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Little Sleepies Pajamas Review + Discount Coupon Code

If there is any piece of clothing that has zero haters, that would be the pajamas!

You would be lying if you denied that you can’t wait to slip into your jammies at the end of the day. Sweatpants and tee shirts are indeed comfy, but they are in no way close to pajamas which give unparalleled comfort.

If we adults crave comfort so much, think about the little ones. Their needs surpass ours when it comes to the softest, skin-friendly loungewear to snuggle up and enjoy sweet dreams.

A little digging on that front helped me stumble upon the Little Sleepies. It was not hard, considering it is the most raved-about brand for pajamas. If you ask about Little Sleepies at any online mom’s group, I am sure you will receive more than one glorious testimonial.

So, let us see if the Little Sleepies pajamas are as incredible as these moms believe.

History of Little Sleepies

History of Little Sleepies

Meredith Frankel, a movie executive and also a mom, launched Little Sleepiesin 2018 when her newborn was struggling with eczema. She was surprised to find out that the market doesn’t have bamboo clothing, which is soothing for babies with sensitive skin and eczema. This revelation pushed her to fill the gap herself, starting little sleepies at a very small scale.

Fast forward to 2023, It’s cool to say that Little Sleepies is like the Taylor Swift of its industry. It is a sensational brand with super loyal mom fans and its own VIP Facebook group, and its customers include celebrities like Serena Williams and the Kardashians, to name a few.

While the brand is devoted to pajama sets, little sleepies made its mark with the one-piece sleepwear, the Zippies. The babies and the parents love it and also vouch for the unbelievable softness, amazing prints, and effortless functionality.

Too good to be true? Even we found it hard to trust until every testimonial and review backed their claim.

Who Do Little Sleepies Cater To?

Starting as the comfiest babywear, Little Sleepies have evolved to cater to the whole family. While they have expanded their SKUs, baby zippers are still their best sellers and their USP. They have a whole range of loungewear for the little ones and accessories like baby blankets, beanies, sleeping bags, toys called ‘sleepy head lovey’, crib sheets, pubs, swaddles, etc. Their fun prints make every piece much more interesting.

Adults can find some pretty pajamas for yourselves here too. The family matching sets are a game changer for the brand and are a fun way for you to create memories together. You can twin with your little ones and your partner. This is a cool way to celebrate a family vacation or a get-together. Oh, and let me give you another fab idea. Dressing up in Little Sleepies could be a chill way to celebrate a baby shower or a bachelorette party too.

Little Sleepies serves as a great gift for your baby, your nephew/niece, your BFF’s child, a Mother/Father’s Day gift, or even a Valentine’s Day gift. Not sure if they love florals or cars? And, in yellow or purple? They have gift cards available in various increments, perfect for every sized gift, which can relieve you of this dilemma.

What Makes Everyone Love Little Sleepies?

1. Their Signature Bamboo Fabric

Their Signature Bamboo Fabric.jpg

Bamboo is known for its wonderful qualities in baby clothing. And, Little Sleepies use Lunaluxe™ bamboo viscose custom-made fabric that is gentle on sensitive skin. It is naturally hypoallergenic and antibacterial. Bamboo wicks away moisture making sweat absorbency a no-dealer, plus it is incredibly soft.

Bamboo is a porous and breathable fabric that has micro gaps to provide better ventilation, making it wearable all year long. This helps Little Sleepies to keep the babies cool and enables a good night’s sleep in summer, and ensures that they are warm and cozy in winter.

It is a sustainable choice, and people prefer Little Sleepies products over cotton because bamboo viscose is soft, breathable, versatile, and has antibacterial properties.

2. The Adorable Prints

The Adorable Prints

The whimsical prints of little sleepies are aligned with the different interests of little ones. Their design team does an amazing job of understanding the likes of kids and being inclusive while doing so. They drop limited editions every now and then and even have licensed character prints like Star Wars, Harry Potter, The Justice League, and Disney, making them a hit among kids and parents alike.

Little Sleepies are so creative that parents can’t wait to get their hands on the new launches every time they announce a design. Who can resist fun and adorable prints?

And, for the minimalist mamas, there are patterns for you too.

3. The Extreme Durability

The Extreme Durability

Baby clothes were considered to be like fast fashion – not meant to last longer, until little sleepies changed the norm. Every parent is surprised to find their kids growing overnight, which means outgrowing their old dresses.

