Real Richmond Review: Howl-O-Fest

If the kiddos are too little (or anyone is just not into walking, real-life zombies circling them) and Halloween Haunt is out of the question, you may want to check out Howl-o-Fest at Kings Dominion.

We got to the park late Saturday afternoon after chores were done and my

photo courtesy Kings Dominion

kiddos appreciated the daylight, as we’d visited Halloween Haunt the week prior and at points they got pretty spooked.

During foam pit

After a productive trip to the suds pit where they’re allowed to literally jump around in a sea of foamand walk out covered head-to-toe, we

After foam pit

collected our “treasures” located at each attraction to add to our loot bags they’d given us and painted some mini-pumpkins.

The day couldn’t have been more beautiful and it was great to walk the park, a nice added benefit of this event.  After a few rides together, we grabbed a bite to eat at Outer Hanks and refueled, then back out into the packed park for more adventure.

Fog machines starting to roll signaling ghostly creatures . . .

The fun part about coming during the day and watching the evening unfold there is the signaling of the seemingly hundreds of fog machine all throughout the park. When those hit, you know the streets will soon be overcome with some of the 450+ Kings Dominion Halloween creatures roaming the park.

Maybe we’d learned the secret to avoiding the really scary areas, or we just got lucky, because we saw very few at all and the kids were so focused on rides that it wasn’t even an issue.

I learned that I’m much wimpier than I used to be, and that the Rebel Yell is still kicking after all these years. Gotta love the ol’ wooden coasters! And since we’d loved Blood Drums on our last visit that was a must-see this time–if you dig music I highly recommend this unique drum presentation by some lively, ghostly dudes.

It’s a day well-spent and two out of my three conked out

My three bonding while in line for rides at Kings Dominion.

on the way home with tired feet and a smile on their faces. For info on discount tickets to Kings Dominion and hours check out their site.

Howl-o-fest is rolling Saturday and Sundays throughout October, noon until five o’clock.

Many thanks to Kings Dominion for providing our passes. We had a blast!