Dream Baby Shower: Vote for Your Favorite Mom-to-Be!

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Mothers are amazing.
I am always so touched by reading these nominations.
On behalf of Richmondmom and The Children’s Hospital of Richmond at VCU congratulations to all the nominees! We’re wishing you happy, healthy pregnancies and happy, healthy babies, too.

Alright, now it’s time to vote. Here’s how it works.

1.Vote.  Read through the nominations and vote using this link or the link at the bottom of the post for the mom of your choice between November 11 – 22nd, 2015.  The winner is chosen based on the most unique votes so share this with friends and family. Multiple votes by the same person will be thrown out so please, only vote once.

2. Keep an eye on your inbox. We will announce our winner on Richmondmom and in our newsletter which goes out at 7am on November 25th. (That’s the day before Thanksgiving!)
After the winner is announced we will contact her and get her prizes to her.

Check out the amazing prize list here!

Amanda Carrier
Mandy is a first time “mom to be” due in February 2015.  She and her husband Matt will do anything for anyone and are great friends to everyone they meet.  Mandy works full time and deserves to win a dream baby shower.  I would love to see her pampered and celebrated by winning the dream baby shower!

Beth Jacobs
I suspect my sister and her husband (Beth and Jason Jacobs) are superheroes secretly living among us. Nine months ago, at 36 and 40 years old, they started fostering two beautiful girls, now 1 and 6 years old. Their tranquil rural house quickly filled with baby bottles and Anna and Elsa dolls. Beth and Jason dove into this adventure with love, patience and laughter. In big and small ways every day, they show the girls how to be courageous and kind, tenacious and selfless, curious and patient. One recent Saturday afternoon, without looking up from her toys, the 6 year old said to my sister, “Thank you for never giving up on me.” My sister is now 4 months pregnant (I’m sure I’m supposed to be referencing weeks here). In 14 months, they will go from zero to three kids in the house. Thank you for hosting the Richmond Mom’s Dream Baby Shower contest, allowing me to share the story of a woman who has always been an inspiration to me. I can’t think of anyone more deserving than my big sister.

Blair Lazarchic Wildauer
Are baby sisters supposed to have their own babies?  Well my amazing little sister is anxiously awaiting arrival of child number 2 and I couldn’t be more excited as I welcome my new niece/newphew in April 2016.  A new addition is a already a dream for the entire family so could you imagine if she could have her own DREAM BABY shower from Richmond.com?  My sweet little sister has already been blessed with so many little ones during the last decade as she is a Kindergarten teacher at Echo Lake and so many babies have already been blessed to pass through her doors.  I would love if we could show her the love and give her a great welcome to her newest little arrival…..

Claudette Shabazz
Claudette is a nurturing and loving mother to two of her own biological children and one stepson.  The warmth, love and joy she brings to her family is beyond remarkable.  She often makes many sacrifices to give each one the attention they deserve whether it is a school performance, team practice or choir rehearsal. Together, with her husband they make a wonderful parenting team.

Courtney Vollmer
Courtney Vollmer gives to others every single day. Always with a smile, a kind word, and a tender word of encouragement. She works tirelessly to enrich the lives of all around, but especially through her work with Live Art, an amazing program for children of all abilities. Through Live Art she has found a way to combine her love for the arts with her love for children. It is a match made in heaven. She is an amazing teacher, mentor and leader. Life is good, but it has come at a price. A short while ago she went through a major medical crisis that would have leveled most of us. But not Courtney. She faced it head on with grace and humility. And she beat the demon! She then married the love of her life and now looks forward to giving birth to a much anticipated child. This amazing young woman, who has survived so much, deserves all the love and support we can give her. I can assure you, no one will be more appreciative.

I would like to share a story that is a true testament to Courtney as a person and future mother. This past summer I worked with her at SPARC’s August Adventure Camp. During a rousing game of Sharks & Minnows, one of my 4 year old campers had fallen and was nearly trampled by 100 other older kids. As I ran out on the field to retrieve the boy who was screaming from panic and pain, Courtney rushed to my aid. I was freaking out because he was freaking out, yet Courtney kept a calm, nurturing composure that assured the boy that he was going to be okay. She told him as she cleaned off the dirt and scrapes, “Do you know how incredibly brave you are? You’re basically a superhero, that’s how brave you are! We are going to clean you up, so we can show everyone that you were brave enough to come out and still perform in the show tonight.” Right then, I knew she would make an incredible mother. Please let this baby shower go to someone who goes above and beyond to impact the lives of children.

