I Miss The Days When My Kids Did Not Know April Fool’s Day Existed

April Fools Day is upon us, which means I’ll be spending the day trying to come up with pranks that won’t get my kids’ kicked out of school. I miss the days when they didn’t know April 1st existed.

So far I found a fake ketchup bottle craft where a string comes out instead of actually ketchup, which I love except where do I buy ketchup bottles? And I’m a little suspect about how well it will actually work not just because I envision the washer flying off into another kids’ eye but most of my Pinterest projects don’t work out so well.

I heart Google’s (first?) prank, which makes the streets of Google map into a playable Pac-Man.

Short Pump PacMan
Short Pump traffic just got a little more complicated.

When I was a kid, I did things like switch the sugar and the salt, but I’m mostly worried that my kids will forget they did it and we’ll all cry when their dinner is ruined.

My husband is really the only person we can prank because my kids are too young to not confuse funny prank with WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU DOING STOP NOW BEFORE SOMEONE DIES (usually of embarrassment). I suggested stealing the left shoe of every one of their dad’s shoes, but he goes to bed later than them and usually wakes up earlier than they do. I guess it would be REALLY surprising if we did all our pranks to him on April 2nd. It would definitely be more convenient since I haven’t even googled how to short sheet a bed yet although he’d know something was up when he saw our bed was made.

I probably just need to find some fake vomit and be done with it.



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