10 TED Talks for Parents

photo credit: Madhavi Kuram

I have been very inspired by TED Talks lately. You can also check out my previous article on 10 TED Talks for Renewal. TED Talks are presentations from passionate, brilliant and innovative individuals in a variety of fields.  You can read more about this non-profit organization and their mission to spread ideas by exhibiting powerful, engaging presentations. […]

Rethinking an Age-Old Question We’ve All Asked

Girl playing pretend.  Not me. Source:  Flickr creative commons https://www.flickr.com/photos/oakleyoriginals/

Have you caught yourself asking a child (likely your own), “What do you want to be when you grow up?”  Where did that phrase come from?  When I heard it come out of my mouth I thought…  Why am I asking my child a question that I don’t even know the answer to for myself? “When you […]

Free DIY Baby Food Demo

DIY Baby food class

Starting solids is a fun rite of passage for both parents and babies… but those little packages can feel really wasteful not to mention it gets expensive quick! Relay Foods, Chop Suey Books, Franklin Goose and Hip to be Round are hosting a free baby food demo at the Hip to be Round store in […]

Counting Sheep? 5 strategies to encourage a better night’s sleep

photo credit: Adrian Pimpam

Sleep is important for our overall health. Sleep affects mood, energy levels, productivity, and mental clarity.  Recent studies also indicate the amount of sleep can impact weight gain/loss. So whether you are having difficulty catching those zzzzz’s, or just don’t feel rested, try a few of these strategies to see if your counting sheep days […]

Parenting Haiku

Mary Beth's kids (and her photo)

Legos. Fruit Snacks.  Trash. I love and hate the playroom. Dirty-clean, like a broom.   All the toilets flushed By someone other than me. This is my day dream.   “I need help wiping!” I worry we will hear that Until college years.   This boy and this girl, Little and influential, Make us tired […]

Mom Gives Dolls a Make-Under

Tree Change Dolls 1

What happens when an artist, illustrator and science communicator and artist gets ahold of some old Bratz dolls? They get an incredible make under. A mom in Hobart, Tasmania wanted to breathe some new life into old toys and accidentally stumbled upon something that a touched a nerve for a lot of parents.  Beautiful dolls […]

Divorce Is Hard Work if You Do it Right

My beautiful picture

Trying to parent your kid while fighting with your ex reminds me of the poem by Robert Frost, “The Road Not Taken”, but in the fighting version of the poem where the roads diverge, each parent takes a different path as well as one arm of their kid. Then they start pulling. There was no […]

Parents Can Prepare Their Teens to Be Better Drivers

Parents can help teens be better drivers

That once-tiny child who used to cry when you left him at preschool is now an outgoing and independent 16-year-old who is ready to start — gulp — driving on his own. As most parents of young drivers know, teaching a child to drive is as much a rite of passage for the adult as […]

All Children Are Special

Photo via Todd Huffman, Flickr Creative Commons

It always strikes me when somebody writes, says, thinks or clearly implies that some children (usually their own) are more special than other children. They think some children deserve special treatment, special inclusion or exclusion, or special consideration. It stirs something in me from when I was little, growing up with my brother who is […]

Parenting in an Over-Sexualized World

beauty teenage girl in hat outdoors

Children are being bombarded with sexual and adult content long before their minds can comprehend what they’re seeing, and according to a report by the American Psychological Association, it is estimated that our children will see over 14,000 sexualized images each year, with odds indicating they will be exposed to pornography by the age of […]