All Children Are Special

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It always strikes me when somebody writes, says, thinks or clearly implies that some children (usually their own) are more special than other children. They think some children deserve special treatment, special inclusion or exclusion, or special consideration. It stirs something in me from when I was little, growing up with my brother who is […]

Parenting in an Over-Sexualized World

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Children are being bombarded with sexual and adult content long before their minds can comprehend what they’re seeing, and according to a report by the American Psychological Association, it is estimated that our children will see over 14,000 sexualized images each year, with odds indicating they will be exposed to pornography by the age of […]

3 Things I have Learned about Siblings

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  3 Things I have learned about siblings: The only thing predictable about sibling relationships is unpredictability They can be sweet, loving and cooperative – until they are so not They can take each other down, but if anyone else commits any wrongdoing to their bro or sis, they will each come to the other’s defense. […]

“I’m Bored”


  “The self must know stillness before it can discover its true song.”  Ralph Brum     It’s okay this winter to let your kids get bored. Really really bored. I know in today’s world we think busy is good.  We think we need to have our kids on travel soccer and two swim teams. […]

10 “Old Fashioned” Trends To Bring Back In 2015

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Our family has rediscovered The Andy Griffith Show, Bewitched and Leave It To Beaver.  Opie and the Beaver remind us of our own little guy.  While the past wasn’t perfect, these shows make us reminisce about  childhood and talk about what we’d like to see change. Here are some ‘old time’ trends that should perhaps make a comeback! […]

Help Parenting Through Divorce

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  Over 1 million children will see their parents divorce this year, and 50% will experience this life-changing event before turning 18.  At any age, the break up of their parents can leave kids feeling sad, angry, and deeply hurt. Often, the rippling effects of the split can impact the entire family. How can parents […]

Magic Time: A Message of Parenting Hope

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First, Happy New Year to all!  While the New Year is a magic time for some, you fellow parents know that better than any New Year is the ‘Magic Time’ when your household is at peace and you’re not being asked to stretch beyond your ability to cope with the challenges that little kids bring. […]

25 Unique New Year’s Resolutions Ideas

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Losing weight, quitting smoking, and saving money are all popular resolutions… but the problem with these is that if you slip up, you feel like a failure… in fact, 92% of all resolutions are doomed to fail. But New Year’s is still a great time for a little reflection and thinking of areas where we […]

“Boys Will Be Boys…… I Think Not”


“A boy is the only thing that we can use to make a man”. – Unknown   As we head towards December I decided I wouldn’t write a rant about the Christmas elf; mainly because I don’t care about the Christmas elf one way or the other.  I won’t talk about how much we spend […]

Educational Benefits of Tablets for Toddlers

Toddlers and tablets

Children are dynamic, rapidly changing and full of curiosity. Some hit developmental milestones early while others may see milestones as vague suggestions, getting to them in their own time. Especially now, in the age of technology, parents have the opportunity to use new tools to help their children learn, grow and hit each milestone successfully. […]