Crystal Bellamy
I will like to nominate myself to win the dream baby shower due to im a single mom of 2 until my 3 is born no help from none there father’s and i dont have no family to support me or give me stuff or help with the baby / kids to continue to work my mom was diagnosed with a brain tumor and was my support system and helped me as much as she could my dad isnt any help he still a drug addict, ive been out of foster care since i was 19 doing fine until now understanding taking care of 3 kids alone is hard ive done everything for my kids on my own withdaycare services but it can take a while adding a new baby to your case  i hope im the lucky winner im 24 work with mentally challenge adults my daughter is 3 my son is 1 and my new baby is due april 1 but whom ever win i wish them well an God bless them

Daphene Pennell Holt
I would like to nominate Daphene Holt.  Daphene and her husband Chris were high school sweethearts.  She is a mother of three boys: ages five, three and almost two years old!
I met Daphene last year when I had her oldest son in my nursery school class.  This year I have her second son. Daphene and her husband are young parents and I’ve seen them work hard to provide a loving home for their children along with the support of their families.  Daphene and her husband are excited to be welcoming their fourth child, a princess, in January.  When asked if they’ve picked out a name yet – she tells us the boys want to name her Elsa Cinderella!  Time will tell.
Vote for Daphene – she has shown me that love and guidance goes along way – with a big family.

Frances Martin
Frances is an expert with young children — especially girls. As an educator at St. Catherine’s School, she molds the minds of the very youngest students. Both of my daughters were blessed as junior kindergarten students to have Frances as a teacher. She reaches out to the girls with a unique understanding and connects with them in her own personal way — at times with tough love when needed and other times with her own loving touch. She challenges other teachers to find their best self in teaching and does it with such a positive, upbeat approach. Each summer she helps prepare the incoming kindergarten students for their journey at St. Catherine’s School by teaching them about the campus, but more importantly teaching them to love and respect each other and their teachers. For many years Frances has molded the minds and hearts of young students at St. Catherine’s and now she will have the opportunity to impact her own daughter.

Gabrielle Saunders
This young lady has been so good to our family for five years. She and my older son were married in 2012. She immediately took on our family as if we had been hers all her life. I want to have an extraordinary shower for Gabrielle as she is an extraordinary daughter-in-law and deserves the best.
I would be so grateful should she win. Thank you.

JoBeth Broyles
Jo is one of those people you run into and already expect that she is a mother.  She is so vibrant and loving and she’s a natural with kids of all ages.  She loves this city and can’t wait to raise her kids here.
If you knew her you would want to give her the best shower ever, because she showers everyone else with genuine friendship.

Mandy Clarke
Mandy and her got married in Sept 2013. Soon after she found out she was pregnant then she miscarried right before Thanksgiving.  In the June 2014 she was so happy to be pregnant again. She had some issue and went to the ER and was told there were 2 babies. She followed up a week later with her doctor only to find out she had again miscarried. She and her husband along with friends and family were devastated. She had worked with kids all her adult life and is an assistant director of a daycare. She was very depressed and started attending church.  She embraced God and left it up to him if she and her husband would be able to have a child of their own.  In the meantime, she has stepped up to helping out with her nephew will his father is not in the picture. Mandy and her husband announced in Sept 2015 they were expecting in March 2016 and she was 14wks. Now she is 22 weeks and expecting a boy and everything is ok. She is the most deserving person I know. She has been through so much.

I would love to have a dream baby shower! My husband and I have been trying to conceive for about 2 years! We have had many heart breaks over the past two years with 2 miscarriage, with the last pregnancy being twins.This June we found out we were expecting once again. My husband and I have prayed for this moment for years. While being pregnant should be a joyful occasion, this pregnancy has been rather scary. Even though all doctors appointments have gone right and the baby is doing well it’s still scary knowing something could go wrong at any time as with the last pregnancy.Trying to think positive and having a loving supporting family and friends has helped us get through these rough times. Please consider my husband and myself for the dream baby shower.

Melissa Six
From the moment Travis and Melissa met, we knew they would be together forever. They are perfect together. They are the most giving, caring, compassionate people I know. They are as friendly to strangers as they are to family and friends and would do anything for anyone. They have treated my children like their own and come to their games, school events and other things. I cannot wait to see what parenthood brings to them!

Michell Catron
I nominate my friend Michell Catron. She does nothing but give to others all day long, on and off the clock. She’s a nurse at a couple hospitals and volunteers at her grandmothers nursing home, as well as helps me out now and then when I needed needed it the most (my baby and I both had the flu and I couldn’t get out of bed let alone tend to him and she spent the whole night with us and helped us… I will never forget that).

