog that she started in 2009 and continues highlighting her trips to Wolf Great Lodge, the fears (and relief) of starting day care, and birthday parties that look straight out of a Pinterest profile (you know the ones I’m talking about — those crazy, amazing ones where you’re like, O-M-G.).  All this while maintaining a career.  Wow!  Clearly, she has more than 24 hours in a day.  She is now expecting a daughter, and I am sure she will share just as much love and dedication towards her too.  I just wish she would share the impending baby’s name already.  WHAT IS IT??

Jennie Davis                                            Click this link to vote for for any nominee

Jennie Davis – full of joy, (and increasingly full of Sophia), in her excited anticipation of bringing to this world a wonderful, positive person, is herself most deserving of being voted winner of the Richmondmom.com dream baby shower.  I hereby do nominate her, and invite you to vote for her.

Jennifer Greene                           Click this link to vote for for any nominee         

Wow, I’m not sure there are words special enough for this momma! She is an amazing, mother, wife, best friend, sister, & more! Jennifer has Joshua,7, Rylan,2, a Beautiful Angel baby Jocelynn who would be 3, and a little princess on the way due in September! Jennifer is definitely the rock of the group, no matter what she’s struggling with, she will make it a point that her kids are happy and have everything they want! She will always help you with anything she can! Jennifer has NEVER had a shower even close to what she deserves! With Josh she didn’t have a baby shower, and with Rylan it was all thrown on her last minute to do it all! Jennifer does whatever she can to make everyone around her happy but she doesn’t take the time to make herself happy! Angel baby Jocelynn is watching over her to make sure her sister arrives safely and I think we can all agree the little princess deserves an AMAZING shower! After all she will live in a house of men! Please vote for this deserving mommy.

Jennifer McCord                                        Click this link to vote for for any nominee

Jenni is the hardest working mom I know, and is able to juggle everything while making it look effortless! Jenni has 3 beautiful girls, age 12, 4, and 3. She and her husband, Jonathon, are expecting their first boy in September, and they couldn’t be happier!! They have been hoping for a boy for a long time now, and their dream is finally coming true! Jenni juggles her marriage, her 3 children, volunteering at The Lonesome Dove (which helps to rehabilitate veterans injured in war), all while attending college full-time! She is such an amazing mom and she deserves to have this dream baby shower to get ready for her newest addition to her beautiful family!

Jessica Carwille                                        Click this link to vote for for any nominee

I have had the extreme good fortune of knowing Jessica Carwille.  Not only is she my cousin but my best friend as well.  Jessica is an outstanding individual.  She goes out of her way to help everyone, she works hard for everything she has and has overcome many obstacles in life which have molded her into the AMAZING person she has become.After trying for several years to conceive she and her husband finally “struck gold”.  However, it has come at a rough time in her life, her husband lost his job due to a health condition and they are struggling to stay afloat.  If anyone deserves this dream baby shower it would be her.  I would love for her first pregnancy to be nothing short of AMAZING!  She, her husband and soon to be son or daughter deserve nothing but the best!!

Jessica Clark                                       Click this link to vote for for any nominee         

My much more hip and round older sister, Jessica Clark, just found out that she is having a second child due in January 2013. I have never met a mother as patient and caring as my sister has been to my 2 1/2 year old niece. This supermom has the power in balancing full time employment (at the best brunch restaurant in Richmond, Millie’s), being a full-time student at VCU, a full time wife, and a full time mother… which doesn’t leave much time for herself! Her husband, who is also wonderful, travels a lot for work, so my sister will spend large amounts of time parenting alone. Now that she’s pregnant again, its time for her to be selfish and to take a load off her feet! All you moms raise your pints (of ice cream), and cheers to what makes this world go round! (LOVE YOU sister<3)

Jessica Sirs                                        Click this link to vote for for any nominee

Jessica is a great mom of a wonderful 3 year old boy and is expecting her 2nd child in November.  She works full time at Hopewell Health Care Center and enjoys her work.  Her husband is a 2nd year medical student at VCU here in Richmond. They have a very full schedule but still make time to spend with themselves and their son.  Their family life is very important to them. I can’t think of anyone more deserving to win this 2012 Dream Baby Shower.  It would be a great help to them and a Dream Come True.

