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9 Co-Sleeping Cribs That Promote Safe Sleep

Worried about the sleep quality of your newborn? No doubt, as a new parent, you do not want your child to struggle and fuss through the night. So, is a bedside crib a better alternative? For most parents, the thought of the baby sleeping all alone in a traditional crib is worrying.

Bedside or co-sleeper cribs help keep your baby close to you during the night. It helps your child fall asleep comfortably and safely. And you are relaxed, catching up on your sleep too peacefully.

But finding the right one is an upheaval task. You are spoilt for choice. Not just multiple brands but also various formats available in the marketplace, online and offline, can make this pretty challenging. That’s exactly why we are here with a list of the best bedside cribs, also often referred to as next-to-me cribs for co-sleeping.

1. Arm’s Reach Clear-Vue Bedside Crib

Arm’s Reach Clear-Vue Bedside Crib

One of the striking features of this bedside crib that also helps us rank it at the first position in our listicle is that it can carry a weight of about 45 pounds. That is pretty striking! Also, the fact is that this brand was the first to coin the term ‘co-sleeper’ and is highly regarded and endorsed by most childcare experts.

The Arm’s Reach Clear-Vue Crib has a big-sized under-crib storage basket offering easy accessibility to the baby’s essential items and toys. The design has two modes – one as a bassinet for daytime and the other as a bedside crib for the nighttime.

The breathable mesh is nylon made and present all around, helping offer maximum visibility for the little one. The detachable nylon strap and side panels help in a quick shift from one mode to another. It has built-in leg adjusters to help adjust the height of the bassinet. The legs have castor wheels. The bedside crib also comes with a mattress and fitted sheet.



Baby-friendly and practical design

Adjusting the height can be cumbersome

Enjoys good reviews on social media

The initial assembling will take time

See-through mesh walls

Incompatible with low beds

Large sleep area

More functional but low on aesthetics

Water-resistant mattress

Meant to carry up to 45 pounds

Ample storage area

2. Kooler Things 3-In-1 Baby Bassinet

Kooler Things 3-In-1 Baby Bassinet

A standalone lightweight bedside crib from KoolerThings, this is a small-sized, completely convertible crib for your newborn. Since it can be used as a standalone bassinet, the crib can be practically used at all places in your home and even while traveling. One of the best features of the KoolerThings 3-in-1 Baby Bassinet is that it comes with 5 gear adjustment levels that help you adjust the height.

It serves as a bassinet during the day and a crib during the night. All you need to do is to use the zipper to convert it into a bedside crib. Another notable feature is the silent universal wheels with brakes that assist in moving the basinet-cum-crib easily around. And it has a portable travel-friendly design which means that you can fold and pack it to carry in your luggage when traveling.

The maximum permissible weight for this bedside crib is 20 pounds.



Lightweight and portable

Small size


Convertible & Height Adjustable

Metallic Structure & baby-safe fabric

Two floors; the lower floor can be used for stacking toys

3. Amke Baby Mesh Crib for Co-Sleeping

Amke Baby Mesh Crib for Co-Sleeping

AMKE was conceptualized in 2005 when the founder of the brand became a mother herself. The bedside crib from AMKE has been designed to offer your baby adequate space for sleep and play. A full-mesh design ensures safety and complete air circulation. The bedside crib has six levels of height adjustment options, which means that it can be used with most types of adult beds available these days.

Mode conversion options are available that make it easy to use. The crib has built-in wheels and brakes for easy operability and movement throughout the house. The AMKE Baby Mesh Crib for Co-Sleeping is foldable to get to a compact size and can be conveniently carried while traveling in a special storage bag.

It comes with an extra-thick mattress offering superior comfort to the baby. This bedside crib is so popular because of the numerous quality checks and safety tests. The bassinet adheres to all American safety standards like CPSC & ASTM.

Made from aluminum, the crib can hold babies up to 5 months old, weighing up to 20 lbs.



Compact and portable

Does not have a storage compartment.

Wheels for easy movement

Height adjustability

Extra-thick mattress

Quality checks and safety tested

Mesh design for better air circulation


4. Ingenuity Dream-And-Grow Bassinet

Ingenuity Dream-And-Grow Bassinet

The Ingenuity Dream-and-Grow comes in two modes, one as a bassinet and the other as a bedside crib. It can easily bear weight up to 25 pounds, perfect for babies from 0 to 12 months old. The lockable wheels give parents the flexibility to move this bedside crib from one room to another, as need be, as well as ensures that the crib stays in place.

The breathable mesh allows for better air circulation. It comes with a soft night light that aids during nighttime and middle-of-the-night checks. The bedside crib is fitted with musical sounds, too, like lullabies, to help you put your child to sleep smoothly. And there’s a storage pocket to stack extra nappies, wipes, burbs, sheets, etc., within easy reach.

It comes with a dense mattress and a machine-washable sheet.



Two-mode convertible crib and bassinet

Installation can be a tedious process.

Perfect for babies aged 0 to 12 months

Light lullaby for assistance

Soft glow light for midnight checks


Lockable wheels

5. HALO Bassinets

HALO Bassinets

HALO is a household name in the US and a trusted brand for its top-quality products. HALO BassiNest has a patented design with a 360° swiveling feature. The design, especially, keeps new mothers in perspective with the co-sleeping feature. The crib is equipped with two storage pockets at either end, and it has wheels for easy movement.