You don’t have to upgrade your child’s wardrobe every two months as the zippers were designed to make them last 3x longer than conventional baby clothes. The fold-over design at the wrists and feet, along with the super stretchy fabric, makes the zippers their hero piece. It can grow with the children, and not let them outgrow it so soon.

What is really surprising is that it doesn’t fade or end up with holes with multiple washes considering how thin the dresses are. Sporting double zippers allows hassle-free diaper changes. It gets the parents a little win in their parenting journey.

4. The Matching Family Sets

The Matching Family Sets

Little Sleepies offer sizes from micro-preemies to adult 3X sizes. It’s a big win for the whole family.

The zippers are a big hit when it comes to kids’ sizing. Their USP is to cater to the constantly growing toddlers, and they have nailed it. You don’t have to size up with this brand, and you can finally get your baby the right fit.

For adults, Little Sleepies have a flowing fit, so there is no need to size up there. And here is the best part, the top and bottom of the adult sets are sold separately. This way, you’re not committing to the same size and can find the perfect fit for you. The older you are, the longer you wish to stay in pajamas, and these ones make you look cute and comfortable while doing so.

Care for Little Sleepies

Little Sleepies is designed to be washed in cold water and tumble-dried on low. Bamboo is very sensitive and needs to be washed separately from harsh materials like Velcro or some towels. For the longest wear, wash them inside out and line-dry them if possible.

The Price Factor

Many parents wonder if this brand is too costly. The two-piece pajama sets are priced between 32-34$, and the zippers are priced at 34$ for little ones. And, if you are purchasing for more than one kid, you end up spending more than what you prepared for. The adult sizes have a range starting from 32$ a piece, and remember, the tops and the bottom are sold separately. You get a free delivery with an order over 25$.

Now, I know this is not what you used to spend for your baby and is pricey compared to the cotton ones you get at Target and online. In fact, many have branded Little Sleepies to be overpriced.

However, it is not like regular dresses, and so the more important question is, ‘Is it worth the price?’

Little Sleepies

The price point and durability are directly proportional in the tug-of-war between regular cotton baby dresses vs. Little Sleepies. So the extra price is overcompensated by being super comfy and long-lasting. Also, the adorable prints and patterns make it irresistible. So yes, it is absolutely worth the price. If you have a few extra dollars to splurge on, this would be a great way.

Little Sleepies gives back with every purchase by offering a portion of the sales to Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation, an organization that embodies generosity and compassion by fighting against childhood cancer. You are indirectly contributing to a good cause while indulging yourself in ultimate comfort. That should make you feel better and make your purchase more worthwhile.

Customer Reviews

“BEST PJS EVER. My little one loves them. They are extremely soft, and they really will outlast any other brand of PJs. My little has posh peanuts, which have a similar feel and look, but they will not fit nearly as long as the little sleepieswill!”

Alyssa Pratz

“These pajamas are so soft! My son is wearing the 3-6 with plenty of room to grow. It washes wonderfully and has really held up! I love that I can flip over the fabric for the feet.”

Corin Dimitruk

“I have not purchased directions from the little sleepies website to compare, but this product seems to be of good quality. The stretch is amazing and the zipper glides smoothly. My favorite feature is the ability to roll the hand or feet cuffs to leave the hands/feet exposed or covered.”


Tips to Grab Little Sleepies Sales

If you have been following their website for a while, hoping to grab one as soon as you find an offer, you might have noticed they hardly are on discount. Here’s a tip. They typically have sales only twice a year – the Black Friday sale and their own Little Big sale. Those would be a perfect time to stock up for your little ones or treat yourself to something new.

Join the Little Sleepies VIP group to get exclusive sneak peeks and updates on new arrivals to be the first one to get your hands on them. This way, you can be assured not to miss the limited editions too.

Become a Little Sleepies VIP

Text alerts are another way to get first dibs on new arrivals and get sales notifications.

The Bottom Line

If you are looking for a straightforward verdict, Little Sleepies are one of the best pajamas available in the market!

Their story corroborates with their choice of fabric which, in conjunction with their unique design, places them on top of the list of best pajamas for little ones and adults alike. They are super soft, the epitome of comfort, and they come in the most adorable and fun prints.

We hope the features highlighted in the blog helped you to understand in detail about Little Sleepies, including their pricing, which is worth it. If you are not officially hooked on buying a set yet, check out some of the moms’ testimonials below, which are sure to make you reconsider.

Happy shopping!

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