Karen Bailey Alexander                                   Click this link to vote for for any nominee         

Karen Alexander, Mom Extraordinaire, deserves this prize because she always gives so freely of her self to others and it would be great to see her showered with what she deserves.She has spent the entirety of her professional life serving others and through her work with organizations like Equality Virginia, DC Rape Crisis Center, Volunteer Emergency Families for Children (VEFC), and through grant work with local government – she gave those in need, a much needed voice and much needed support.As a friend, I can tell you she seeks out ways to make each person in her life – family, friend, stranger- feel important and cared for. If sunshine came in human form, it would be Karen Alexander. She is pure joy. Karen is already a Super-Mom to her son from her husband’s first marriage and the baby she is expecting now might just be the luckiest little person in the world.  What an amazing gift he/she will get having a Mom like Karen. Thank you and Please give Karen your vote!

Kasi Hurley                                 Click this link to vote for for any nominee

Kasi is pregnant with our seventh child after having 5 boys and a girl. My wife is a great mother, she homeschools all of our kids. However she still finds time to teach adult Sunday School each week – and work on the car with me. Yes, even she thinks she’s crazy, but in a good way! My wife is really hoping for another daughter, it’s been ten years since the last girl. She has no girl stuff and due to our last move not a lot baby things. Why should people nominate Kasi?  I guess because, everyone makes a big deal about the first and second child. After the third child people tend to think it’s not a big deal. My wife would like her perhaps last child to be as special as the first! And having old broken and out-dated baby furnishings and borrowed supplies isn’t very special. I love my “Super Mom” Kasi! She needs a moment of celebration to  show her that all pregnancies should be special.

Kelly Clary                                                  Click this link to vote for for any nominee

Even Miracles take a little time “Fairy Godmother from Cinderella”. Kelly found out she was expecting the day after we buried her grandmother, someone she helped care for regularly. She struggled with health issues and had to see various specialists to even become pregnant. With all she has been through to have a baby, she deserves the Dream Baby Shower.

To My Kelly: She is an amazing wife, daughter, woman, aunt, and friend. She is a loving and caring person, tender, and yet so resilient. She is there for you in the good times and the bad and makes you feel that she will keep you safe. Always ready to pitch in and help, provide guidance when needed, and can do so many things. She has struggled with health issues and is so very grateful to be pregnant and is over the moon excited.  She didn’t hesitate to take care of loved ones when they were sick and kisses their boo-boos to help them get well. She is our soft place to fall and our rock. Love, Mom

Kimberly Shackelford                   Click this link to vote for for any nominee

Kim is very deserving of this Dream Baby Shower. She is a giving and supportive person. She always supports loved ones in their lives by contributing to their special days, events and initiatives!

I wish to nominate my daughter, Kim, for Richmondmom’s 2012 Dream Baby Shower. Kim is a dream herself.  Born October 1, 1981, she is as loving and kind as one could be.  She is a hard-working and dedicated individual, working both in the corporate world and running a small business part-time.  She is often asked to donate her time and services to different functions taking place in Richmond and vicinity and she never hesitates.When she found out she was pregnant with Cupcake, (my granddaughter), she knew she would have to cut back on her activities and part-time work.  I know she and her husband would greatly benefit from this giveaway.  Not only would they benefit from it, but in the future, when they are no longer able to use these items, they would generously pass them along to the next person in need.

Kimberly is the MOST DESERVING mother to be for this Baby Shower because she is the best sister I could possibly have. She always looks out for others despite the things that she may have going on with herself.

I am nominating Kim Shackleford for this giveaway because of the phenomenal woman she already is…and the fantastic mother that she is going to be!!  All of Kim’s friends and family members are sooooo excited to see Kim prego!!  This pregnancy is extra special because all of us can remember the stress and anguish Kim, and her husband DeAndre went through due to the miscarriage of their previous pregnancy.  Kim had been trying for a while to get prego…and after only about 3 months of being pregnant, she lost the baby.  How tragic.  But Kim and her hubby handled the best way possible…by sticking by each other’s side and trusting in God.  Well eventually, they became pregnant again…and things have gone by smoothly thus far!!  Kim is a very giving and loving friend and family member.  I can’t think of anyone more deserving of this than my Kimmie!!!

Kristine Stallard                                            Click this link to vote for for any nominee

I am nominating myself because I feel like I am very deserving. I am a fighter, I am kindhearted, and loving. I am currently fighting tooth and nail for my son to be in my custody. Home is where your mom is. I want the best for my children. I don’t have much, the most I offer my children is love, spirit, and a constant reminder that they are the future and nothing can stand in their way if they put their mind to it.

