Better-than-Delivery Family Pizza Night *GIVEAWAY*

IMG_1504We do dinner and a movie around our house most Friday nights.  Kids love it, we love it, even the dog loves it!  Homemade pizza, a family movie on Netflix and we’re in for the night.

We decided to shake things up a bit this time and make it a little more fun for mom and dad with an adventurous pizza and some summery sangria.

We had a few items on hand but decided to head out to ALDI to grab a few more ingredients for the pizza and the makings for our sangria.

The winning combination was a strawberry, prosciutto and Brie, topped with a balsamic and honey reduction.  Yum!  As a side note, ALDI’s brand Specially Selected Brie is a steal at $2.99 and oh so creamy!

We made the pizza dough which is really easy and you can use the recipe we did right here.  You can even make it ahead of time and freeze it.  Take it out the morning you want to make pizza and it will be thawed and ready to use by dinner time.

First we got the balsamic and honey going.  Adding 3/4’s of a cup of balsamic vinegar and 2 tablespoons of honey.  Letting it simmer in a sauce pan on medium heat until reduced to a thick syrup.

While the syrup was doing its thing, it was time to roll out the dough.  Shape is not so important with us and it was more of a rectangle than a circle for a more rustic look and I’m pretty sure it adds to the flavor!

Then some random dollops of Ricotta, Brie and slices of fresh mozzarella.  Topped off with sliced strawberries and fresh whole basil leaves.IMG_1511

For some added fun and deliciousness, we decided to rub the crust with olive oil and fresh ground garlic salt.  Now the count down for some good eats begins.

Pop it into a 425* oven for about 15 minutes (the kids’ cheese pizzas bake much faster), pour a couple of glasses of Sangria and we’re off to the movies!

You can find our favorite summer sangria recipes here.

Definitely try out this pizza recipe or make up your own and tell us all about it!  And if you’re looking for great ingredients go swing by ALDI and turn an hour long grocery run into a quick in and out while saving a bundle.  With two stores already in the Richmond area and several more in the works, there’s bound to be one near you.

Interested in scoring some great food at super low prices? Find out more about ALDI and what you should know before you go.

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