Theatre IV Needs Help From Richmond Moms

Vote for Theatre IV to win a $5,000 Gas Card.

Richmond moms and grandmoms just love Theatre IV – and so do lots of other people around the country. Theatre IV has brought hours of entertainment, laugheter, education and fun to kids for years.

Now Theatre IV needs your help.

Help them win

CITGO is giving away $120,000 in gas gift cards for their Fueling Good Program. The money goes to 24 charities throughout the year with a gift of a $5,000 gas card to winners. Theatre IV is registered with the hope of being one of the winners to help them as they take their incredible shows on tour.

Theatre IV On Tour has traveled into 34 states and DC for the last 35 years bringing plays to schools and enriching the lives of kids everywhere. Almost one half million kids have seen their plays, including Hugs and Kisses, which focuses on child sexual abuse and prevention. Their plays are important educational opportunities for kids and helps them learn to identify issues, and express themselves in meaningful ways.

How do you vote?

It’s simple to vote for Theatre IV. Just click here.

Then, spread the word to your friends, family and coworkers through email and social networks like Twitter and Facebook. It’s quick and simple — but it will make a tremendous difference in the lives of children who enjoy and learn from Theatre IV’s plays and important messages.

Click today and vote – and vote every day until August 11, 2011. You can vote every day.

Thanks to Theatre IV for all they do for Richmond — and now let’s do something for them and help them do even more.