I vote for Kristina Stallard – she is the most caring person i know and would do anything to please her baby . She is great mother to her son and will do anything for her soon to have new born.

Latoya Charity                                        Click this link to vote for for any nominee                                          

I have known Latoya since elementary school and even back then I always knew that she was a very special person with a wonderful heart! Latoya is very much deserving of this award. She is a mother of two young boys who remain on honor roll within school and she is expecting her first daughter in a couple of months. She is currently classified as having a high risk pregnancy due to certain health conditions and her doctor has placed her on a restricted work schedule. Her hours were cut in half which makes finances VERY difficult for her right now. Regardless of her situation she is still willing to lend a helping hand when needed. She is very strong willed, determined, loving and caring person. But most of all she a tremendous friend! If anyone is deserving of this Dream Baby shower it is none other than my friend, Miss Latoya Charity!

Lindsey Leavitt                                          Click this link to vote for for any nominee         

Lindsey is an amazing sister to me! She has always been the planner, the get everyone together, the back bone to our family, as the oldest of three. My only wish is to thank her for all she has done by allowing her to have the baby shower she deserves that we cannot afford to throw for her. By winning this contest I could show her how much she means not only to me but our whole family! Please consider her for all she does, as the family representative, vice president of the Children’s Heart Foundation, a full time legal assistant, a wonderful mother and a full time home maker. She is an amazing person and does so much for everyone else I only hope I can do this for her! Casey Robertson

Lindsey is most deserving of this Dream Baby Shower because she is such a special and giving individual. Lindsey entered this world with a Congenital Heart Defect. At the age of 2 she had to have open heart surgery to repair her defect. She went on to play softball competitively in school and continues to play recreationally. Lindsey gave birth to her son, Layne, nearly 4 years ago. Layne was born with a heart murmur and has to be monitored by visits to the Pediatric Cardiologist, he has not had to have any procedures to correct his murmur. Lindsey serves as Vice President of the Children’s Heart Foundation Virginia Chapter. She helps put together events such as our Allison Jacobs Golf Tournament and the Congenital Heart Walk of Central Virginia. In addition to her family, softball and CHFVA, Lindsey works full time for a law firm. Lindsey is a native of the Mechanicsville area. We are excited to welcome a heart healthy little one in October 2012.

Lindsay  A. Lewis                             Click this link to vote for for any nominee         

Lindsay Lewis is my best friend and has been for over 20 years!  I have been by her side through all the great ups and downs life has to offer and I can’t be more excited for her and her husband, Jamie Lewis, to be expecting their first child!

I know without a doubt that Lindsay will be an amazing mother, afterall, she has a great role model with her mom!  Lindsay is one of the most honest and sincere people I have ever known and she can’t wait to, as she puts it, “raise a strong, humble, aware human being.”  When Lindsay takes something on whether it’s her job, helping a friend or raising a child she does it with true integrity.  She is very conscious of the environment and the people around her.  For example, her and Jamie plan on using cloth diapers and have done tons of research on the products they plan on using in hopes of reducing the toxins that they expose their baby to, etc. We plan on throwing her a shower in August and this would make it all the more special!

McRae Brittingham                        Click this link to vote for for any nominee         

She’s Awesome!

Melissa Van Vickle                            Click this link to vote for for any nominee         

For a woman having a child is never easy.  They go through so much just with that alone, but Melissa has gone beyond that.  She already has a full time job as a mother of a 3 year old, been working to get things ready for the new baby, just finished Nursing School, and is currently studying for her state board exams to become a RN.  She does so much for so many people without asking anything in return.  That is why I feel she is most deserving of the 2012 Dream Baby Shower.

I am nominating my daughter, Melissa White Van Vickle of Mineral, VA.She’s a hard-working wife, mother to  preschooler Reid, and is expecting their “Mini Van” in July.  They are confirmed pet lovers, with 2 dogs and 3 cats. After being laid off from her job as an assistant controller in 2009, she decided to return to school to become a Registered Nurse. She had a daily hour-long commute to school, had classes all day, returning home to pick up Reid from child care.  Studying nights and weekends, she graduated cum laude in May from nursing school and will soon be taking the boards to license her as a Registered Nurse. She has participated in mission trips with her childhood church and both colleges she attended, helping under-served people in clinics and orphanages. She is active in their church, and belongs to “Moms’ Club” in Mineral.  She delivers Meals on Wheels with her son, showing him the way to caring.  I expect she’ll continue to do this with their new baby.

