It’s Time To VOTE For The 2015 Richmond Supermom!

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We have some fantastic Supermoms nominated this year!
Since there’s a lot of reading to do, I’ll keep this short:
Here’s how the Supermom Voting works:

1) Click here or the link at the bottom of the page to vote for a Supermom (all links go to the same contest survey) Nominees with first names beginning with A-M are listed in Question 2 of the survey. Nominees with first names beginning with N-Z are in Question 3 of the survey.

2) Polls are open May 22 – 29th, 2015– Share the voting page with all your friends and family so they can vote for your supermom. Each individual may only vote once in this contest. Why? We realize folks don’t have time to vote multiple times, and don’t want to take up time for our voters. So once is it, and we don’t count duplicate votes. We do not add anyone to our email list unless they opt-in, nor do we send mail so your privacy is protected!

3) The winner will be announced on our website on June 1st!
We will be in contact with the winner by email to coordinate the prize package.

A special thanks to Kings Dominion for honoring these fantastic Richmondmoms!
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Here are our nominees:

Alison Markow

Alison Markow, is truly the most amazing mother of four, wife to Brandt of 14 years, and loyal friend, that I have ever met. Isaac is 8 and has played baseball, taken art(outside of school), attended baseball classes, is on the swim team, and attends KidzQuest at church on Wednesday’s.  Wyatt is 6, plays baseball and enjoys Alison volunteering in his classroom not just in Isaac’s. Emma and Jenna will be 3 in August and yes, they ARE TWINS!

Alison is currently the Worship Administrative Assistant at Woodlake United Methodist Church. She also hosts a bible study,(every Monday at HER home), volunteers as the pianist(Wednesday’s church service), and Sunday’s are spent preparing dinners for the next week.
Alison will also be volunteering during Bible School in June, and is the current Treasurer for the Swim Team Board in her neighborhood (Magnolia Green Sea Dragons).
Alison always finds time for one on one time with each child and still goes on “dates” with her hubby! #supermom


Allisha Ragland

I would like to nominate myself for the Supermom Award. I”m a single mom of two, I have a 5year old son and an 11 year old daughter. I also take care of my elderly mother whom is 71 years old and she has custody of two of my younger nieces which I help take care of also. I work full time and also keep all four children active in sports, church activities, and any other extracurricular activities that they are involved in. Our weekly schedule is tight but I do what’s necessary to keep the children active in doing positive things. I also make sure that my mother has what’s needed to do whatever it takes to make the load lighter for her. I make sure she has transportation to and from her doctor appointments during the week and I take her to and pick her up from her weekly dialysis appointment on Saturdays. As long as my family is happy I’m happy and that’s what keep me going.


Allison Burton McDonald

I am nominating myself as a Supermom. I have one child Auston who I had in my 42nd year of life. I was told I would have a hard time conceiving children. Yes, it was difficult but through fasting and praying, my son is now 10 years old. In the last two years, I have been unemployed and homeless, sleeping in my car. On April 30th, 2015, my car was stolen. By God’s grace and mercy, my friend saw my car last night in the Wawa’s parking lot. I do not have keys for it. I lost my home in 2013 from a foreclosure error. Through it all, I have kept the faith. My son plays three sports, baseball, basketball and football. He is also a Cub Scout, plays three instruments, drums, guitar and piano. He sings in the Joy choir (children’s choir) in church. In 2009 and 2011, I have had 2 car accidents. To date, my law suits have not be honored. I suffer from 4 disc tears in my spine. Again through it all, God had carried me. I remain strong for my son, friends and family. Prayerfully submitted.

Amanda Davis Holloway

Amanda is the epitome of a Supermom and super teacher. She always thinks of the needs of others before she thinks of herself.  Last summer, she was diagnosed with preeclampsia and had to have an emergency c-section with our daughter when she was 31 weeks pregnant. Despite having had a near death experience she spent 73 days in NICU, made herself a crucial member of our daughter’s care team, and took our 8 year old daughter with her daily. When our daughter had surgery or issues with breathing, Amanda remained calm; reassuring everyone around. She remained grounded while balancing NICU life and our home lives. She had to resign from her full-time teaching position to care for our daughter last summer, and she took a part-time behavioral counselor position at an alternative middle school. I have watched her tirelessly give of herself to her students, as if they were her own children. She is a wonderful mother, friend, and educator.

Chicone Morris

This person has taken a great responsibility of raising a child whose mom is lost to drug addiction. She has had him almost his entire 5 years of life.

