Rainbow Station Presents the Ultimate Summer Camp Experience

If your child’s summer vacation doesn’t include hiking, swimming, treasure hunts, photography classes, sports clinics and field trips to places like Busch Gardens and Williamsburg, then you might want to take a look at Rainbow Station’s ultimate summer camp experience, Amazing Races and Places.

Available for ages 5 to 14 and in session from June 18 to August 29, Rainbow Station’s program operates using a unique but incredibly powerful system for campers: the power of choice. Prior to the camp’s kick off, kids are given a guidebook that lists afternoon mini-courses to choose from on a weekly rotation, with topics ranging from sports to survival skills, journal writing to belly-dancing. Kids have the ability to pick and choose the mini-course that best suits their interests and skills, ensuring that they stay engaged and, perhaps more importantly, have fun.

“At Rainbow Station, we are constantly looking for ways to give children the independence and flexibility that they desire, while also providing them with the structure and learning that they need,” says Rainbow Station Inc. Vice President Laurie Acree. “Our mini-courses are a fantastic way for us to maintain that structure but still allow the campers to choose how they spend their time.”

And while kids do get to choose their placement for the mini-courses each week, they often times are not aware of the educational opportunities that are present in all of Rainbow Station’s summer programs. Each tribe of 15 campers has a tribe leader who holds a college degree, has been trained in the 7 Habits of Happy Kids and is incorporating Virginia Standards of Learning (SOL) instruction into the camper’s activities. This ensures that children are being challenged with age-appropriate material while still enjoying themselves.

The Rainbow Station Amazing Races and Places summer camp runs from 6:30am to 6:30pm Monday-Friday. Each Friday the campers go on a field trip that often coincides with the overall theme for that week, such as “African Safari Adventure” or “Thrill of Victory: London Summer Olympics.”

For more information, visit the Rainbow Station website.

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