Feeding the Beast


Truly, it doesn’t matter how you feed/fed your baby(-ies), by breast or by bottle, it’s time to stop. Please don’t stop nourishing your children; this Mother’s Day weekend, let’s unite as modern mothers. Moms who know the power we wield in the economy. Moms who are active participants in political issues. Moms who support their [...]

Turning Joy into Generosity


No matter where you find them—supervising playdates, lining the soccer field, idling in the preschool pick-up loop, standing in the grocery line—ask any Richmond mom what two things she wishes she had more of. Heck, ask yourself. Beyond the “givens” (sleep and wine), my guess is most respond with money and time; two of any [...]

Bigger than Brackets: A Lesson in Loyalty


At risk of outing ourselves, we’ve never been much of a team-sports minded family. Early on, our twins could readily identify Condoleeza Rice and Zbigniew Brzezinski. Tom Brady and Michael Jordan? Not so much. With that in mind, you can imagine my shock, when after the keynote address at the Martin Agency’s 2010 “Take Your [...]

Our State Fair was a Great State Fair

fair eats-1

Past-tense. The State Fair of Virginia, as of Wednesday, is the nostalgic stuff of history. A casualty of the economy perhaps…maybe a wee bit of greed sprinkled atop—reminiscent of the powdered sugar adorning a fresh-from-the-fryer funnel cake, only far less tasty. From my first Fair experience running camera for a public TV station to what [...]

The Greatest Show on Earth: A Review


Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus – The Greatest Show on Earth. The advertising-skeptical and exaggeration-sensitive no doubt interpret the familiar tag line as hyperbole; but based upon our family’s experience opening night at the Richmond Colisseum, the description’s accurate. Setting the tone for the evening’s main events, the All-Access Pre-show (included in ticket [...]

You’re Not the Boss of Me

Cheryl may be in the background here, but she knows who's boss.

…so stop trying to act like you are. When McDonald’s stopped including Happy Meal toys in certain regions of California “for the children,” my festering began. Childhood obesity is a problem; I get it. My guess is that obese children are not obese because they eat the toys; they’re obese because they eat too much [...]

Real Richmond Review: Rethinking Grocery Shopping with Relay Foods

Miss Megan and kiddos at Relay Foods

Let me preface this review with a confession: Prior to my fresh (in more ways than one) experience with Relay Foods, I believed such co-ops to be A.) providers of only the earthiest/crunchiest of goods, B.) overpriced alternatives for those too lazy too shop, or C.) an necessary embarrassment-saving option for parents with predictably tantrum-in-the-candy-aisle prone children. [...]

Squelch the Scapegoatery

Sore loser

“I didn’t do it!” “It was his fault!” “She told me to!” Don’t forget the ever-popular stand-by, “It’s not fair!” As parents of twins, fellow parents—of twins and otherwise—often ask, “How hard is it for you to keep things fair?” Our answer to questioners, and to our 4th grade twins: we don’t keep things fair. [...]

Take Action for an Angel


Editor’s Note: We want this to be a huge gift for the Waters family and we’d love to know what good deeds you’re doing to share with our readers.  Add your good deed in the comments below this post and we’ll choose one winner at random to win a FREE overnight stay in a Family [...]

Un-Merry Mythbusting

Cheryl may be in the background here, but she knows who's boss.

a.k.a. Telling the Truth about the Tooth Fairy and her Friends When people learn my husband and I are the parents of twins, invariably the conversation proceeds down the path to assumed doubled challenges. Their suppositions are frequently spot-on: “Oh absolutely, those first few weeks made it abundantly clear why sleep deprivation is used as [...]