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45 Exciting Games to Spice Up Your Sleepover Night (2023)

Sleepover is an event where some kids from the same school or neighborhood stay at one friend’s place. This sleepover is a great idea for kids to bond and enjoy with other kids, create long-lasting memories, and play with them till late at night.

In sleepovers, the only activity kids do not want to do is sleeping. Sleepover is fun, but the one who is hosting the sleepover faces the challenges of what we should do to make them fun and interesting.

Do not worry, cause and in this article, we are going to discuss 40+ sleepover ideas that will make everyone in your party engaged. From the games to the food, we will provide you with sleepover ideas that never go out of style. Let’s dive in!

1. Card Games

Paper Plane Race

Card games are the most popular sleepover ideas or games to play. The advantage of playing card games is that it provides opportunities for social interaction among friends. Some of the card games that you can play are war, rummy (for old players), go fish, crazy eights, and old maid are some of the games that can be played in a group. You can look on the internet for the rules of the games.

2. Dumb Charades

Dumb Charades

Dumb Charades is a classic game that is one of the most convenient games that can be performed at any party, sleepover, or gathering. In this game, a word or phrase is selected by one of the team members of one team, and that team has to guess the word or phrase through actions or gestures. The team who guesses the most number of words is the winner.

3. Making Your Food

Making Your Food

Making your food at the sleepover can be a fun and interactive activity at sleepover parties. It is a creative activity that can help you customize your food according to your preferences. Before performing this activity, make sure you plan your menu and bring all the ingredients needed beforehand.

4. Photo Booth Props

Photo Booth Props

Photo booth props are some accessories that the people in the sleepover can use to click photographs. These props include funny hats, fake mustaches, oversized sunglasses, oversized lips, crowns, tiaras, emoji props, and many more. If you have planned a theme for your sleepover, then you can include props that suit your theme.

5. UNO

UNO .jpg

UNO is another classic that can be part of your sleepover party. This is some other kinds of cards compared to the regular deck of cards. UNO is an interesting and addictive game, so you can play multiple rounds of them. This game will help you have a great time with your friends and is one of the great options for late-night activities.

6. Blindfold Games

Blindfold Games

The interest in a game increases 10 times. There are many activities that you can perform being blindfolded, like blindfold makeup challenge, blindfold taste food challenge, blindfold drawing contest, and many more. Make sure to take care of the safety of the participants as they are blindfolded performing the challenges.

7. Story Time

Story Time

Story time is another fun activity that comes under sleepover ideas. You can include various stories like fairy tales, king and queen, and the most exciting one which is very popular that is scary stories. To add more feeling, you can turn off the lights and turn on the torches if you are going with the choice of scary stories.

8. Truth & Dare

Truth & Dare

Truth and dare is another game that is commonly played in family gatherings. It involves some friends sitting in a circle, putting a bottle or pen on the center. The player that is chosen has a choice of whether to answer a “truth” or perform a “dare” given to them by other players. The front of the bottle or pen chooses the player.

9. Dancing


A party without dance is not a party. The host or the hostess of the show just has to play some songs and start pulling the other members of the party. And gets everyone’s feet tapping on the catchy music. If you are the host of the night, then make sure to make a proper playlist of the songs that you want to play.

10. Camping Inside The House

Camping Inside The House

Camping inside the house is something unique that you can include in your sleepover party. You can begin camping as soon as the sun sets and after that start setting up the tents and now your place is ready for your house. This sleepover idea will provide a unique experience, you can even conduct activities during the camping.

11. Movie Night

Movie Night

Planning a movie night is not a bad idea, but a great late-night idea. You can pick any kind of movie for the movie night like romcom, scary, philosophy, and many more. You can turn off the lights to experience the real cinematic experience. Do not forget to prepare the popcorn, it will bring up the fun to another level.

12. Treasure Hunt

Treasure Hunt

Playing treasure hunt is one more exciting idea that is mostly included in many parties and events. Treasure hunts are one of those sleepover ideas that require a lot of planning (planning clues, where to hide them etc.) so, make sure you do all the arrangements before D-day. You can even take the help of others.

13. Pillow Fight

Pillow Fight .jpg

Pillow Fight is a game that young kids commonly play. A pillow fight is a physical conflict using pillows. If you are going with this idea, then make sure to ensure the safety of the players and instruct them to play gently. Though pillows are soft and rarely cause any injuries, but still.

14. Some Board Games

Some Board Games

There are many board games in the market, like Ludo, monopoly, snake and Ladder, chess, and many more. You can play this game easily by having some drinks and snacks. The only drawback of playing most of the board games is that only four players can play at a time. So, if it happens, the others can cheer up the players who are playing.

15. Online Game Battle

Online Game Battle .jpeg

Nowadays, playing online games is a trend; while playing online games, all the participants come together and engage in video games on the internet. Decide on multiplayer video games so that most of the people in the sleepover can play them. Some of the popular games are bike racing games, battle royals, and many more

16. Never Have I Ever

Never Have I Ever

Never Have I Ever is a game where player reveals and share the interesting, exciting, happy, and embarrassing moments of their life in a fun way. Just like truth and dare, one player asks questions starting with “Never have I ever,” like Never have I ever been in a sleepover, never have I ever been on a flight and many more.

