When Your Little Sister Wants To Share The Spotlight

Sister ActIf you have more than one kid, you know there are few situations in life that involve more competition, frustration, and stubborn determination than sibling rivalry. But if you grew up with siblings, then you probably have a little sympathy, too. After all, there’s nothing worse than a sister or brother who simply won’t let you do your thing. Just ask the star (or at least the intended star) of this week’s Share Saturday video…she knows all too well.

In this hilarious viral video, what was supposed to be a solo act turns into a “pas de deux” when litter sister Nevaeh simply can’t resist dancing along to her older sister’s dance routine. When big sister Nevelle wants to make a video of herself dancing to “Juju on That Beat,”  Nevaeh is ready to go, too. But Nevelle shuts that idea down from the get-go. After all, spotlights aren’t meant to be shared, at least not with your sister.

However, Nevaeh has other ideas. Sure, she sits “quietly” where she’s told. But hey, Nevelle never said she couldn’t dance from the sidelines, right?. And so as Nevelle performs her routine (with some serious dance skills, by the way), Nevaeh joins in…and, we have to admit, she steals the show. Not to take away from Nevelle’s incredibly talented routine, but it’s kind of hard to compete with a two and a half-year-old – no matter how much star power you have.

If you’re an older sibling, you know all too well how frustrating it is to have your little sister upstage you…especially when everyone else thinks she’s adorable. But that’s just how it goes with siblings. Besides, when it comes to these girls, we have a feeling that with moves like theirs, Nevelle and Nevaeh might just have a sister act in the making!

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