5 Fun and Inexpensive Craft Ideas For Summertime (Or Anytime)

We are halfway through the summer and all my exciting tricks are not so exciting anymore so I’m turning to the Internet to help me. And not just Netflix.

Here’s some of my crafts and activity finds to keep the second part of summer as amazing as the first:

Doll swing craft
Picture from Karen: Mother of Three’s Craft Blog

Doll Swing Craft: Only $3 at the Dollar Store (less if you have fancy duct tape sitting around like me).

Baby butterfly craft
Picture from @LateEnough of similar butterfly craft

Handprint art: Only $5 — depending on how much paint and paper you want — and this is a great project because every age can do it even the babies!


Shaving cream balloons
This picture was on both the sites I linked to below so I don’t know to whom to give credit.

Shaving Cream Balloons: Water fights are so last month and a $1 worth of shaving cream can fill 15 water balloons!

You can throw them, wear them or play flag football tag with them.

ladybug rocks
Picture from Parenting.com

Ladybug rocks: Cost will depend on how much craft stuff you have hanging around and how good you are at stealing smooth oval rocks, but if you have nothing, this craft would be about $20 — although half of that is the acrylic matte sealer spray, which is only necessary if you’re going to display them for life.

sock bubbles
Picture from Housing a Forest

Sock bubbles: Move over sticks because that random sock in the dryer is much cooler. Plus, this craft is free if you skip the food coloring.


I have more summer ideas for trips, cooking, local activities, and crafts on my Summer Adventures pinterest board if you’re getting bored, too.