17. Pajama Party

Pajama Party

A pajama party is a synonym for a sleepover party, but you can keep them as the theme of the party. Pajama parties are often organized for kids, teens, and adults. If you have a budget then you can circulate invitations of you organizing a pajama party. Pajama is a comfy outfit making sure that you can enjoy the party.

18. Face Painting

Adorable african-american girl with creative face painting roaring

Face painting is one of those sleepover ideas that requires creativity. Here one person has to paint a beautiful design on another face. Using this concept, you can conduct a competition. Take precautions on the color and make sure that it is a non-toxic, skin-safe product that adorns the face with various designs.

19. Karaoke


Karaoke is a machine that only plays, and one has to sing the song. Playing karaoke is well to go option for night sessions. Laughter and singing fill the room and will make the place full of positivity. If you do not have a karaoke set or machine, then you can download karaoke software or can simply play it from YouTube.

20. Balloon Bullseye

Balloon Bullseye

Balloon Bullseye is an exciting and fun game that is a fun addition to sleepover ideas. To play this game, you need minimal things like dart pins and balloons all around a board or wall. Before starting the game, ensure that everyone maintains a safe distance from the target to avoid accidents.

21. Fashion Show

Fashion Show

A party without a fashion show feels incomplete. You can conduct a fashion show in a fun way also where modes are doing ramp walk with simple clothes they are wearing. You can also hire judges among yourselves, who will give scores to the participants. Also, you can use some more titles like “outfit of the day” or “smile of the day”.

22. Playing Twister

Playing Twisterv

Twister is a classic physical game that is played on a large mat made of plastic. This mat is spread on a floor or ground. This twister mat consists of four rows of six large colored circles, having a different color on each row. The main colors that exist on this mat are red, yellow, green, and blue.

23. Filming Video

Filming Video

If you want this night to be memorable, then filming a video can be a good option. You can make vlogs and even upload them on the internet. You can film all the wholesome, cute, and enjoyable moments. But be respectful, careful and do not invade someone’s privacy and make videos of them.

24. Delicious Food

Delicious Food

Delicious is the highlight of all the parties. Without it, a party always feels dull. Some of the popular dishes that you can include are pizza, burgers, French fries, nachos, ice cream, finger food, fruit platter, and many more. Before finalizing, make sure that you are aware of the allergies people are having.

25. Self-Care

Self-Care .png

Sleepover parties are organized so that one can forget all the tension and focus on themselves. You can care for yourself by doing applying face masks, nail paint, and many more. This care must be shared with everyone present at the party. You can also dedicate a particular session to health or self-care.

26. Games With Food

Games With Food

Playing games with food also comes under s great food idea. Playing games with food does not mean wasting food. Here you may include games like a blindfold food taste challenge, cupcake decorating contest, pizza-making competition, and many more. You can use food creatively and entertainingly.

27. Backyard Camping

Backyard Camping

Not only indoors but you can also camp outside your house. Like your front yard or backyard, this will give you the real feeling of camping. It also offers a unique experience where kids have the night outside the house while still being close to home and their friends. Outdoor games and ghost stores will increase the excitement of camping.

28. Guess The Song


Guess the song is a game of quite dumb charades. Here one team member of the team is given the name of a song, and the other members have to guess the song by looking at the gestures and actions. This is also a fun game that can be played on the team.

29. Two Truths & One Lie

Two Truths & One Lie

Just like “never have I Ever” or “Truth or Dare,” “Two Truths & one Lie” is also a game where a player says 3 sentences, whereas the other player guesses which one is the two truths and which one is a lie. And the one who guesses wrong loses. You can decide punishments for the losers.

30. Making Bracelets

Making Bracelets .jpg

Making bracelets will increase the excitement level at your sleepover party. It’s a popular craft choice for sleepovers because it is quite easy to make bracelets and also requires minimal things for preparation. The main advantage is that it is enjoyable and loved by many kids and teens.

31. Fact & Fiction

Fact & Fiction

In this game, a player has to say a sentence, and the other player has to decide whether it is a fact or fiction. This game is just like never have I ever, truth & dare, and two truths & one lie. To make the game more interesting, you can decide punishments for the players who did. ’t guess it correctly.

32. Hula Hoop

Hula Hoop

A Hula hoop is a circular-shaped toy that is twirled around the waist and is mostly played by kids. You can make them a part of your party so that anyone can play with them whenever they are bored or whenever they want to. You can also conduct a competition on how long anyone can twirl the hula hoop.

33. Piñata

Piñata .jpg

Piñata is a good evening or late evening game. But to play piñata, you have to arrange it first. You can find it online easily. And the one has to hit the piñata with a stick or a bat being blindfolded. Before that, you have to fill it with candies and hang them at a distance from the ground.

