Romp n' Roll Birthday Parties Are Not To Be Missed

By Alex Iwashyna, blogger at Late Enough

When I said to my son: Where do you want to have your birthday party?

He yelled: ROMP N’ ROLL!

I even double-checked and offered other options because this is the second year in a row that we’ve had a birthday party at Romp n’ Roll, but he was adamant.

And I was pretty excited since it meant no set up or cleaning up. Plus, I didn’t have to create activities that keep my husband and I up until 2 a.m. cutting out tiny animals and writing directions over and over and over again. (Hello, first birthday party.)

He asked for a Mario Brothers theme so I ordered decorations online and showed up at Romp n’ Roll 15 minutes early, and they put them up. (Note: I could’ve chosen one of Romp n’ Roll’s themes had my son not been obsessed with Mario Kart but then who'd be Princess Peach today. And I kinda dig being a princess.)

Two counselors run the birthday party so the parents get to have a snowball fight and freeze dance their hearts out with the kids. (Two of the many activities from which we could chose.)

Um, yes, I did get into the moonbounce. What? My husband forgot to get me one for my birthday.

My only suggestion would be to streamline the process. It took about four phone calls to get everything worked out, which is two too many for me. I needed to practice my snowball throwing skills (I hate losing!).

The party was fantastic, my son had a blast and even the day after the hurricane, so many friends showed up to celebrate my sweet boy.

I would recommend Romp n’ Roll birthday parties to all my beloved I-don’t-want-to-clean-my-house-or-be-crafty parents. And feel free to invite us!

Romp n' Roll is an advertiser of, however Alex wrote this article for us all on her own!



  1. I have to agree that Romp n' Roll parties are great. My son had his 3rd birthday party there and he, his friends, and parents all enjoyed themselves. We also have been to four other friends parties at Romp n' Roll and have not been disappointed.

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