Dance and You Could Win $5,000!

Childhood obesity has reached epidemic proportions and the need for more physical activity has become increasingly more important than ever. One way to help your kids become more active and have fun is by dancing. That is just one reason Primrose Schools’ are holding their annual dance contest for families with a chance to win money for the family and a generous donation to their Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.

The Primrose Family Dance Competition is February 25, 2012 (All day) – March 30, 2012 (All day). During this period of time, families can participate in a campaign led by Primrose Schools to support local Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals by simply uploading a 30 second dance video of their family showing off their best dance moves! The dance can be choreographed, silly, simple, or just plain fun. Finalists and winners will be selected by the amount of popular votes.

It’s not too early to start practicing your dance moves with the kids.

The winning family receives $5,000 and $30,000 goes to their local Children’s Miracle Network Hospital. 2nd place is $3,000 for the family and $20,000 for the hospital and 3rd place is $1,500 for the family and $15,000 for the hospital. Everybody wins!

Primrose Schools is a proud sponsor of Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. This campaign is open for all families across the country. For more information, contact Layne Davidson at (407) 481-2774 and visit the website for more details.

About Kids and Activity

The American Heart Association recommends that children ages two and older participate in at least 30 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity every day. Dance is a simple activity that doesn’t require complicated equipment and can be done just about anywhere.

“I recommend dance as a fun physical activity for the whole family because it doesn’t require a lot of time, money or resources,” said Dr. Mary Zurn, vice president of education for Primrose Schools. “Dancing is a creative form of self-expression that helps build self-confidence. Plus, it provides time well spent with your family.”

Dr. Zurn and Dr. Steve Sanders, a fitness expert and Director of the School of Physical Education & Exercise Science at the University of South Florida as well as a member of the Primrose Education Advisory Board, recommend these tips to encourage your family to start dancing:

Step 1: Select appropriate music. You aren’t just looking for age-appropriate lyrics. It is also important to find music with an eight-count beat that isn’t too fast or too slow, so children can successfully develop movements in time with the music.

Step 2: Create a dance routine with your child. Together, decide how your dance will begin, what movements will go in the middle and how it will end. Children naturally respond to music with movement, which they can then turn into a dance. They love to pretend and don’t have any difficulty responding if they are asked to “be” the wind moving in the trees or even a dog searching for a place to bury a bone. Their imaginations don’t need much encouragement to get moving.

Step 3: Focus on developing your child’s key motor skills. Freestyle dancing is great for getting the heart rate up, but dancing can also be beneficial to your child’s motor and coordination development. Dancing will enable them to practice fundamental skills like jumping, landing, leaping, sliding, galloping, moving forward and backwards, and learning how to imitate moves.

Step 4: Check your child’s heart rate. Teach your child to connect physical activity with maintaining a healthy heart by measuring his or her heart rate. Show your child how to feel and count his or her heart beats.

For more tips from Dr. Z and a variety of activity suggestions, visit

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