Sun and Sensibility


The last days of school are upon us. Next on deck: Backyard parties. Beaches. BBQs. Summer is soon to be in full-swing, and sunscreen is mandatory! As a melanoma-affected family, we—perhaps more than most—feel it’s imperative to spread the word about protecting kids (and their parents) wisely—in the summer, and everyday! We were approached by […]

Don’t Ban Bossy…Call It Out!


Sorry Girl Scouts, love your cookies, but being bossy is—and always will be—bad. If anything, we need to call it out as we see it MORE–not less–often. “Bossy” means telling people to do things your way, immediately, with no consideration for their feelings or input. “Bossy” means being pushy, overbearing and rude. “Bossy” means taking […]

Two Bigger Now…Now, Too Big


When swimsuits and plastic pools line Target’s shelves while snow is still melting on the ground, I scarcely notice. When pre-lit Christmas trees and inflatable reindeer debut in Walmart weeks before Halloween, I stay silent amidst the condemning Facebook fray. (Truth told I have to squelch a smile. If you’re curious who’s hitting the button […]

Four for ’14

Lage Family

Although typically a card-carrying traditionalist, last year at this time I openly conveyed my contempt for the New Year’s practice of resolution-making. If tween twin parenting has taught me anything in 2013, it’s the need for judicious flexibility. So as a new year’s resolution neophyte, coming up with—and sticking to—fourteen goals for the new year […]

Hello, Hollywood Costume!


If  ‘the clothes make the man,’ then most assuredly, the costume makes the character. For months now, my 12-year-old twins and I have looked forward to the debut of Hollywood Costume at VMFA. We can now testify, it was worth the wait. Grab your crew and run to VMFA—at breakneck speed—as if a giant boulder […]

A Jolly Holly-Day


…or alternately titled, Another Twin Call to Poison Control Our  twin tale begins with a gorgeous day in Virginia, and an overly confident mommy of 30-month old twins. Feeling proud of my twosome for their new-found adherence to correction and commands, I decided to gamely venture into our backyard for an outdoor playfest. Ratio? One […]

Two Babies. Two Towers. Twelve Years


It was a Tuesday. Our twins’ very first one. That morning at home began much like the delirious days preceding it: a 7:30am awkward and anxious tandem nursing, followed by double baby burping and dual diapering. As a first-time mom, I was adrift in the new-parent paranoia and hyper analysis of every hiccup and twitch […]



As a sentimental twin mommy, that simple word “rising” has soothed my nostalgic soul all summer. Incomprehensibly, the day after Labor Day, our two will be matriculating into middle school. MIDDLE SCHOOL. Thankfully, for now, these precious, waning days of summer, they’re still rising sixth-graders. Seems like only yesterday we were scouring the aisles of […]

Teats for Two: Breastfeeding Twins


Two breasts, two babies, it can work! And for us, it absolutely did. Let me start by saying, do not take to heart any criticism you receive about whatever method you select to nourish your babies. That decision is yours to make. People will say you are crazy to attempt to breastfeed two. People will […]

The Great Richmond Yogurt Wars


Way back when, those who craved soft-serve yogurt could find fulfillment only by a frequenting a food court TCBY… or maybe, just maybe, if you lived in an urban environment capable of supporting two dairy delicacy dolers… a Freshens. Now, here in Richmond, our children can choose the active-culture-filled ambrosia of their desiring from a […]