Melissa has worked so hard while pregnant. She finished RN school this May and will be sitting for her NCLEX-RN before the baby is born. She is such a caring person and her future patients will thrive under her.She is also a loving and dedicated friend. I can always turn to her for support and advice as I finish up RN school myself. And I know she’s been there for others as well. It’s been a long, hard journey and I don’t know how I would have made it through without her. I also have seen her with her son and she is amazing! So patient and nurturing. I can’t wait to see her with this new little one! She will be a guiding light for me once I’m a parent. She is so deserving as a mom-to-be. Finishing up school to better her and her children’s futures, all while being there for her son and husband.

Michelle Roop                                         Click this link to vote for for any nominee         

I am nominating my friend and co worker Michelle.  She is wonderful, kind, intelligent and fun loving.  She works hard and always goes above and beyond for others.  This will be the first child for her and her husband Mike.  I think they will make amazing parents!

Nicole Pegram                                           Click this link to vote for for any nominee         

I am Nicole’s husband, I have been married to my wife for a little under a year now and she is a wonderful mother to my step-daughter Molly {her daughter}. When I met them for the 1st time I knew my place was meant to be right beside them. So not long after we dated, I asked her to marry me! I married my best friend and got a little best friend with her, now we are adding to our little family. My wife just found out we are 10 weeks pregnant! I want to nominate my wife because she is just the best women a man and a family could ask for. And I look forward to our family growing.

Niki Dunkum                                          Click this link to vote for for any nominee         

My daughter, Niki Dunkum, was married in July, graduated from Grad School from VCU in December with her masters in elementary education and found out she was pregnant in January. Teaching has been a life long dream of hers but as you can imagine being due right when school starts is not very good timing for being hired. She has been substituting and they will get by until she can go back to work but I wanted to nominate her for this dream shower in hopes of her winning to help them get started with their new little addition. Niki is the sweetest, most thoughtful person I know and would do anything for her friends and family so I wanted to do this for her!  Thank you for considering her for this Dream Baby Shower! Wanda H.

Nikie Roth-Unroe                                      Click this link to vote for for any nominee         

I would like to nominate Niki Roth-Unroe. She is an amazing person and friend. And is going to be even more amazing mother. I met Niki because she is married to a high school friend of mine. She instantly became one of my best friends. I have seen how she is with some of my friends children and can only imagine what she has in store for her own children. Shortly after finding out that she was pregnant with the first grandchild on either her or her husband’s sides of the family, she was hit with the unexpected news of the sudden loss of her mother. I can imagine the pain she has for losing a parent, but not the pain she has while carrying a child that her mother will never meet. Niki is stronger than she will give herself credit for. I would like to nominate my friend Niki for the free baby shower to show her how proud I am to have her as a friend and that she is going to make an AMAZING mother! Thanks.

Patricia Ribler                                           Click this link to vote for for any nominee         

Even though her upcoming baby will be her first, I am confident Patricia will be one of the best moms in her neighborhood, in Richmond, and beyond. Patricia has everything the ideal mother would! She’s an amazing cook, ask anyone who has had one of her cupcakes. She keeps and beautifully decorates her home with her daily crafts. She teaches kindergarten students and keeps them engaged everyday with awesome activities and exciting lesson plans, and as a fun childhood filled with playing together proves, she has a great imagination that her new baby will adore. Patricia and I had a wonderful mother to follow, and I’m sure if Patricia is half as good of a mother as she was and is as a sister, that’s one lucky baby! She deserves something to reward for her being the woman and mother she is!

Rashan E. Edwards                              Click this link to vote for for any nominee         

This is my 2nd child. When I was pregnant with my son I never had a baby shower. My family is on the west side of the country and since money is tight I did not have the opportunity to fly to see them. I have been to a few baby showers but never had my own. Since I am having a girl this time around I think it would help a lot with me missing my family.

Raven Williams                                                     Click this link to vote for for any nominee         

I’m a first time mom and would love a chance to win!

