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29 Fun-Filled Kid’s Party Bag Filler Ideas That Will Amaze You!

Cake, food & beverages, decoration, and snacks, you have planned everything, but party favors? To give the goody bags or not is your personal choice. But one thing you must know is that kids love them!

A party favor shows the party attendees your appreciation. What you fill your party bags with will depend on how much money you want to spend. You can choose from fancy alternatives for fillers to homemade party fillers. Kids are happy even with a bag of candies, so you can fill the bags with literally anything. But ensure that the fillers are useful or at least the fillers are not trashed.

Planning a party for kids can be tiring because there’s so much to do! To take your load off, here are the best 29-party bag fillers so that you can focus on other arrangements.

1. A Journal for The Little Scribblers

A Journal for The Little Scribblers

Journaling lets creativity run in a kid’s brain and benefits kids in various ways. This makes a journal a great and unique idea for party bag fillers. A journal, used as party bag filler, is a great idea because it is cost-effective, age-appropriate, and aligns well with the party themes.

You can customize the journal that fits the theme of your party. Mini notepadscan be one of the alternatives for your party bag fillers. Pair up the journals or notepads with accessories like markers or pens. Journals with prompts can be another great variation for letting the kids get creative!

2. Personalized Pens & Pads

Personalized Pens & Pads

Gifts can fill your guests with contentment, but a personalized bag filler will be just one step ahead. A pad and a pen are something everybody uses, hence making a practical bag filler for the parties. You can personalize each of the writing pads with a lot of variations.

You can use printed writing pads or covers to make it unique for everybody. A handwritten note is another great way to make it distinct for everybody attending the party. If making each pad different from the others is time-consuming, combine a writing pad with a personalized bookmark or pen.

3. Books as Party Bag Fillers

Books as Party Bag Fillers

For someone who needs the bag fillers to be mindful, using books can be your best choice. With books, you have a great variety of different niches and themes. You can pick books with bedtime stories, a series for kids to read, activity books, or educational books appropriate for kids.

In addition, your party bag filler will benefit the kid by enhancing their vocabulary, reading skills, and imagination. Books make a thoughtful choice because they can inculcate reading habits in children, and parents will not stop appreciating you for the same. For personalizing each party bag, add a note or remark to make your present more special.

4. Write Your Own Story Book

Write Your Own Story Book

Make every kid that attended your party a story writer with your party bag filler. Another great party bag filler for kids is this product that encourages the kids to write a story of their own. The book has prompts that help the kids to write a story rather than just read a story.

Prompts, tasks, and hints in the book help in creating great stories for young minds. The book gives them an opportunity to have fun and gain confidence in their writing. It is a great idea for kids who love story writing. Give kids a chance to boost their creativity, writing, and innovation with this party bag filler.

5. Art Supplies

Art Supplies

Art supplies are great if you want the party bag fillers to be thoughtful. With art supplies, you are not just acknowledging the presence of party attendees. This party bag filler encourages the creativity of young minds. From a set of paint colors to a mini art gift set, you can put art supplies that your budget permits.

Directly purchase a mini art gift set or prepare one at home with minimal effort. For affordable alternatives, you can pair up a set of paint colors with a drawing book or sketchbook. Kids will not hate you for a boring party bag this time!

6. Plants or Seeds

Plants or Seeds

If you want to save the kids from unhealthy treats traditionally used as party bag fillers, a plant bag is an outstanding alternative. Party bag fillers with plants will keep the kids excited for a long time. Not only is this an intelligent choice, but the kids will have fun planting and growing the plants or seeds you give them.

This way you promote eco-friendly practices. With every party bag, you can include a seed or plant, a pot, and a guiding manual. To make it unique for everybody, you can personalize each of the bags you give to the kids.

7. Marbles


Marble games are popular among the young crowd. So packing your party bag fillers with it can be a great idea. Not only do kids love marbles, but you can save your money because marbles are not that expensive. Marbles can be used in a variety of games, making it a fascinating item for kids.

