Richmond Entrepreneur has Shot “On The Shelf” at Wal-Mart

We love stories of local entrepreneurs who are on their way up, and Barbara Bennett appears to be one of ’em.

Based right here in Richmond, Virginia, The Mineral Case struggled through one of the worst recessions in our nation’s history (aw, heck, that’s how our site came to be, it can’t be all bad right? Riiiight.)

Luckily, thanks to local support, the company weathered the storm and is embarking on an opportunity of a lifetime.

Barbara Bennett, president and founder of The Mineral Case is calling on Richmonders to help her “Get on the Shelf” at Walmart.  If the company wins enough votes, her product will be available at every Walmart location across the country. They’ll even help her manufacture it to meet the demand.

 Starting now until April 3rd, Richmonders can click here to vote once-a-day for The Mineral Case online.


if text is preferred, ya can vote by texting “5505” to 383838

About The Mineral Case:

Bennett quickly became a passionate fan of the mineral makeup trend, but not of the mess and hassle of various jars and loose powders. Launched in 2009, The Mineral Case clears bathroom counters and makes the cosmetics easily accessible at home or while travelling. For more details check out this cool [youtube][/youtube], and support a Richmond gal!