Lakendra Fennell

Hi everyone. I’m sure a lot of moms deserve and would truly appreciate this award however I really deserve it. I’m a single mom of three beautiful children ages 12, 6, and 15, with one of my kids having autism and adhd. We are from NC and we have  been here in Richmond for 5 years. All my children are scholar roll students because I believe strongly in their education. I have no family here and I work a full time job. I help them with homework, I cook, clean, make sure they stay up to date with doctor visits, eye care and the dentist and all other motherly duties. I don’t receive assistance so I have to maintain and budget. I would really appreciate this award.

Laura Lillard

My sister Laura is one of the most amazing women I know.  She has three beautiful children, ages 14, 7, and 5 months.  Quite a span, and quite a feat to be able to handle a teenager and a newborn at the same time! She has a wonderful family and a lucky husband, and is one of the most kind and giving people I have ever met.  She also went through a stint as a single mother for several years in Alaska, and started her early days and ended late nights with a chainsaw and an axe, getting firewood and building fires to keep her children warm through the cold Alaskan winters.  She is tough as nails, and I can think of no one more deserving of the title of “supermom”.   Let’s send her and her family to King’s Dominion!

Mary Beth Cox

I am bravely nominating myself because I feel like I am getting better at “doing it all”.  My husband says I am the “glue” that holds our family together. I work, write and volunteer and no matter what is going on, my kids always know I love them more than anything.  I make sure groceries are gotten, meals are made, laundry is done and all-of-the-life-things are coordinated (all with my hubby’s help).  I am constantly setting boundaries while “leaning in” and taking care of myself to be available to others.  I also work in my spare time to build community.  For example, in 2014 I rallied neighbors to raise money for a pizza man who was robbed in our neighborhood.  I wanted to show that our community is a caring place. I also write for Richmondmom as an outlet and a way to connect with other moms.  Am I mom enough?  Despite my inner voice saying I’m not, I believe the answer is yes.  In fact, I think I am a Supermom.

(2nd nomination) Mary Beth is a kind person and an enthusiastic parent to her two young kids. As I’ve gotten to know her I’ve admired her down to earth nature, her insight and her humor. Despite being a working parent and loving mother, she finds time to care for herself.  Mary Beth is a great example of a supermom.

Melissa Leonard

My Mom is considerate and giving. She has always been there for me. She does everything she can to plan family trips and fun things to do. I love my mom, my mom and I both have a birthday mid-May so this would be a good Mothers day and birthday presents combined.

Michele Burton

She is incredible. 7 days a week, after having raised her own two children, the youngest just leaving home recently, she now raises two very young girls all by herself! Her granddaughters are a handful, but she loves for and cares for them like they are her own children. A full-time stay-at-home Nana, her daughter admires her perseverance. She truly is a super (grand) mom!!

Michelle Smithart

Because she sacrifices so such so that we are happy, can have and do things that we want to do. If we can’t afford something we want she died without so we can have money for it. Our activities come first above things she wants to do. She deserves something for herself

Misty Keeton

My wife and mom to our four kids is amazing. I’m not saying that just because I’m married to her either. She is always being told by other moms how hard she is working. We have a 4 year old boy and 2 year old triplets(boy, girl, boy). She works nonstop taking care of them, helping other moms out being a good friend and making a difference in everyone’s lives. She doesn’t realize or appreciate how special she is. She handles all of our mayhem like a pro, is early to all of the kids Dr. Appointments and playdates and keeps the family happy. She cooks and cleans nonstop and teaches our oldest all about life with her vegetable garden.

Nancy Graham

My mother is a super mom, sister and nonnie! On January 4th I broke my leg in three places and had reconstructive surgery. I ended up staying four nights in the hospital with a fourteen month girl, four year old boy, and new puppy at home. My husband is amazing also, but it weren’t for my mother coming over every morning at seven am cleaning, fixing meals, looking after all of us (including me) I know we could not have pulled it off. She graciously would arrive every morning and never seem to burn out after a twelve hour day. This went on for three months! She is amazing with my children, a fantastic siste and mother-in-law (my husband will back me up on this statement) and of course the best ever mom/best friend. Our family is truly blessed to have her!

Natalia Lukyanova-Cornwell

Last April our son was born without an esophagus.Natalia showed true strength balancing the emotions of a new son,healing and giving our family hope.I remember the nights at the hospital as she sung him the sweetest lullaby’s. I remember the walks she would encourage us to take outside to clear our thoughts.

Each day you could see him getting a little better. Natalia gave everything of her self to those moments.  By the fall, Natalia returned to work full-time. She still managed to take our son to multiple doctor’s appointments each week, and have the energy to come home each night with a smile and encouragement to help Aleksander learn to eat.

Our son turned one last month.  Super-mom still manages 30+ people at work, encourages Aleksander to eat each night, takes him to swim lessons on the weekend, and she still finds quiet moments to restore her self, even if it’s just a quick nap, or a walk around the neighborhood. Our family is blessed to have such a wonderful, super “Mum Mum”.