Missie Ailor Dusett
I’ve known Missie for less than 6 months, but in only the first few weeks of knowing her I considered her one of the hardest working, most accomplished young women I have every met.
Missie is not only gorgeous with the longest eye lashes you’ve ever seen, she is also extremely friendly, easy going, incredibly positive and crazy intelligent.
And she works HARD. Missie at times works up to three jobs, but she does this for a reason. Like I said, she’s smart. She’s working hard now because soon she will give it all up to focus on her magnum opus: Missie plans to devote herself entirely to what is to come next and it’s coming in a pair. That’s right, Missie has been doubly blessed and will soon be welcoming twins!
As a first time mom, Missie is preparing as best she knows how, but who really knows what to expect, especially with multiples?! I can’t think of anyone more dedicated to her future children or more deserving of a dream baby shower than  Missie Ailor Dusett.

Rachel Carter
I think I deserve to win this because I work two jobs and around the clock to provide and care for my family. I realize lots of mommies out there do this, and I have lots of respect and admiration for every single one of them, however right now I’m in need of a little extra help. We have a two year old daughter already, and a baby boy on the way. So we need lots of things since our new bundle of joy is the opposite sex of our first child, and my daughter is still in diapers and growing out of her clothes every 3-6 months. I know lots of you out there know that the struggle is real! I’m having to stop working at my second job here soon because I waitress on the weekends and I’m getting too far along in my pregnancy to keep it up. Every little bit helps, and I’d love to have all the wonderful things we need for our new son when he arrives in February! Best wishes to all the other mommies out there as well!

Rachel Leigh Ernest
I am nominating my daughter, Rachel Ernest, to win the 2015 Dream Baby Shower. On January 10, 2016, Rachel is due to deliver her firstborn, a little boy, whom she has already named Spencer Charles Ernest. Spencer is the name of the first child Rachel worked with in an autism therapy clinic. The middle name, Charles, was her paternal grandfather’s middle name. The last name, Ernest, is Rachel’s maiden name as she has chosen to have her child as a single parent. Motherhood has been a lifelong goal of Rachel’s; although she never considered the possibility that she might have to go it alone. Now in her late 30’s, with her biological clock ticking away and prince charming still eluding…Rachel has made the very brave decision to take on this most challenging role on her own. Rachel is the Director of Clinical Services at Dominion ABA, devoting herself to the field of autism therapy for children. I am honored to have this opportunity to share with others how very proud I am of Rachel.

Rachel Maine
No text.

Sarah DiBella
Sarah has been a good friend of mine for about 11 years now. Her husband was in the military when she had her first child didn’t get a baby shower because she lived in Hawaii while her family was here in Richmond. They recently moved back to Richmond and I know she’s been having some health issues. Sarah deserves this because she’s staying positive and strong though everything and I’d love to see her win this. It would help them out a lot!

Stacie Cass
I nominate my friend, Stacie Cass, for the 2015 Richmond Dream Baby Shower! Stacie is the proud mom of her two-year-old son, Carter, and she is expecting her second child,  a girl – in January. She’s excited to be expecting a girl because she currently is outnumbered by the boys in her home (even her dog is male). This means she needs all things girlie, and winning the dream baby shower would certainly accomplish that. Stacie works hard to balance her demanding full-time job with her family life, but it gets difficult for her at times because she has no relatives in Virginia to help her out. So, please vote for Stacie so she can feel the love from her Richmond family of friends! She is a generous and loving lady who deserves to be on the receiving end of good fortune.

Summer Taylor
I have known Summer since she was 14 years old.  She was a friend of my son and has since become a good friend of mine.  My son and I have been through some troubled times and Summer was always there to help me.  She has been to Haiti several times as a missionary, has been working herself through school while, herself, dealing with family issues that most of us would not be able to handle, and working at least two jobs the whole time.  Summer has great love and compassion for other people, animals and nature, and I know she will be a wonderful mother.
Summer is a wonderful person and deserves a wonderful Dream Baby Shower.

Tara Green
I got married in 2013. I was already over 30, had a good job, but struggled to find the right person. I was so happy to find him, things were great. When we decided to start a family, I never imagined having any issues. Instead, there were many roadblocks, including surgeries. After several years of trying, testing, medicines, and procedures, finally my husband and I are ecstatic to be expecting. I truly believe with all my heart that this is a miracle blessing from God. I am a testimonial that miracles happen and that God is faithful. The timing is more perfect than I could’ve ever designed and all past frustrations got me to this place where I am. I don’t know why we took to circuitous route that we did, but thankful in the end nonetheless.

Tiffany Clune
I nominate my sister in law, Tiffany Clune, because she has been an amazing aunt to all of her nieces and nephews. It is finally her turn to find out what a mothers unconditional love truly is. She has had enough heartache and trials along the way. This one time it would be great if she could win a special celebration for this amazing BLESSING we will soon welcome into the world. This baby is going to have an incredible amount of love! Lets shower this new mom with all the love and kindness we can give!