Raven is having her first child in September.She is a warm-hearted beautiful woman that is quite obviously already in love with her “nugget” as she calls her unborn son.  Raven deserves this shower because she is a special person whose kindness is contagious and who makes others just feel better when she is around them.  I have known her since birth and have never known her not to be a sweet person.  She is a beautiful woman that would do a wardrobe from your store proud. Raven is going to make a wonderful mother.  She makes me proud and I cannot think of anyone who deserves this dream shower more than Raven, Chet, and their little “nugget”.

Raven is a dream friend. Raven met Chet and Chet met Raven…a dream couple. They fell in love and from this love, this dream baby was planned and conceived. The entire family is anxiously awaiting this dream baby. It is only fitting that Raven and Chet should be awarded the Dream Baby Shower.

Raven is expecting her first child.  She lives in a small apartment in Richmond.  She works hard, loves deeply, loves to have fun.  She is so looking to welcoming her in September.  when she wins this shower she and Chet will be able to have more funds to save up to find a bigger place to live and raise their son.

We met Raven two years ago and within one day we fell in love. She’s the most genuine person I know. When we found out they were expecting the first words out of my mouth may have been “They lied to us!” because a few weeks prior, they were at a party “not partying” because they were being health conscience until 3/1. Of course, 3/1 marked 12 weeks and they could announce the baby. I quickly got over betrayal and beamed (possibly cried) because there has never been two people more in love or more deserving of having a family together. When Raven is not planning for Nugget, she also works for SweetFrog helping expand the franchise nationally. Through her job she interacts with children and it is obvious how much of a wonderful mother she will make. I want to nominate Raven because she really deserves such a wonderful gift. She constantly gives herself to others and helps out. Her child will be born into such a loving family, that it would be nice to pamper her one more time.

Raven is a delightful, energetic, enthusiastic, caring, considerate, sweet, young woman who is the mother-to-be of my first grand child!!

Raven Williams is my big sister. She is one of the most caring individuals that I know. This is her first child, the first grandchild, and will be the first boy in our family! She deserves this more than anyone I know because ever since we got the news she has been working day in and day out to get ready for this little man!

Raven Williams is the most well deserving candidate for Dream Baby Shower. I have only known her for a short time, but within that time I have witnessed her warm and kind heart.  She always has something positive to day and willing to go out of her way to help others. She is always caring for others with a big smile on her face. She has such beautiful qualities and is going to make a wonderful mom to her son.

Rebecca Button                                       Click this link to vote for for any nominee         

I think my big sister deserves this baby shower because she’s done nothing for herself sense she has been pregnant. She works all day, every day and doesn’t have the right people to help her throw her own baby shower. So she just wasn’t planning on having one. I just wanna see a smile on her face because its been awhile .

Rebecca Simms                      Click this link to vote for for any nominee         

Already singing to her baby and she isn’t due for 7 months. Rebecca will be the coolest mom ever. Her baby will come out singing her funny wacky songs that only she can come up with. Americas got talent at age 1? Her baby just might do it. I wouldnt be surprised. Crazy, funny, rythmic, and quited talented. This Hip To Be Round mom deserves to be Richmond 2012 Dream Baby Shower winner!

I am expecting my very first child, and we are very excited for this new expierience. Yet not fully prepared, I wish to bring this new life into a wonderful stress free and bright beautiful world. I just need some help to make it stress free :) I work very hard and want to give my child everything that I did not have growing up, and with your help I can do that. Thank you.

She is hardworking, caring, funny and carries an enthusiastic aura with her wherever she goes. I am certain she will endow her child with a sense of wonder and the belief they can truly make a positive impact in this world as she has. Rebecca is the epitome of what a great mother can be. It would be a great honor for people of Richmond to name her this year’s RICHMOND MOM TO BE!

Rebekah L Midkiff                                 Click this link to vote for for any nominee         

Rebekah is one of the most amazing mom’s I know.  She has a three year old daughter. Her husband Jake and Bekah are great parents and their daughter is the smartest little thing.  She may only be three but can do so much.  She is reading, counting and does “chores”.   Loves to dance, swims, sings, and can make you laugh until you can’t take any more.  With the new baby coming she is already getting ready to help.  Practicing holding correctly, diapering, holding the bottle and thinks that she will be in charge. They are a great family and winning a Dream Baby Shower would be awesome for this wonderful family.

