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Discover the 10 Varied Forms of Angels Awaiting Your Discovery

Most of us believe in angels. Our faith tells us that angels are intermediaries between our Heavenly Father and us. But how many of us know that there are different types of angels? The Holy Book says that these divine beings have distinct duties. Considered benevolent, they are our God’s own army, guiding and assisting us through our life choices but never directly interfering with our decisions.

What specific purpose do the angles meet? The Bible says humans can converse with God through prayers, but God interacts with his followers through these angels. It is considered that angels are individuals with immortal essence.

We will talk in detail about 10 types of angels today and discover God’s special messenger of troops. It will help you reach out to the right angel for divine assistance and guidance tailored to your specific needs.

1. Flower Angels

Flower Angels

Need to call an angelic being to protect nature and her entities? You need to turn to flower angels to do so. As the name suggests, these types of angels have got their name from the natural floral beings on Earth. But that does not mean that they necessarily represent flowers only.

These angelic entities are the protectors of the Earth and are responsible for the conservation of all natural entities present in this universe. With our Blue Planet facing its own set of struggles and challenges, it is imperative for us to pray to the Flower Angels, who can actively and diligently help believers of God do their best to make our planet more sustainable and safe for progeny.

Since these types of angels are associated with beauty and prosperity, you can also pray to them to guide you when you need inspiration in life. Whether it is a rundown job in daily life or you wish to build a positive attitude towards life, flower angels will help all through.

Illustratively flower angels as surrounded by floral petals and nature, just like in the picture below.

2. Archangels

In the celestial hierarchy, the archangels are considered superior to regular angles. Archangels have been derived from the Greek word, ‘Arkhangelos’ where ‘Arkh’ means chief and ‘Angelos’ mean angel. Literally, the word means the ‘Chief of Angels.’ This group is connected with men on Earth not as individuals but as a group, thousands of people at the same time. They are the messengers of God that are responsible for helping protect humanity.

There are powerful types of angles, even though they are ranked in the Third Sphere of Angels. The number of Archangels is not fixed, though. As per some believers, Michael is the only Archangel. A few others believe that there are three, and another set of people think that there are seven Archangels.

The commonly believed Archangels are Michael, Azarael, Raphael, Uriel, Chamuel, Haniel, Gabriel, and Ariel. Each of these types of angels signifies an archetype. These are the eight archangels:

Archangel Michael

Archangel Michael

This angel has a sword of light and is considered a warrior angel. He is known to lend courage when his followers need it. He is the head, the great protector, and Defender.

Archangel Azrael

Archangel Azrael

This angel strengthens the mental and emotional aspects and helps mankind come to terms with grief, illness, and depression.

Archangel Ralph

Archangel Ralph

This angel is the Divine Healer. He heals mankind of physical ailments.

Archangel Uriel

Archangel Uriel

Uriel is considered to be the pillar of strength and is known to support during loneliness.

Archangel Chamuel

Archangel Chamuel

This angel represents unconditional love and warmth, like that of a rabbit.

Archangel Haniel

Archangel Haniel

Haniel heals familial relationships and is represented by the energy of a turtle that helps heal abandonment issues.

Archangel Gabriel

Archangel Gabriel

Gabriel is known as the Great Messenger, helping with inspirational and creative pursuits.

Archangel Ariel

Archangel Ariel

Ariel represents nature and the healing and restorative powers of the universe. Ariel represents abundance and beauty.

3. Guardian Angels

Guardian Angels

These types of angels are the closest to us but farthest from God. They are the Holy Father’s messengers, responsible for protecting us from evil, thus, ensuring our safety. These angles lie in the third sphere, just like Archangels. They become a part of your Spiritual Support Team with the common belief that they watch over us all the time.

There are three categories of Guardian Angels. The first set is the Earth Angels. They take care of the physical safety, health, and security of each person. The Soul Angels are responsible for taking care of the soul and helping individuals with inner healing, self-love, forgiveness, and so on. The last type of angel is the Sky Angel. This angel, as the name suggests, belongs to the higher realm and is the link to clairvoyant visions. Some people believe that Sky Angels are Archangels.

4. Principalities


This set of angels also belongs to the Third Sphere, like Guardian Angels and Archangels. They are interpreted as a ray of light that brings hope to humanity and the Earth. They are not associated with individuals, unlike Guardian Angels but with the entire community, cities, towns, and nations.

These types of angels are entrusted with the work of empowering other angels to do their work. Whether it is helping people on Earth to live peacefully or overcoming their fear, these angels are near at hand to lead the way for other types of angels. Principalities facilitate the Archangels and Guardian Angels in the smooth execution of their work.

