What Does Easter Mean to You?

Enjoy Easter with family and friends.

Easter is that fun, colorful time of year when everyone celebrates the rebirth of nature, the coming of Spring, and getting closer to summer vacation! Most schools are on Spring break the week before or after Easter, and that makes it an especially busy time for Richmondmoms and Grandmoms.

What does Easter really mean to you?

Lots of families enjoy spending time coloring eggs and placing them gently into white wicker Easter baskets filled with green, yellow and pink grass. Simple, elaborate, colorful and sparkling eggs adorn baskets, bowls, and tables. Many of these multi-colored treasures are found hanging on trees or intertwined in welcoming door wreaths.  Speckled eggs adorn purses, earrings, shoes, and hats.

And some decorative eggs are actually heavenly, chocolatey treasures filled with ooey gooey sweetness and decorative icing.

But for many people, Easter is more than colored eggs, decorated trees, wicker baskets, marshmallow bunnies, chocolate treats, and new shoes.

I asked my 8-year old granddaughter why we have Easter, and she responded, “It’s when Jesus fixed it so we can live forever and see everybody in heaven.”

For many people, Easter is an extremely religious holiday that reminds Christians around the world about the crucifixion and the beginning of eternal life for believers. It’s a time when people celebrate life and remember that every day is a gift and life is precious.

As you approach Easter weekend, think about what it means to you and your family, and remember the real meaning of the Easter holiday.

Focus on what is important in your life and consider spending your holiday weekend with family in a way that creates life-long memories and teaches children the significance of Easter celebrations. Spend some time on your Easter Sunday giving thanks for all that you have, and asking for help for all of those who need it most. Remember our friends in Japan, the victims still recovering in Haiti, and those suffering in war-torn countries. Give thanks for your freedom, children, and the beauty of nature.

Then, enjoy spending time with children in a way that takes advantage of being outdoors, active and having fun.

Make this Easter weekend a time of remembrance and celebration.

For me this year, Easter Sunday is just one week before our youngest daughter’s wedding and we give special thanks for her and her new family. There is lots of excitement in our house as we approach this special event. We will definitely create new memories and celebrate much with our daughter and her fiance, our older daughter and son-in-law, and our grandchildren as we enjoy family time together

What better way to celebrate Spring, rebirth and new life than by preparing for a special union of two people in love!

Let us know what Easter means to you by leaving a comment below. And enjoy all that the season has to offer.


  1. Easter is most of all as Christians remembering the crucifixtion and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. I was thinking about that this morning as I was praying and later in the day as I was planning my last minute grocery list for this Sunday. Easter is a day of celebrating, being with family enjoying lunch together, enjoying a new daughter in the family, and enjoying an Easter egg hunt for our granddaughter. I am also thankful to still have my parents to celebrate this day!

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