Robin Emson                                    Click this link to vote for for any nominee         

Robin is one of the coolest chicks I’ve met.  Her excitement about her pregnancy is contagious.  She has a great sense of humor.  Who else changes their profile picture on Facebook to a jar of Prego pasta sauce to announce their pregnancy?  Recently I’ve seen her take care of family members so I would love to see her have a fantastic baby shower.  I hope you’ll vote for my Prego friend!

Samantha Aida                           Click this link to vote for for any nominee         

My daughter is 25 and getting ready to have her second child in August. She works everyday and comes home to her little boy who is 3 years old and plays with him, cooks for him, and never skips a beat on what he needs. She has made every effort to include her son in this pregnancy. He talks to the baby and knows her name and wants to change her, feed her and love her. I think she deserves it because she is a wonderful, loving, caring mother and friend. She works hard to support her family and loves her son more than anything. I think she deserves something special just for her.

Samantha Erin Parks                            Click this link to vote for for any nominee         

I would like to nominate expectant mom Samantha Parks. She is one of the best moms I know.  She is pregnant with her third child and is a loving mom to her two little girls Avery and Londyn.  Samantha suffered with infertility before becoming pregnant with her first child and she knows first hand the disappointment of not having a baby to love. She is patient and nurturing and unselfishly spends vast amounts of time teaching her girls how to be creative,kind,silly and loving. By example she teaches her children to put others first. Recently she threw a baby shower for an expectant mom who otherwise would not have had one. It is not unusual for her to organize meal deliveries for sick friends and new moms. Samantha is a very special person and so deserves to be treated in a special way. I hope you will consider her for this honor. Thank You.

Sara Elizabeth Thomas                                    Click this link to vote for for any nominee         

Sara is just over a month away from graduating from nursing school and taking her boards! She has worked very hard to get through nursing school and her baby will arrive just as she is accepting job offers.  All expectant moms deserve a great baby shower, but an expectant mom who is a brand new nurse deserves one most of all!

Sarah Akin                                             Click this link to vote for for any nominee         

Sarah is a friend that I met at church three years ago. Sarah and her husband, Jason are expecting their first child.  They are a wonderful couple that have overcome many adversities over the last several years. However, neither allowed the troubles in their lives negatively impact their relationship. They have persevered and worked hard to make their dreams come true.  The renewed their vows for their fifth anniversary last fall.  Now with a little one on the way, their dreams of a family are coming true.  I am nominating them for the Dream Baby Shower just as icing on the cake.  What better way to make the addition of the baby to their family than this wonderful baby shower?

Sarah K. Billeter                                    Click this link to vote for for any nominee         

I would like to nominate Sarah Billeter! While Sarah may be pregnant with her first child, she is already a ‘Mom’ to dozens of children. You see, Sarah is a Special Education teacher in Hanover County. She spends her time advocating for children who have no voice of their own. Her dedication goes above and beyond her job description and she truly loves each child. On stormy days, she will comfort my autistic son to make sure he feels safe and has even driven him home during storms when he has been too scared to get on the bus. She knows each child’s needs and spends her days protecting them and giving them a secure learning environment.  She has given her heart and soul to each of her students, some of which can behave aggressively, but she loves them unconditionally.  She deserves an extraordinary baby shower to honor her and her devotion to children with special needs. She is an exceptional woman who loves without boundaries and all of her school children thrive because of it!

Sarah Graves                                                   Click this link to vote for for any nominee         

The person that I would like to nominate for Richmond’s 2012 Dream Baby Shower is my precious daughter, Sarah Graves.  After she and Alex were married, they dreamed of having a child of their own.  However, due to complications from a surgery when she was young, Sarah developed adhesion’s disease, which rendered conception difficult. Sarah endured two attempts with in-vitro fertilization, a process that is physically arduous, costly and emotionally challenging.  When both attempts failed, because she and her husband had such an abundance of love to give, they decided, through an enormous leap of faith and commitment, to adopt a baby.  This September, they will be parents of a baby boy and I can think of no other woman in my life who will be a better mother and more deserving of a new baby than my beautiful daughter, Sarah, who has demonstrated courage, patience, perseverance and a welcoming heart throughout the adoption process. With love, my vote goes to Sarah Graves of Richmond, VA.

