Four-Year Journey To Success

Our journey began 4 years ago. Derek was having problems in school so we took him to a child psychologist. He met with her weekly for a year. Then he started 5th grade and things were still going downhill. We paid a tutor to meet with him as often as he needed. He seemed to be doing better but always needed help. Finally, in 8th grade we decided he needed to do this on his own. The teachers told us Derek was just lazy and needed to apply himself. After several meetings and taking everything away from him [like television and video games], we knew we really needed help.

I looked into Sylvan but felt like it was more of a tutoring program. Then I talked to a parent that had been through the LearningRx program. They said they really didn’t understand what it was exactly, but thought it helped. I had a coupon for the testing so I decided to try it. After the testing, my husband and I met with the Center Director and we were so impressed! My husband’s mouth was open in amazement during most of the meeting. The decision was easy. Yes! We were definitely going through the program.

Within 2 weeks of the program Derek already showed signs of improvement and his confidence was growing. To get a great sense of your child’s success and really become invested in the program, I think it’s great that parents that goes through this have to work with their child. Derek is doing so well! Anytime his LearningRx trainer asked us to work on something, he was able to pass that level at the next session.

Derek put a lot of effort into this and I know he is proud of the results. He is really ready for high school now. Our LearningRx brain trainer was so wonderful and patient. I would highly recommend your program to anyone. I know several parents that are so happy with Derek’s results and just loved watching him grow. We even taught our youngest the U.S. Presidents with your procedures. Thank you so much!

14 years old

This is a stock image and is not an actual picture of Derek. This has been done to protect the identity of this student and his family.

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