Lisa McGhan, July 2011

When I first spoke to Lisa McGhan, this month’s Rockstar, I could hear the fire in her voice. Lisa is so passionate about her daughter Caitlyn’s journey with Congenital Heart Disease that she’s dedicated much of her time, energy, and passion to helping prevent this disease from striking other children. In fact, she’s at it again as one of our non-profits raising funds at our August¬†Wine Down Wednesday at The Wine Loft.

You may have read Lisa’s article, My Child is 1 in 100, detailing her family’s discovery of Cait’s heart defect and subsequent work with Mended Little Hearts¬†and The Children’s Heart Foundation. Some facts about Congenital Heart Defects (CDH):

  • 1 out of every 100 infants born will have a congenital heart defect, leading to approximately 40,000 new heart babies every year
  • About 1,000,000 Americans born with a congenital cardiovascular defect are alive today
  • Cardiovascular disease is the second leading cause of death for children 15 and under

Thanks, Lisa, for being one strong mom-of-four and for your hard work fighting for little hearts everywhere.

Kate Hall

Kate Hall is the Founder of and author of Richmond Rocks and Richmond Rocks Spooky Sequel, two fun history books for kids. She has three children ages eleven to six and is truly appreciative of the 185,000 + visitors who visit the blog every year, and for the amazing team of writers who create unique, valuable content. Kate is thrilled to have created a cool place for Richmond, VA parents to learn, grow, and share while supporting local charities.

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