Anne Hughes ensures European fashion is affordable, stylish in Carytown

imageimageEurotrash and Anne Hughes have a lot in common: both are unique, hip, and fun. Both have a tiny little gal, Winnie at their side wearing an adorable pudgy smile. Click here to see Anne explain how Eurotrash began!

Both are in the heart of Richmond’s Carytown and the perfect place to support the 3/50 project.

Anne, a new mom (Winnie is her seven-month old, who really is the store mascot of sorts!) brought her love of comfortable, hip European fashion right here to Richmond, VA. With clothes at every price point, she’s created an affordable, fun, hip shop where both twenty somethings and their moms are often in the dressing room together.

“That’s when I knew I had a hit,” said Anne, “when daughters and their moms are trying on clothes together and both finding the perfect fit, regardless of age!” So, where did she get the name? “I used to joke with my friends when they’d ask what I was wearing that it was my ‘Eurotrash wear’ and it just stuck!”image readers: check out this store; whether you love comfy or diva, there’s something here for you, and Anne is offering 10% off for readers – just mention it at the check-out!

Kate Hall

Kate Hall is the Founder of and author of Richmond Rocks and Richmond Rocks Spooky Sequel, two fun history books for kids. She has three children ages eleven to six and is truly appreciative of the 185,000 + visitors who visit the blog every year, and for the amazing team of writers who create unique, valuable content. Kate is thrilled to have created a cool place for Richmond, VA parents to learn, grow, and share while supporting local charities.

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