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Monday, November 12, 2018
Mom Ears vs Dad Ears

Mom Ears Vs. Dad Ears: A Holderness Family Skit

Speaking as a mom, I don't want to give dads a bad rap. Really, I don't. Like most moms, I'm grateful for you dads out there and all that you do. But what new mother...
Sister Act

When Your Little Sister Wants To Share The Spotlight

If you have more than one kid, you know there are few situations in life that involve more competition, frustration, and stubborn determination than sibling rivalry. But if you grew up with siblings, then...
Bad Monogram

When The Monogram Goes Wrong: A Hilarious Parody

Naming kids is hard. First, you have to remember every person that you've ever known and rule out the names of everyone you didn't like. Next, you have to go through your partner's list...
Mommy's Boys

Dad Breaks It Down For His “Mommy’s Boys”

If you have kids, then you know there are times when they tend to prefer one parent over the over. For example, you might have a daddy's girl who just can't get enough of...
Disney Share Sat 1

This Hilarious Walk Through Disney is Every Parent Ever

Everyone knows Disney is the most magical place on earth. At least it was when we were kids. Even if you had never been, you knew people who had gone. Which meant that you...
Uptown Funk lip sync

Norfolk Police Department Lip Sync Battle Performance Is Solid Gold

If you keep up with Facebook and other social media platforms, then you've probably seen the lip sync battle that's been raging between police departments around the country. According to WFMY News 2 in...
Dance Diva

6-Year Old Demands R-E-S-P-E-C-T for Her Amazing Dance Routine

If you've got girls, chances are you've done the rite of passage that is dance class. And that, of course, means that you've also doled out hundreds of dollars for lessons and, ultimately costumes,...
Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran and Andrea Bocelli Create a “Perfect Symphony”

Unless you've been living under a rock (or simply haven't had the chance to listen to anything other than the Moana soundtrack in awhile), you know who Ed Sheeran is. This young British singer...
Nigerian Artist

11-Year Artist From Nigeria Amazes the World

Kareem Waris Olamilekan is only 11-years old, but his talent more than exceeds his age. This young artist from Nigeria began drawing when he was only six years old, sketching cartoons and comics. By...

Hilarious Video About The Surprises Of Parenthood

People always say things like, "Kids don't come with instruction manuals." All it takes is about an hour after giving birth to realize just how true that is. And frankly, if we really knew...