Cora Pedrazzi flips for healthy Richmond families at Core Kids Academy

imageAsk Cora Pedrazzi why she got into the kid’s fitness business, and it’s simple: “I love coaching them!” Could it be that Cora’s energy level is often on par with the toddlers and teenagers she works with? We think so! Click here to see why!
Cora launched Core Kids Academy after training and coaching as a fitness consultant for over 20 years. image image

Cora began her career as a full-scholarship gymnast at the University of Maryland and graduated with a B.S. in Kinesiology. Since then Cora has been educating children and adults at all levels of ability in gymnastics, motor development, and fitness.

•USA Gymnastics Safety (USAG)
•Movement Lesson Plan Development (MELPD)
•American Council on Exercise (ACE)
•Kinder Accreditation for Teachers (KAT)

Cora has a passion for kids, their motor skill development, and wellness, and works with all age ranges, from babies to teenagers to adult classes. Her enthusiasm shines through her class instruction and that of her staff. Cora looks forward to helping your children achieve new life skills as CORE Kids Academy; they’ll flip for you. Literally!

Kate Hall

Kate Hall is the Founder of and author of Richmond Rocks and Richmond Rocks Spooky Sequel, two fun history books for kids. She has three children ages eleven to six and is truly appreciative of the 185,000 + visitors who visit the blog every year, and for the amazing team of writers who create unique, valuable content. Kate is thrilled to have created a cool place for Richmond, VA parents to learn, grow, and share while supporting local charities.

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