Go for the Gold in September


Our children are starting a new school year this week.  The backpacks are purchased. The lunchboxes are packed. The notebooks are clean and fresh. The pencils are sharp.  It is easy to see why there is excitement in the air. It is important to know, however, that on the first day of school, 46 mothers […]

Prayers for Juliana


As we go about our daily lives, we hear so many stories of challenges and trials faced by many. This recent story touched my heart deeply as I learned that a former classmate and young friend of my granddaughter is lying in a hospital bed, fighting for her life. You will find Juliana Martinez’s story […]

A Eulogy to Lesley Walter From Her Husband and Best Friend


Many of you knew Lesley Walter for the beautiful person she was. Her joy and pride at being recognized as our November 2011 Rock Star was endearing. She couldn’t understand why anyone would choose her for such an honor – but Lesley was truly a unique and wonderful person and deserving of everything she received […]

Is Your Grandchild Really in Danger?

adult helping senior in hospital

Is it possible that social media could negatively impact your bank account? It can if you’re not careful. There is a growing trend of Grandparenting Spring Break Scams across the country. Apparently, grandparents are being targeted by some who want to get something for nothing. Scammers are contacting grandparents by phone and posing as a […]

Remembering Lesley

Lesley Walter is our Rockstar of the Month!

Along with hundreds of people, my heart aches today. We have lost a beautiful person with such an incredibly positive outlook on life. A woman who brought sunshine everywhere she went and who inspired us all — even in her darkest hours as she fought lung cancer. Lesley Walter was our November 2011 Richmondmom.com Rockstar […]

My Grandson’s Words Stung: “You’re Not My Family”

My 3 precious grandchildren ("my family"!)

“You’re not my family.” The words stung for just a moment. I stopped in my tracks as I thought about what my 7-year old grandson had just said. The words hurt and I immediately started wondering what terrible thing I must have done to cause him to say such a thing to me. We were […]

Disney Shames Obese Kids. Is that Appropriate?


We’ve all heard the statistics about childhood obesity and how the epidemic of overweight children is sweeping our nation. It’s obvious that we have a challenge when it comes to changing our own personal eating habits, and encouraging healthier eating habits for our children and generations to follow. We set the example as mentors for […]

Children With Cancer Need Books


As a mother and grandmother, I know how blessed I am to have healthy children and grandchildren. But everyone is not as fortunate. A friend sent the following email this week. I am sharing this with those may be able to help. “As many of you know, I have a sweet little 5 year old […]

Midas Wants to Stretch Our Dollar


April 15th is coming and Midas is not happy about it. That makes a LOT of us who aren’t happy! And Midas understands that we all need to pay our share, but we don’t have to like it. So, to offset that — Midas of Richmond wants to stimulate your personal economy with a complimentary […]

Grandparents Stimulating the Economy: Oh Yeah!


The state of the economy seems to be on the minds of most everyone and for good reason. The economy has seen a tumultuous few years and many have seen their savings and retirement accounts plummet. The good news is that we are slowly pulling out of the worst recession that most of us have […]