If you choose marbles as your bag fillers, consider the age group of the kids you are giving them to. Marbles can be a hazard for babies below 3 years because they can choke them. With small kids, constant supervision by an adult is required with marbles. Children above 3 years of age will love your party bag fillers.

8. Bouncing Balls

Bouncing Balls .jpg

Bouncing balls are an all-time favorite as a party bag filler. Party bag fillers with bouncing balls are fun because kids have so much fun playing with them. The variable color, size, and designs make them a great choice. Bouncing balls as a party bag filler are inexpensive and make a great choice as party favors.

Bouncing balls can make it fun for kids of all age groups. Bouncing balls for small kids are not appropriate as they may offer choking hazards. Bouncing balls can be paired with other gift items or toys to make a party bag the recipients love.

9. A Mini Game

A Mini Game

Use mini-games as a substitute for candies and sweets for a party that kids can play even after the party ends. Mini-games have a lot of options, so you can pick them up depending on what your budget is.

You can select a mini-game that matches your party theme. Or you can place a different mini-game in each party bag to keep the kids excited. For a gender-neutral party, you can pick mini-games like Rubik’s Cube. Your party bags can include mini puzzle games, mini playing cards, mini board games, water guns, etc.

10. Playdough

clay molding shapes, kids crafts

Another party bag filler that the party attendees will find fun is play dough. Playdough is fun for kids. The fun part about play dough is that you can purchase it in small batches or prepare it at home. Preparing play dough by yourself gives you a chance to customize colors and scents. This makes it easier to match the play dough with the party theme.

Wrap the small batches of play dough in cute packets, and you are good to go. You can add a personal note with the play dough for appreciation and personalizing your party bags. When using play dough, you must also provide instructions and safety labels to ensure the safety of kids.

11. Friendship Bracelets

Friendship Bracelets .jpg

Friendship bracelets as a party bag filler are a great way to celebrate and acknowledge friendships. Whether you purchase a bracelet or make it on your own, bracelets are easy to customize. For personalizing each of the bracelets you place in a party bag, you can use the name or the first letter on the bracelet. If you are planning an activity for kids at the party, making a bracelet of their names is a fun way to entertain kids. Using the same bracelets accompanied with a few other items can make a great party bag filler.

12. Stuffed Animals

Stuffed Animals

Kids love stuffed toys unquestionably. The cute little stuffed toys you give the kids will be a memento of the celebration. Themed parties are loved by kids, and they are memorable. To make your party more special, stuffed animals are the perfect choice for themed parties.

Exaggerate your animal-themed party by giving your guests a stuffed animal. You can pick characters from animal movies the kids admire. Stuffed animals are safe for kids to play with, not risking the safety of kids. Stuffed animals, perfect as party favors, provide a playtime companion to the kids.

13. Science Kits

Science Kits

The curiosity and the eagerness to learn more in young minds make learning effective at a young age. A kid will be curious about everything he sees around him. To help them make the best out of their curious minds, a science kit is a mindful party favor.

Keep the fun and knowledge together for the kids with science kits. The science kits let the kids be busy with productive experiments and learning, making it a big win for parents. Inspire the kids to learn with your fun party favors and encourage them to learn new things.

14. Activity Kits

Activity Kits

Activity kits make another great choice for party favors. These party favors help the kids to stay busy productively. It can be as simple as painting a picture or making your own bracelet. Activity kits keep kids actively engaged in their creativity. The kits will also help the kids to develop and hone their creative skills.

Choose an age-appropriate activity kit for the kids to enjoy what they are doing. There is a great variety of activity kits to choose the perfect party bag filler. Activity kits for clay jewelry, bracelet making, crowns, and bath bombs are some of the popular activity kits for girls.

