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10 Must-Have Daily Calendars to Organize Your Day (Free Printables)

A daily calendar by the hour is a type of calendar that keeps track of your daily or hourly activity of yours, which makes it different from a typical calendar. There is much use for daily calendars, like keeping track of your meetings or appointments, managing tasks, and to-do lists, and creating routines and habits. But if you are in confusion about which template you must use for your daily calendar, do not worry. We are here for you.

In this article, we will discuss the 10 best daily calendars by the hour with free printable templates; these templates are from Canva and Pinterest. You can customize them to the daily calendar by the hour.

You can get access to these calendars and download them for your personal use. We recommend that when you are printing these templates, make sure to print them in the landscape; by doing this, you will get more space to write.

1. Classic White Daily Calendar

Classic White Daily Calendar

A classic white daily calendar is a daily calendar with a simple design. It is white and gives hourly slots that typically start from early morning to late evening. Where each is represented by a specific row so that you write the activities that you have to perform at that specific time. As the name suggests, a classic white calendar typically features a clean white color with a beautiful aesthetic. As you can see in the picture that it has a specific section called “meal tracker” to make sure that you had lunch or not. Another section is named “I’M grateful for” and “notes,” where you can write the things you want.

This design is a go-to for those who love white color and like simple things. Just like a typical daily, this calendar will provide all the things that are important for a daily calendar. But, if you want something different than this, we do have other options.

2. 24-Hour Planner Daily Calendar

24-Hour Planner Daily Calendar .png

In most of the daily calendars by the hour, we only see 12-15 hours time slots, whereas, in a 24-hour planner, you get slots of a full 24-hour period. This calendar is useful for those who need detailed planning throughout the day and night. It can be particularly helpful to those workers who work in shifts with irregular schedules or for those who want to track their daily activities and time management.

A 24-hour daily planner template may or may not have space for notes, so it depends on you which type of calendar you want. These calendars come in two formats, either in 24-hour format (00:00, 01:00, 02:00, etc) and 12-hour format (12:00 AM, 01:00 AM, 02:00 AM, etc). You can choose the format you are comfortable with.

This 24-hour planner daily calendar mainly comes in portrait mode.

3. 48-Hour Planner Daily Calendar

48-Hour Planner Daily Calendar

A 48 hour is quite similar to a 24-hour planner daily calendar. The only difference is that a 24-hour planner keeps track of a day’s activity, but a 48-hour planner keeps track of two-day period activities. Just like a 24-hour planner, this planner also mainly comes in portrait mode, though for landscape one, you have to search a lot. As it is 48 hours planner, you must be thinking that the template will be more than one page, but in reality, the template is only two pages. The template is divided into two parts, and each part represents a 24-hour planner with 1 hour.

The main advantage of this template is that the pm is highlighted just to differentiate them from the am hours. Here the space for notes and a to-do list is absent, but if you want it, then you can create your notes.

4. Graded Blue Calendar

Graded Blue Calendar

A graded blue calendar refers to a calendar template or design that includes various shades or gradients of the color blue. This template or design will give a whole different look to your calendar. Taking reference from the above picture, this calendar consists of or covers a 12-hour period that is from 8 am to 8 pm in 30-minute intervals. You can name it a 12-hour planner daily calendar. Like a 24-hour and 48-hour planner, the orientation of this template is also a portrait, but unlike 24-hour and 48-hour planners, this graded blue calendar does have a to-do list and notes section; you can look at the above picture for reference.

This color can come out to be a good choice if you like blue color; by looking at the above picture, you may find the design of this template very simple. But as you know that simple is best sometimes.

5. Simple Pink Daily Calendar

Simple Pink Daily Calendar

Another typical daily calendar but pink in color, this calendar is a perfect fit for girls. This calendar features a clean and minimalistic design with the addition of pink color in it. As you can see from the above picture that the background is white, while only the schedule, date, and notes I have been grateful for today’s big goal section are in pink color. These extra features help you to keep track of your important task or to take down your additional notes. This calendar also features a time slot from 3 AM to 12 AM. This calendar can also be useful for people who work shifts between midnight, like 3 AM to 12 AM.

Just like the above daily calendar, this calendar also comes in portrait but provides you enough space to write down your daily activities or schedule. If you want, you can search for landscape form and print it with the same color.