Shanice Cross                        Click this link to vote for for any nominee         

I am nominating my daughter for the dream baby shower. She is a strong women who strives to do her best even though she needs help in getting items for her first unborn child (a boy) she will never ask anyone but is so greatful when she recieves gifts from others.

Shannon Cooper                       Click this link to vote for for any nominee                     

Shannon is most deserving for this shower because she has been an excellent Godmother to Sean, and Aunt to Malachi and Amir for years and now she is going to be another herself. Most of all, while most of us are surrounded by family during pregnancy, Shannon does not that that. She lives miles away from all of her blood relatives, [they live] in Wisconsin. Shannon also lost her mother to cancer last year. While a dream shower will not replace her loss, it could make this time easier.

Stephanie Edwards                                             Click this link to vote for for any nominee         

Stephanie deserves this dream shower mostly because she never asks for anything and since this her first child I would love to see this happen for her . This pregnancy has not been easy on her and I know this would be everything she ever wanted !

Stephanie Tingler                               Click this link to vote for for any nominee     

My friend Stephanie is so deserving of this baby shower. She has a heart of gold. Her husband has worked two jobs just to support the family. Stephanie’s six year old son shares the same birthday as mine. I met her in 2007 and when my family moved here for work,her family was our neighbor. I was very lonely and pregnant at the time with my second child. We actually met because my son which was two at the time bit her sons finger through the fence. She befriended me and has stuck by my side every since. She is truly one of the best mothers I know and is always taking care of other people and their kids. She is always putting other people first. This will be her second child and IT’S A GIRL! No words can truly explain why she should be “The One”. If you ask anyone around her they would for sure vote for her. She would give her shirt right off her back from anyone in need and she is always volunteering her time for school and church.

Tara  Kilpatrick                                          Click this link to vote for for any nominee         

Tara is expecting her third little boy. She has twin boys that are 5.  One of the boys was diagnosed a year ago with a very rare spinal cancer. He has undergone surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy. She has been amazingly strong for him and for their family.  She is ecstatic to be blessed with another child but has very little time to think about or plan for his arrival.  I believe she is highly deserving of this shower because she gives of herself continuously for her family and has never asked for anything back. It would be amazing to let her know how much people recognize her love and sacrifices.

Taryn McVey Jones                       Click this link to vote for for any nominee     

I’m nominating my daughter, Taryn, because I am so proud of the person she has become, and I know I will be equally proud of the mother she will be.  Taryn is one of the most caring and loving people I know, and she likes everyone she meets. I remember one day when she was in elementary school, she got off the bus crying and devastated because someone at school didn’t want to be her friend. Taryn liked everyone, and it was a totally foreign concept to her that someone else wouldn’t feel the same.  To this day, she is as loyal a friend (and daughter) as anyone can be. She will be an amazing role model for the daughter that she is expecting, and I have no doubt that her children will grow up in a non-judgmental home, learning total acceptance and love. Mothers are supposed to teach their children,and I hope I instilled in her some admirable qualities, but I have learned much from her as well, and I am proud that she is my daughter and the mother of my granddaughter-to-be!

The prizes for the Hip to Be Round 2012 Dream Baby Shower winner are as follows:

Hip to be Round – $200 shopping spree


$1,000 home care package for grand prize winner from Nurturing Nurse

Real Life Studios – a $750 photography session; 2nd and 3rd place $200 photography sessions


 The Cedarhouse School – A Gift bag of goodies worth $250.


Core Kids Academy – $200 Gift Certificate



Massage Envy – 1 Hour massage and facial valued at $156; 2nd and 3rd place $78 massage each



Science Museum of Virginia – $99 Membership



4 hours free Nanny Service from College Nannies & Tutors valued at $99


RELAY Foods – $75 gift certificate




Atkins, Maestrello, Miller & Associates – $75 Sonicare Toothbrush


Richmond Rocks by Richmondmom.com – Signed copies of Richmond Rocks books valued at $65; 2nd and 3rd place winners get signed copies valued at $26
Cupcakes from Frostings – for Expectant Mom’s Night Out event and the shower! Over $200 in delicious treats!

Call Federal Credit Union – $50 check to begin a savings plan for the baby.

$50 worth of baby shower invitations by DawnCorrespondence



$50 gift certificate to Champagne and Shoes to accessorize her baby shower outfit


Gourmet Cookies by Valli – $50 Gift Certificate


Wild Greens Catering – catering the winner announcement event!