34. Hide & Seek

Hide & Seek

Hide & Seek is another popular game that is a great activity to put on the list of sleepover ideas. While playing hide and seek, make sure that you have ample space to hide in your house. This is a common game that is played by children, so most of the time, this game is chosen when there is a sleepover among kids.

35. Freeze Dance

Freeze Dance

Freeze dance is one of the most popular sleepover ideas. The players have to dance when the music is playing, but the moment music everyone has to stop. If any kind of moment is seen from any player, then that player is out, and the one who is playing till the end is the winner.

36. Paper Dance

Paper Dance

Just take a large sheet of paper for this game; the paper must be big enough to fit one person. Now play the music, the players must begin dancing within the paper, and when the music stops, players must stand still on the paper, and if someone moves out, is out of the game. With each round, make sure to fold the paper in half.

37. Tug of War

Tug of War

Tug of War is another popular game that is played between two teams. This is a fun and energetic game that brings the team together and brings a sense of teamwork and competition. Also, the advantage of this game is that you do not need a lot of materials except a rope and people.

38. Best Out Of Waste Competition

Best Out Of Waste Competition

Another unique idea to include in your sleepover. The rules in this competition are simple just collect the materials like plastic bottles, newspapers, cardboard, etc. and make something useful out of them. This competition will also encourage the use of eco-friendly materials. You can set the time, rules, judgment, and winners in this game.

39. Jenga

Jenga .jpg

Jenga is mainly a tower of wooden blocks that are stacked in a row of two or three. This game is played in turns, where the player has to remove one block from any layer of the tower and place it in the topmost layer of the tower. Just make sure that the tower doesn’t collapse, but if it does, then the player who caused the collapse is the one who loose.

40. Chinese Whisper

Chinese Whisper

Chinese whisper, also known as telephone games, is another one of the great sleepover ideas that will guarantee the entertainment of the party. In this game, you have to pass a message from one person to the other person by whispering. The last person has to speak up for the message, which has little resemblance to the original message.

41. Paper Plane Race


Take a lightweight paper and make a paper plane out of it. Now with your friends, make a finish line and stand on the starting line to throw it on the paper. The paper that reaches the farthest distance is the winner. You can include some exciting prizes that will motivate the players to participate.

42. Bingo


Bingo is a game that can be enjoyed by the guest of all ages. It’s a simple yet entertaining game that can keep the guest engaged and create a positive atmosphere all around the room. The bingo you selected can easily be customized to the theme of your party. So, have fun! And enjoy the party!

43. Looking at the night sky

Looking at the night sky

This may sound boring is not at all boring. Sitting and chilling with your friends with a glass of drink in your hand and looking at the sky is no less than a cinematic appearance. You will find a lot of peace doing this. You can sit anywhere like on the terrace, front yard, or backyard; your choice is yours. It’s a moment of connection with nature and friends, where you can share your fears, aspirations, and traumas.

44. Celebrity

Celebrity .jpg

Moving on to the next game, guess the celebrity with the same concept of guessing the song and dumb charades. But instead of words, movies, or songs, you have to guess a celebrity. The team will be divided into two parts, and the team who had the highest number of correct guesses is the winner.

45. Decorating Cupcakes

Decorating Cupcakes

Decorating cupcakes can be taken as a competition. The most beautiful decoration with the most delicious taste will receive a prize and will be the winner of the game. This kind of sleepover idea always creates a fun and positive atmosphere demanding a lot of creativity.


Sleepovers are enjoyed by both adults and kids and if the activities in the sleepovers are fun, the other member will also enjoy it. With these 45 sleepover ideas, you can make every moment worth remembering.

Remember that sleepover is not only staying up at night and having food but are also an opportunity to strengthen friendships, develop creativity, and enjoy the beauty of the night. From the above sleepover ideas, you can take one of your choices if you want. Enjoy!

Which of the above sleepover ideas do you like the most? Will you execute any one of them? Let us know in the below comment section.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Some Fun Sleepover Ideas that You Can Plan at a Sleepover?

There are plenty of sleepover ideas that you can perform at your sleepover party. You can go with the board games, karaoke, hula hoop, dance competition, and many of the above activities. Just make sure to include everyone while performing the activities or games, do not make any feel left out.

How Can You Make Sleepovers More Memorable and Unique?

To make your sleepovers more memorable and unique, you must pick unique sleepover ideas. Like a themed-based party, dance face-off, scoring the dresses of the fashion show participants, and many more. Setting up a photo booth with prompts is also a great idea.

Are There Any Fun Sleepover Ideas You Can Perform Late Night?

Yes, there are many sleepover ideas that you can include in late-night activities. The show must go on even though it’s late at night. Among all the sleepover ideas, “never have I Ever” and “Truth & Dare” are the sleepover ideas that you can perform late at night.

What Age is Best for Sleepovers?

There is no hard and fast rule for the age for planning sleepovers. Anyone belonging to any age group can plan a sleepover at their house. From kids to adults, everyone has friends, and everyone has the right to spend a memorable time with them.

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