Reading aloud to children makes them smarter

Lily loves to read anywhere!

One of the greatest joys of being a grandparent is spending time with my grandchildren reading aloud. My grandchildren all have a love of books that started at a young age, thanks to the encouragement and support of their mom and dad. They started reading to them as soon as they were born and every [...]

Jack LaLanne would be so proud!

Jack LaLanne was a man "ahead of his time" when it comes to fitness.

It’s a sad week for those who mourn the death of Jack LaLanne. After all, he was an exercise enthusiast who knew the value of exercising long before the experts recognized its value. He was a “man before his time” and it so hard to let him go. Hey, wait! How can it be sad [...]

Grandmoms are moms too — we have rights!

A recent visit to Mom’s Treehouse was enlightening and inspiring for me as a grandmom. I talked with Rachel Pustilnik about the Mother Runner’s team and preparing for the Monument 10K. She provided valuable insights about getting in shape for walking or running any type of race, including 5K, 10K, or a marathon. Her enthusiasm [...]

Toyconomy makes it easy to give children what they really enjoy

Toyconomy allows you to rent before you buy - making the best choices for kids.

As a grandparent, I often worry that we all give too much to our children and grandchildren. After all, in today’s world of Internet buying and quick access to toys, it’s easy to overload the little ones. I observed all of the many things my grandchildren received during the Christmas holidays from parents, grandparents, multiple [...]

Oh no….I’ve become my mother!

Lily was not very happy with her flamingo Halloween costume.

I often see glimpses of my mother in myself these days. Something I do or say sounds just like her. I think of things she did when I was a child and realize I did some of those same things when my children were growing up. Things I saw her do decades ago and thought [...]

Watching daughters raising daughters is awe-inspiring

Emma at Flip Fest in Tennessee.

Watching grandchildren experience life and grow in many different directions is one of the most rewarding experiences for a grandparent. After all, grandchildren are just like having more  children of your own – except you don’t have to worry about all of the things you don’t like to do when raising children! The latest adventure [...]

Getting Cold Makes You Healthier

      Baby it’s cold outside! But don’t let that stop you from getting some much needed activity (let’s not call it “exercise”!). I just returned from a walk through the neighborhood pushing my 18-month old granddaughter bundled up in her jogging stroller, preceded by her rambunctious 6-year old brother. The chill hit our faces [...]

Seeking enjoyment beyond your dreams?

Nancy Carey knows what it's like to have many people depending on her.

Grandparents today have a lot on their plates – grandchildren, parents, jobs, social events, traveling and more. But some have more on their plates than others, and it can become overwhelming if you don’t have the right mind-set about the challenges you face. Balancing it all In a recent discussion with Richmond resident, Nancy Carey, [...]

Can We Force People to Live?

Rhonda Day, Freelance Writer

A few weeks ago, I wrote about the challenges of dealing with my father’s health problems and the inability of doctor’s to reach a conclusive diagnosis. He has experienced seizures, weakness, fatigue and loss of appetite. After many diagnostic tests and uncomfortable procedures, he was finally diagnosed with a meningioma, which is basically a benign [...]

Help Me…..I can’t do it alone

Raising a grandchild as your own requires help from many people.

A recent article, Real Richmond Grandparents: In a Sandwich, struck a nerve with dozens of people – both locally and far away. We’ve received lots of comments and stories about the challenges of being on the cusp of the ‘baby boomer’ generation where a much-needed retirement should begin, but life intervenes with different plans. Many [...]