6. Daily Calendar with Cute Design

Daily Calendar with Cute Design

A cute design calendar features a colorful and eye-catching design, as can be seen in the above-given template picture. Apart from the given template, you can choose another cute design template as well, like the Hello Kittie template, Barbie template, cute kitten or Dog template, and many more. This calendar contains various vibrant and beautiful colors, including soft color or tone that makes it a focal point for cuteness. Cute characters like kittens, Barbie, and many more make this daily calendar favorite among children. Talking about the additional characteristics, it typically includes a to-do list and notes section to write down your important tasks and additional notes.

This design is especially for those who like cute and aesthetic stuff. Most of the time, this design is preferred by girls. The given template features a time slot from early morning, 6 AM to midnight.

7. Digital Daily Calendar

Digital Daily Calendar .jpeg

Nowadays, everything is going digital, so using a digital calendar will also help you a lot. A digital daily calendar is an electronic version of a daily calendar that can be accessed from devices like mobile, computers, laptops, or tablets. This gives an advantage that includes convenience, flexibility, and the ability to collaborate and share schedules with others easily. Also, the digital calendar is environmentally friendly and prevents the usage of paper. You can download digital calendars from google calendar, Microsoft Calendar, apple calendar, etc.

These applications provide both free and paid templates where you can choose and design the template of your own and list your task and meetings on it. If you want, you can even buy the premium version of these applications to design your daily calendar template.

8. Organic Style Daily Calendar

Organic Style Daily Calendar

The design of this calendar is different from others cause it provides hourly slots in blocks from 6 PM to 9 PM. With a space to write the day and date of the week, as you can see in the above template picture, the additional features in this picture include to-do lists with bullet points, a water tracker, and a mood tracker that makes it stand out from another daily calendar. The use of a water tracker and mood tracker is that it reminds you to drink water and be positive. Sometimes we indulge so much in work that we forget to drink and uplift our mood, which is reminded to us by this organic style daily calendar.

This daily calendar makes sure that we are living a healthy, better, and healthy lifestyle.

9. Beige Colored Daily Calendar

Beige Colored Daily Calendar

This simple brown and beige color calendar provides hourly slots from 3 AM to midnight. By taking reference from the above template, it also features additional features like today’s big goal, notes, and day of the week, keeps track of your meal, and provides you a separate space for meal plans breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks making it unique from other daily calendars.

The layout is in portrait view, but you can even print it in landscape view by opening the template in the new window and then printing it in landscape view. You can even save the above template in PDF and JPG format for later use.

10. Pastel Watercolor Planner

Pastel Watercolor Planner

Coming to the last daily calendar of this list, this daily can brighten your day with its bright, soothing, and soft colors that will look similar to watercolor paintings. This planner mostly uses pastel colors, which are well known for their gentle and light tones. Typically this daily planner includes a 15-hour time slot from 6 AM to 9 PM and provides additional features like a to-do list, notes, and date and day of the week.

The time slot is rainbow in color, increasing its beauty 10 times. This template is also available for printing for free and can be downloaded in both portrait and landscape mode.


At last, these are some daily calendar templates that you can use for your daily life. Apart from these templates, you can get other free templates. The above-mentioned templates will be a lot helpful to you irrespective of the purpose you are using them for.

These templates will suit most of your requirements, whether it is for your appointment, managing tasks, following your routine and habits, and to-do lists. Just remember that daily calendars follow the tasks or schedule wisely or honestly.

Which of the above daily calendar you liked the most, and which will you use for your daily needs? Let us know in the comment section.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should I Get an Hourly Planner?

An hourly planner is needed to increase your productivity and improve your time management skills. This planner helps us to do work on time cause sometimes we take more time on our work; a planner helps us in doing that work in a short period. Also, a planner lets us know how much time we take while performing a task.

How Can I Print a Daily Calendar for Free?

You can download a daily calendar for free by using, Canva, freepik; you can even use Google Calendar. The above-given calendars can also be cause they also come in the category of free templates. Make sure to print the calendar in landscape so that you can get enough space to write your schedule.

How to Design a Daily Schedule?

To design a daily schedule, you just have to keep some things in mind. You must write everything then, sort your priorities, what work you want to do first, then note the frequency you require to do that work, and lastly, follow that calendar wisely and start following your schedule using your calendar.

What is the Difference Between a Planner and a Schedule?

There are many reasons why schedules and planners differ, but the main difference between a planner and a schedule is that planning is determined by what and how much needs to be done, while a schedule can be determined by who and when the work will be done.

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