Debra Ruh’s special needs child sparks Richmond-based international business

imageA few years ago, Debra Ruh had a dream. She was to create a company that primarily hires persons with disabilities. Debra´s inspiration – a beautiful daughter named Sara, who has Down’s syndrome. When Sara entered middle school, Debra realized that her daughter’s employment opportunities were bleak. At 13 years of age, Sara´s reading and math skills were still at a kindergarten level.

Some suggested that Sara collect shopping carts at a local grocery store, or work in a sheltered workshop environment. But Debra knew that Sara could do much more.

Drawing upon a long and successful career in information technology, Debra´s entrepreneurial instincts kicked into overdrive and she created an IT company that hired mainly persons with disabilities — not only mild disabilities, but also severe disabilities.

Today, Debra´s dream has become a reality. TecAccess now has over 60 associates with disabilities ranging from developmental to physical. To say that TecAccess is a diverse company is an understatement: there are associates with cerebral palsy, brain injury, quadriplegia, diabetes, bipolar disorder, macular degeneration, visual impairment, blindness, and hearing loss — just to name a few.

Debra and TecAccess have become the global leaders in E&IT accessibility solutions. TecAccess specializes in Web and IT Accessibility, Section 508 compliance, and W3C standards. Services include testing and assessment, training, engineering, policy review, and consulting. With awards too numerous to name here, we applaud Debra and her team for their tireless efforts, energy, and ingenuity! Click here to learn more about Debra and the TecAccess story.

Kate Hall

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