Without Change, I Might As Well Be Sleepwalking


Our seventeen hundred square foot house is sold.  It’s time to clean house. NO, really, I mean clean house. We are moving into a mere 850 square feet of living space.  Some of my friends and family have garages bigger than that.  With the move we will half our expenses along with our living space.  […]

4th of July Party Food Ideas


If you’re planning a 4th of July gathering, dress up your snacks with some of these Red, White and Blue foods. Find more party ideas, and printables on our Pinterest board. Red, White and Blue Food Star Spangled Blueberry Pie Bars The Baker Chick Red White & Blue Pinwheel Icebox Cookies Just a Taste Red […]

Welcoming a New Baby? 10 Tips to Pave the Road for Sibling Bliss

big and little brother

This article is sponsored by: Worrying how a new baby will affect your first-born is very common. Including your child in the excitement and preparations will help set the stage for sibling harmony.  1. Celebrate the news with your child.  Congratulate them on becoming a big sibling.  Show them pictures of you and your siblings […]

All I Want For Father’s Day


You ask an eleven year old what the best part of his day was and inevitably it will involve candy that has the consistency of a jellyfish and the nutritional value of shoe leather or less, the disassembling of a clock, a giant bug in the backyard or dad’s tool chest or something electronic, mildly […]

The Value of Doing Nothing

Eeyore and the value of doing nothing

I went shopping the other day, and like any good gift-buying mission, I came home with a little something for myself. For most of my years, I have been terrible at doing nothing. When I saw an hour in my schedule, I thought: How can I fill that time? What must get done? Who can do it […]

ìzandē Helps you Show Up as Your Best Self


Every New Year’s Eve, we make a set of resolutions.  Whether shallow or deep, the concept of making a resolution is usually some form of self-improvement.  In fact, most of us are constantly trying to evolve and improve over time.  But what happens when you’ve made the same resolution three years in a row and […]

Don’t Forget Me When I’m Gone


We are past the age of putting our lives in careless danger without a second thought. We are past the age of playing chicken on a small dirt road with a sixteen wheeler. We are past the age of crossing active railroad tracks while in a less than astute state of mind. We are at […]

And then my kid barfed…

I have a super friend!

  I have one of the greatest friends anybody could ever hope for.  We’ve been friends since we were ten years old.  Ten years old!!  She’s smart, kind, generous, loyal, funny and has great taste in friends (wink wink)! As children, we made up so many games, drew comic books together, rode bikes, imagined what […]