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Wednesday, December 8, 2021
Kindergarten Kids

Kindergarten Kids Explain Their First Day Of School

The first day of school finally has come and gone!  For parents of kindergarten kids, it was a time of nervousness and excitement as their children started a new chapter in their lives.  Actually,...

If Guys Watched the Royal Wedding

Unless you live off the grid, there's no way you've missed the hype surrounding today's Royal Wedding. All around the world, people are planning parties, teas, and spectator events with live streaming, commentary, and...
Winter Break 1

What Every Mom Feels Like During Winter Break

Winter break comes at a time when we're all ready for it. Kids are excited for the holidays and need some time off from busy school schedules. Teachers count down the moments until they...
Back to School Manifesto 2

The Perfect Manifesto for Back to School

While many of us have already crossed the school year threshold (with tears from the kids and cheers from us), there are a few of you out there who still have a few days...
Brother sings lullaby

6 Year Old Sings a Heartwarming Lullaby to Newborn Brother

Sometimes parents are fortunate enough to stumble upon special moments involving their children.  We recently came upon a video that captures one of these types of moments.  The viral video below shows the love...
Baby Girl Just Doesn't Like to Share

Baby Girl Just Doesn’t Like to Share

Between Thanksgiving and Christmas, there is something in the air that causes people to be a bit nicer and more generous.  (Well, every day except Black Friday.)  The lights, the music, and the decorations...
Disney Share Sat 1

This Hilarious Walk Through Disney is Every Parent Ever

Everyone knows Disney is the most magical place on earth. At least it was when we were kids. Even if you had never been, you knew people who had gone. Which meant that you...

Ellen Sums Up Parenting in Less Than Two Minutes

Ellen DeGeneres is, perhaps, one of the funniest people around. Her celebrated talk show appeals to audiences of all ages and backgrounds thanks to her now famous opening dance routines, the hilarious games she...
Disney Songs with Kristen Bell

The History of Disney Songs in Five Minutes with Kristen Bell and Jimmy Fallon

There's been a lot of talk over the last couple of weeks about the latest and arguably, greatest new streaming service. Chance are, you already know I'm talking about Disney +. This new movie...