Odelia Tolbert

I met Odelia Tolbert through the PTA at our local elementary school. She is 29 years old and has three kids, Hilarie, Maverick, and Vivienne. Odelia is a cancer survivor. She recently opened her own business (Sweet Momma’s Treats: Check her out on facebook!) where she makes amazing cookies. She also makes pet treats. And she makes handcrafted items like knitting/crochet needle cases. But her business doesn’t keep her from crafting for her kids. She recently knitted an amazing little dress and sewed a cute little romper for Vivienne. Her kids are involved in gymnastics and scouts, so she spends a bit of time carting them around town. Her husband travels a bit so she is often functioning like a single mom. I’m not sure how she manages her business; volunteering up at the school; her kids schedules; and her health issues, but she makes it look effortless. When I thought about who I would nominate as a “Supermom” she immediately came to mind!

Rebecca Ann O’Rork

Rebecca is a hardworking mom who never gets a break. Juggling a job, a 21 month old baby girl and trying to go back to school. She has a fiance who also works long hours and goes to school. With the crazy hours they keep they never have a day off together. This whole little family could use a break and some family time together.

Ritu Sharma

I would like to nominate Ritu Sharma as a supermom.A mom who knows how to balance work and family life perfectly.With hardship & sacrifice,she has earned her position in the corporate world.The nature of her job requires her to be away from family from past 2yrs,but yet she drives on weekend to be with her beloved husband,who always extend a strong friendly support and takes care of their 9yr old son,in addition to his corporate duties.Holding down a full time job,she stays alone with her 3yr old,to provide support and care to him to overcome his speech issues.With 9yr old requiring help in studies,she helps him through facetime & skype when she is away.Along with that,she takes it as her primary responsibility to inculcate ethical values and build all round development of his personality.She has that Unparalleled charisma, unlimited confidence and unrestrictive eloquence to win people’s heart.I am glad that her kids see her as their mentor and shining example & so as we all friends…

Robveda Ponton

I’m nominating my mom because she is a hard working mom. she takes care me.. my mom suffers fibromyalgia.  and it makes me sad that she is hurting .Dome times I want to take her pain. She is so funny. I love my ma smile. she is fun yo be around. My mom works, take me to my sports, clean , and alot more.. she is a fighter and a survivor.. I really want my mom to win. thank you

Tiffany Dawn Hockaday

my mom is a super mom she has worked hard to become a woman I could be proud of overcoming a disability and Now having to deal with SEVERE PTSD she developed as a result of an attack on her as a teen.  BUT my mom is a survivor.  She is supermom bc even after being attacked she still has faith in people.  My mom always tells me that we love people for who they are, how they make us feel not for the color of their skin not for the color of their hair or the color of their eyes we love them for them.  We all bleed red.  my mom is super mom because she is a single parent most of the time does not even have a dollar to her name but she would give you the shirt off her back if you asked for it or needed it my mom is supermom bc she has taught me to keep getting back up even if you get knocked down and no matter what to love others but mostly to always be thankful bc your life could always be much worse.

Tori Nunnally

Tori is mother to our 4 yr old son, Alex. When he was 6 mths old, she left her job to take better care of Alex who showed signs of developmental delays. She worked Closely with him but when it was time to ask for help, she did without hesitation. At 2, Alex was diagnosed w/ autism spectrum disorder, speech delay, & sensory processing disorder. It was a lot to take in, but Tori didn’t let it affect her. She found a nannying job and brought Alex with her to help work on his social/play skills immediately.  She got help from our county’s early intervention program and through lots of reading and research she found him a speech therapist, an ABA therapist, and an occupational therapist. She blasts through obstacles and refuses to let up when it comes to his well being.  Because of her tireless efforts, he is a sweet, loving, funny, happy child who has overcome so many challenges in the last two years.  Her devotion to him & our family is amazing to me and I am so proud of her and our son!

Trisha Renae Fitts

I am voting for myself because I feel like I am a BIG supermom to our daughter Grace Fitts every single day. First of all I am a 34 year old women who has been a full time stay at home and wife every single Grace was born. I always making sure she has everything she needs everyday. I am always running her back and forth every morning and afternoon dropping her off at daycare and picking her up in the afternoon. I am also always running her to the doctors if her daycare calls me and she ends up sick during the day. I am always running to the store to make sure she has food here for her lunches at daycare and she is always full of juice boxes here at home to drink. Every Friday afternoon I am always taking her to her speech sessions which is about at least 45 mins away from our house so that way when she starts pre-k in about 2 years she will not be behind the other kids. On top of all that I work hard to take care of my Hubby Robert Fitts also. I also enjoy cooking dinner every night.


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