Due to their ‘Godlike princeliness,’ this order of angels is mostly seen wearing golden crowns and holding big specters. They guide not just other angels in their Sphere but also heads of nations, religious institutes, etc., to ensure that God’s word is propagated amongst mankind.

5. Seraphim Angels

Seraphim Angels

The highest ranking messengers of God, Seraphim angels belong to the First Order. They are believed to be the closest to the Lord and reside in Heaven. Think of them as the first line of officers holding executive positions in the modern-day’s corporate world. The word ‘Seraphim’ is a Hebrew word meaning ‘burning ones.’

The Bible describes a typical Seraphim Angel as one with a fire-like appearance with about six wings. These powerful celestial beings are capable of flying. These types of angels have so much power that even their voices can make a tall building filled with smoke and crumble down.

Lucifer was a Seraphim until he betrayed God. Popular Seraphim Angels are Metatron, Michael, and Seraphiel. Seraphiel is a resident of Heaven and is considered as the in-charge of the Seraphims. Michael travels between Heaven and Earth, and Metatron is responsible for official record-keeping in Heaven.

Seraphims sing praises of the Lord, and as per the Bible, the angels sing, “Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord God Almighty. The whole Earth is full of His Glory.”

6. Cherubim Angels

Cherubim Angels

These angelic figures serve God’s will and the Holy duties on the Earth and are a part of the First Order. A cherub has four different faces – the first is an ox’s face, the second is that of a man, the third is a lion’s face, and the last one is the face of an eagle. They have wings and use wheels to travel.

These are the protector types of angels protecting the Garden of Eden. They carry flaming swords and are known to be very forgiving. They never fail to forgive humanity for their sins and are known to even plead with the Holy Lord to pardon men and women of their sins.

Like Seraphims, Cherubims also serve God and sit near his throne. Some of the popular Cherubim Angels are Gadreel, Gamaliel, Ophaniel, Lamassu, Rikbiel, and Kerubiel.

7. Thrones Angels

Thrones Angels

The types of angels called Throne Angels are believed to have intelligent minds and are known to always apply God’s will in a practical manner amongst his followers. In the angelic hierarchical system, throne angels are the third in rank. They are from the First Order and get to meet God and discuss with others ways to fulfill the Lord’s purpose on Earth.

Throne Angels are regarded to be wise. Sometimes they interact with humans directly, explaining to them the Lord’s will. These kinds of angels have many eyes and appear like glowing wheels. They act as God’s chariot and represent virtues like peace, mercy, and humility.

These angels have four faces and four wings.

8. Dominions


Dominions are a type of angels that belong to the Second Order. They are entrusted with delivering justice and mercy to God’s followers. They also help other types of angels, especially the lower-ranking ones, in executing their responsibilities.

In the Bible, the famous scene of the destruction of the sinful cities of Gomorrah and Sodom was the work of the Dominions. These types of angels are not in direct contact with human beings but have great power over humans.

Zadkiel is one of the most popular Dominion angels. He is believed to be the one that prevented Abraham from sacrificing his son by providing a ram in Isaac’s place. Another popular Dominion is Tsadkiel, which is known to offer assistance during times of conflict and emergencies.

9. Power Angels

Power Angels

When you get bullied or get disrespected, power angels come to your rescue. These are everyday situations when humans are in conflict and find themselves lacking the confidence or power to deal with such challenges. These types of angels give us soul nudges so that we can, as a civilization, stand up for others who are impoverished or victimized.

These angels come into our lives when we seem to lose control and start to doubt our confidence. They remind us that we are powerful spiritual beings with special skills and abilities to meet all kinds of challenges and daunting situations.

Don’t expect the power angels to save you, but rather they will push you to give your best and go the extra mile.

10. Virtues Angels

Virtues Angels

Virtues are a type of angels that appear as light sparks. They are believed to inspire human beings in the scientific domain. Since they belong to the Second Order, they are neither too close to Heaven nor too close to humans. But, they are meant to take orders from their superior angels and convert them into miracles for individual men and women.

These angels are meant to remove negative energies from the world. They represent purity and royalty and are known to deliver miracles on Earth. Virtues is led by Angel Raphael, who is believed to possess immense healing powers.


Of the many angels present around us, these are ten angels that light up our lives, directly or indirectly. Some of these types of angels are a part of Heaven and the Garden of Eden, and a few of them are in direct contact with us on the Blue Planet.

Angels are divine beings, special messengers of the Almighty. They help God in partaking of his duties and messages for moral beings. Every angel group is assigned a specific task, forming a strong God’s army to ensure that his followers live in peace and harmony.

Let us know what you think of the different types of angels in the comments below, and share your experiences or encounters with them.

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