15. A Keepsake Box

A Keepsake Box .png

Often the party favors are junk and a waste of money, but a keepsake box is not one of them. A personalized keepsake box with the kid’s name, favorite cartoon, or just his favorite color can be admired by the kids. A keepsake box is a useful item for kids and parents both. A small keepsake box filled with candies and sweets is an excellent choice for the kids.

Once the sweets are savored, the box will still be used. A keepsake box can be used by the kids to keep their cards, jewelry, pictures, toys, or something close to them. A kid will use his keepsake tin to keep his treasures close to him. Make it special for each kid by personalizing it.

16. Hair Accessories

Hair Accessories

Ideal for parties of girls, hair accessories as party favors will delight the party attendees. Buying hair accessories in multi-packs and then making mini packets for each of your little guests can significantly cut off the costs. You can either put a single item or a few items together.

Add scrunchies, hair clips, tiaras, bows, bands, or claw clips for the young ladies! For a color-themed party, select hair accessories in the same color. Pair hair accessories with other pampering items like lip balm and nail paints. This will take care of the princesses of the party but add another alternative for the boys. Party hats are an alternative if it is a gender-neutral party.

17. Jigsaw Puzzle

Jigsaw Puzzle

Jigsaw puzzles help kids to kill time by improving their mental and physical skills. Hand-eye coordination, motor skills, memory, and mental skills are enhanced by solving jigsaw puzzles. Jigsaw puzzles are appropriate for kids of every age group. Just ensure that the difficulty level of the puzzles is ideal for the age of kids. Even young kids can start with jigsaw puzzles with fewer pieces. A kid of 4 years can solve a puzzle with 20 – 40 pieces. Make the kids have fun even after your party ends with jigsaw puzzles!

18. Fun Masks

Fun Masks

For themed parties, add face masks in your party bags that resonate with the theme. You can pick up superhero masks or animal-themed masks to make the party more fun for kids. If your party does not have a theme, you can still use masks as party favors. You don’t necessarily have to buy the masks. Making masks at home is easy.

Alternatively, you can make kids make their masks and use them as party bag fillers. Add a few more articles with the masks and see how kids enjoy the party bags after they leave your party. Don’t forget to click a picture with all those cute masks!

19. Sweet Treats

Sweet Treats

The goodie bag you give to kids after the party has to be something they will love. No child has ever hated a sweet treat. So if you have not figured anything out yet, a quick and affordable party bag filler is sweets. Mini-sweet treats in bulk can save a lot of your money. The dietary choice must be known prior to packing sweets for the kids.

You can fill the party bags with marshmallows, candies, lollipops, bubblegum, chocolates, and caramelized popcorn. Sweets can be unhealthy in large quantities, so you can go for healthier alternatives. Purchase low-sugar sweets with minimal additives to ensure the health of the babies.

20. Cakes


Every party of kids will definitely have a cake. Often the leftover cake gets wasted and is thrown away. Adding the leftover cake to the party bag is one way to utilize the cake. You can add a piece of leftover cake to the party bags, accompanied by a few other sweets, candies, or any item you have chosen as a party bag filler.

You can replace the cake with a fancy cake kit layered with sweets and jellies. Use a decent jar and add the cake to the jar decorated with candies and chocolate coins. Add a ribbon to make the jar look fancy. Attaching a note, saying a thank you is a great idea to acknowledge the presence of your guests.

21. Stationery Sets

Stationery Sets

To save yourself from giving a mindless party favor to the kids, stationery setswill do the work. Stationery sets make a practical choice for party bag fillers. A notebook with a few fancy pens is a simple but mindful item for the kids. For young kids, you can purchase pencils, crayons, coloring books, or alphabet books.

22. Balloons


Celebrations are incomplete without balloons. If your party has kids, the first thing to add to your shopping list is balloons, a lot of them. Balloons make celebrations whole, and kids love to play with them. They will chase the balloons, bounce, jump, and play passing games. Kids will create new games of their own with balloons, so we don’t have to be doubtful about using balloons as party bag fillers.

