EICC Summer Blast: Creative Writing, Critical Thinking and Helping Your Child Think Outside the Box!


Education and Innovation Center for Children (EICC)  specializes in developing your child’s creative writing and critical thinking skills. Our focus is on enrichment through the use of fun and challenging learning experiences. Staff includes writers, Henrico and Chesterfield teachers, and faculty and students of the VCU writing program. The EICC offers creative writing programs that aim to support children’s developing writing skills and teach them the writing skills they will need to be successful in not only school, and business, but life all together.

The class offerings at the EICC place great value on a small teacher to student ratio (1:5) and engage students through real world application of their written word.  The EICC has seen the benefit of laying the ground work early to produce brilliant writers.

Writing is a a subject that many people are beginning to pay more attention too, and rightfully so.  In 2005 the SAT added a writing portion to its highly regarded college readiness exam.  Since then it has only become more evident that our students’ writing skills are not up to par with real word demands.  The EICC strives to make writing a more engaging and interactive process.  The highly qualified teachers boast years of experience teaching writing and several hold post graduate professional degrees in education.

Creative writing camps (To get more details on each of our writing camps, please visit our website www.eiccworld.com.) .CALL US FOR PRICING DETAILS.


Name of the writing workshopDescriptionWeekTiming
Narrative Writing WorkshopIn narrative writing, you are writing a story. Narrative writing uses story elements—a beginning, plot, characters, setting, and an ending—to come together to complete a story and make a point. Narrative stories are usually chronological (told in the order that things happen), are often told in first person (“I went to the park”), and may use dialogue, description and other elements to “flesh out” the storyJune 23rd  to June 27th 20149 am to 2 pm
Descriptive Writing WorkshopDescriptive writing is used to create a vivid picture of an idea, place or person. It is much like painting with words. To write effective descriptions, you need a clear picture in your mind of who or what it is that you are setting out to describe. Doing this allows you to focus on precise details, which make the descriptions come alive in the reader’s mind.July 14th to July 18th 20149 am to 2 pm
Figurative Language WorkshopFigurative Language is the use of words that go beyond their ordinary meaning.  Writers use figurative expressions for comparison, when they want to get across an extreme or out-of-the ordinary idea. As a reader, you have to use your imagination to figure out the author’s meaning. For example, if someone tells you that it is raining cats and dogs, you know that there are not actually cats and dogs falling from the sky. You know it really means that it is raining very hard. In this workshop, we will explore the use of the following figurative techniques:July 28th to 1st August 20149 am to 2 pm
Critical Writing Workshop9-1-1, It’s an emergency! We have some critical writing skills that need our attention! Bring your child to be a part of this important writing workshop where students will focus on learning the important organizational skills for informational writing. Students will learn how to write a strong lead sentence, how to correctly organize a 5-paragraph essay, how to write concisely and effectively to express the main ideas, and how to write a strong conclusion.August 11th to August 15th 20149 am to 2 pm
Creative Writing WorkshopCreative Writing Lab: Forensic Crime Lab WeekDoes your child like to solve mysteries? Does examining fingerprints, investigating evidence, interrogating suspects and cracking the case sound intriguing? We will act as police detectives for the week as we examine grammar, capitalization, punctuation, transition words, descriptive vocabulary, word choice and sentence variation in writing. Students will also get the chance to write their own mystery using the skills that they learn.August 18th 2014 to August 24th 20149 am to 2 pm

NOTE: We have early drop off for FREE from 8 am onwards.

Extended care available from 2 pm to 5.30 pm. (During that time kids will do various activities like fun art activites, play board games, do puzzles, jewellery making, watching movies and more…………..

For more information on EICC: (804)-747-3422(EICC), contactus@eiccworld.com