Additional features of the bassinet include four soothing sounds and two levels of vibrations to rock your child into sleep. The bedside crib also has an amber floodlight and nightlife. There is also a waterproof mattress and a sheet that can be washed in the machine.

Other than these, the sturdy base comes with a height adjustment feature. The BassiNest needs only about 32” clearance space which means that it can make way even into smaller spaces. The bedside crib features a lowering wall and a breathable mesh. It is travel-friendly, and the bed is detachable.



Patented detachable design

Sound and vibrations could be cheap quality

360° swivel

Lights are not as effective

Height adjustability



Can move in small spaces

Trusted brand name

6. Mika Micky Baby Bassinet

Mika Micky Baby Bassinet

With the strength of the iron framework, the Mika Micky Baby Bassinet is another great option as a bedside crib. The next-to-me crib has two fastening straps making it highly convenient to attach and detach with the parent’s bed. It also has an easy-to-open side panel with seven levels of height adjustment features, from 13 inches to 21 inches.

The two-way breathable mesh covers the bassinet from all sides. The bottom is aptly supported with stands on both sides and four wheels below. It is equipped with a comfortable mattress. This bedside crib can comfortably house a baby till the child is 5 months old or weighs about 33 pounds.

Converting the bassinet to a co-sleeper crib is quite easy. There are two side pockets for keeping baby items near at hand. Notably, the Mika Micky bedside crib is quality tested and safety certified, most impressively ASTM F2194-16e and ASTM F2906-13 certified.



Huge and spacious

It is not compatible with fitted sheets and accessories from other brands.

Sturdy Frame

Two-way breathable fabric

Lockable wheels

Easy to convert from bassinet to bedside crib

7. Maxi-Cosi Iora Bedside Bassinet

Maxi-Cosi Iora Bedside Bassinet

This bedside crib is a part of Maxi-Cosi’s Home collection. It is a convenient-to-use next-to-me crib that comes with the option of adjusting the height to four levels. It is also designed to be a portable crib, as it comes with a travel bag. The mesh surrounding the crib is made from pure soft fabric.

The mattress is made from 100% fabric and is high in comfort. To obtain a customized fit alongside your bed, the Maxi-Cosi Iora Bedside Bassinet comes in three slide positions. Parents love the underside large tray-cum-storage area or accessory basket apt for keeping baby’s toys and essential items within easy reach. It is portable as it can be folded flat and carried with ease while traveling.

This bedside crib can accommodate a baby up to 20 pounds. The frame is steel-made with a metal top and base that adds to the sturdiness of the bassinet.



Portable and compact design

It can take up to 20 pounds of weight

It has a large accessory basket

No wheels

Four height levels & three slide positions

Large size cramps up space

Travel bag

No fitted sheet is available


A deeper interior vis-a-vis other bassinets

8. Cloud Baby Bedside Crib

Cloud Baby Bedside Crib

With an aluminum furniture finish, the Cloud Baby Bedside Crib comes with a detachable mesh for maximum breathability and flexibility of space utilization. The lower part is equipped with smooth and durable wheels that help in the convenient movement of the bassinet across your place.

This bedside crib has nine different height settings for seamless alignment with the parent’s bed. Additional features include a halo music box, special rods to hang baby toys, and a crib mobile. All these features create a soothing environment for the newborn to play and relax. The mattress and the sheet are machine washable.

The maximum weight recommendation for the baby is 9 kg. Cloud Baby is a reputed baby product brand that makes easy-to-assemble, easy-to-use, and easy-to-clean products.



Sturdy make

Assembling can be a challenge

Musical and hanging toys


Portable design

Breathable mesh

Washable mattress

9. Va Va Soo Rocking Bassinet-Cum-Bedside Crib

Va Va Soo Rocking Bassinet-Cum-Bedside Crib

This is an electric bassinet-cum-bedside crib. It means that most features of the VaVaSoo rocking crib operate on their own and automatically, and parents can let their baby fall asleep in a hands-free manner. Automated features include two rocking motions at 20 times/min and 30 times/min, 3 natural sounds, and 5 light musical notes.

Converting the bassinet into a bedside crib is pretty easy, as you just need to lower the side guardrail. VaVaSoo Rocking Bassinet-cum-Bedside Crib can be adjusted into 10 heights. Thus, it can be adjusted with the sofa, bed, etc. The universal wheels are rotatable 360°and mute. It means no noise while moving the crib. Additionally, the wheels are lockable.

This bassinet has a sturdy structure with an aluminum frame and side mesh. This helps in easy observability of the baby and also proper circulation of air. To top it off, the automatic features of the bedside crib come with a remote to enable button-pressed movements. And there’s a 2-in-1 sponge mattress for the ultimate comfort of the baby.



Automatic features


Easy convertibility of modes

Little noisy

10 height adjustments

360° swivel feature


Easy to assemble


You want your newborn to sleep alone for safety reasons because it increases the chances of suffocation and sudden infant death syndrome. But, as a new parent, it’s natural that you would want to be around the baby, especially at night. The right bedside crib allows you to have the little one in the same room while ensuring that the baby gets an independent space to fall asleep.

We have collated the nine best next-to-me cribs available at online stores to help you in choosing the right one for your child. Sign up for more informative content to help you during your early parenthood journey.

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