For a themed party, balloons again are excellent. Imagine all the Spiderman-printed balloons in the room for a Spiderman-themed party! The only concern with balloons is unintentional or accidental ingestion of balloon pieces in small babies. For small kids, advise the parents to supervise them.

23. Stickers


An easy-to-find, inexpensive, and kids’ favorite addition to a party bag has to be stickers. Stickers come in a great variety of sizes, and prints, making them a versatile option for party bag fillers. Stickers can entertain the kids for a significant amount of time. You can pick a theme or choose the same stickers for everybody. To add an element of surprise, choose different stickers, make a mystery box, and see the kids get so excited at your party!

24. A Themed Item

A Themed Item

There is no doubt that kids love themed parties. Planning parties with a theme should also include a party favor that is coordinated with the theme. Customization of literally anything has made it easier to throw themed parties! For instance, if you are hosting a party with a princess theme, your goodies can include miniature dolls, tiaras, a princess wand, or some cute hair accessories.

For a party with an animal theme, fill up the party bags with stuffed animals and tree shapes cookies or animal masks. Hosting a superhero party can include the goodies of superhero masks, costume items, or a superhero weapon.

25. Fridge Magnets

Fridge Magnets

In every home that has a kid, chances are you will surely find a magnet on the surface. If you are uncertain about what you should fill your party bag with, fridge magnets come to the rescue. Kids are fascinated by fridge magnets. Using the fridge as a party favor, let the kid take the memories of the wonderful party you organized.

The versatility of the magnets allows it to be ideal for both themed parties and normal parties. The perks of giving fridge magnets are it costs way less, take less space (minimizing packing for you), and are lightweight.

26. A Jokes Books for Kids

A Jokes Books for Kids


Picture frames never go out of style. A picture frame as a party favor is not a bad idea at all. This variation of the frame will include a fun activity for the kid itself. Fill your party bag filler with a frame and a photo capturing a happy moment from the party.

No, do not fix the photograph in the frame. Add a few decorative items (beads, ribbons, jewels, glitter glue, and feathers) and glue. If you wish to stand out, this is a great party favor idea where your little guests will create a unique photo frame for themselves.

28. Keychains

Keychains .jpg

Keychains are the ideal party bag fillers for gender-neutral party favors. Keychains come in a great variety, so you can choose what you think the kids will love. If a kid loves your keychain, you will see his bag decorated with your keychain. Another reason why a keychain is one of the best picks is that it can be easily customized.

Choosing the right keychain is essential; in the end, you want kids to like what you bought for them. Keychains with favorite cartoons, names, toys, games, or family, are loved by kids. Lastly, you must consider purchasing a keychain as a party bag filler because it is a utility gift that is affordable, practical, and versatile.

29. Bubble Wands

Beautiful young mother with her son blowing soap bubbles in the

A party bag that has a bubble wand is what kids will talk about when the party gets over. The gift is suitable for both boys and girls. A bubble wand allows the kids to play, promoting outdoor activity. It is a great party bag filler because it is cheap and lasts longer. The wands are usually refillable, so a child will have your bubble wand as long as he finds it intriguing.

When purchasing a bubble wand, ensure that the solution used is non-toxic and safe. Not only do kids enjoy bubbles, this is a great gift to allow families to play together and have quality time together. Let children enjoy themselves with your bubble wands as they chase the bubbles!

Wrapping Up

A kids’ party is complete without a party bag. Let the kids have fun even after your party ends with your fun party bags. For party bag fillers, there are so many items you can give to the kids.

Some of the mindful fillers are a journal, books, science kits, or stationery sets. If you want kids to spend time with the fillers while they enhance their creativity, craft kits, jigsaw puzzles, or art supplies are your best shot.

For inexpensive alternatives, you can use homemade cookies, sweets, cakes, or other items for kids as fillers. Purchasing items in bulk is often an inexpensive way to make party bags. Make sure you choose age-appropriate goodies for kids.

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