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Signs You Can’t Get Pregnant Both Men and Women

Having a baby is a real pleasure to hold. However, not every couple may be able to get hold of this happiness because of infertility concerns. Infertility is generally defined as the inability to conceive even after trying for over a year or so. This problem looks quite rare, but it isn’t. There are quite a lot of individuals who can’t get pregnant. Considering the same, if you’re someone actively wanting a baby or have plans for the same shortly, it is quite significant to look out of there are signs you can’t get pregnant.

However, women are largely held responsible for infertility; one should not ignore the fact that both- you and your partner together are responsible for your conceiving results. Thus, making it important to understand the signs of infertility and if they are treatable.

Follow this guide to understand the most prominent signs that tell about infertility in men and women.

Common Signs You Can’t Get Pregnant in Women

Common Signs You Can't Get Pregnant in Women

The signs of infertility in men and women differ. The reasons behind the same are different, and thus, their treatment varies as well. Let us look at some alarming signs of infertility in women.

No Periods

Having your periods delayed and some irregularities once in a while isn’t uncommon. One needs not worry about it, but it’s worrisome if your periods have not occurred in months. Periods are one of the common indicators showing you’re ovulating, the absence of which showcases issues with your ovulation processes.

If someone is on birth control pills, then it is normal not to ovulate; however, even after stopping such measures, you aren’t able to ovulate, then this is one of the signs you can’t get pregnant. In that case, it is suggested to see a doctor.

Eating healthy, maintaining a good diet, and exercising moderately is also suggested.

Irregular Menstrual Cycle

According to science and health experts, the normal menstrual cycle for a woman is 28 days. However, it can go a bit up and down; as long as one can keep track of their menstrual cycle, things are under control.

But if you aren’t able to track down your menstrual cycle, then one needs to worry. Irregularities in your period mean there is something not good with ovulation showing signs you can’t get pregnant.

There are different reasons as to why one has irregular cycles. It might be stress, thyroid conditions, hormonal unbalance, or PCOS ( Polycystic Ovary Syndrome).

Whatever the reason, consider visiting a clinic to get yourself checked.

Heavy Periods

The menstrual flow of a woman differs from another woman. For some, it can be light, while for others, it can be a bit heavy. But if your periods are heavy to the extent that several pads or tampons need to be changed even in an hour or so, then it ain’t that normal.

This unusual menstrual flow can be related to some kind of bleeding disorders reflecting signs you can’t get pregnant. However, with proper medication and well-being, it is possible to alter the condition.

Short Cycles

As mentioned, the flow and menstrual cycle of one individual differs from another. However, just like heavy flow, if someone’s cycle isn’t trackable and runs for as short as 18 days or so, then it might indicate some kind of problem with your ovulation. This can be a sign you can’t get pregnant or simply face difficulty in the pregnancy procedures.

Consider visiting a doctor and getting your hormonal conditions checked. Some medications and treatments could help.

Painful Periods or Sex

Periods are often associated with period cramps and, thus, are considered a normal thing. And that’s kind of acceptable until one experiences such a level of pain that hinders their day-to-day functioning. Such discomfort with your menstrual pain or even after sex can be a sign of an underlying condition. The most common reason associated with painful periods and sex is endometriosis.

Our uterine cavity is lined with tissue, but in endometriosis, this tissue isn’t present in the uterus but in the pelvis, causing severe pain.

In this case, getting tested and knowing the reason behind your painful periods and if they affect one’s conceiving abilities is quite important.

Hormonal Imbalance

The general growth and development changes of our body are determined by our hormones, the imbalance of which can be concerning. Hormonal fluctuations are one of the most common signs you can’t get pregnant.

Several indicators can speak of this hormonal unbalance in your body. Experiences like unexpected weight gain, low sexual drive, facial hair growth, and skin conditions are some of those indicators. This imbalance of hormones can impact your fertility, and thus, if you’re facing any kind of problem in conceiving while having these symptoms, getting medical assistance is suggested.

Symptoms in Men Indicating Infertility

Symptoms in Men Indicating Infertility

Just like women, conditions of infertility can occur in men as well. There are several symptoms, like sperm count and more, that need to be tested to know if they’re the signs you can’t get pregnant. Let’s discuss some of these symptoms:

Erection Problems

The erection of a man is associated with his hormonal well-being. If one is facing problems with the same, then it might be one of the indicators of hormonal imbalance in the body. This can affect their fertility, and thus, getting thoroughly tested to understand the problem is quite important.

With the development of science, there are medications and treatments that can help you deal with the problem and come up with alternative solutions.

Ejaculation Issues

One of the other most common signs you can’t get pregnant in men is when they suffer from ejaculation issues. Such problems can speak of some underlying disorder hindering your fertility.

Several factors can affect one’s ejaculation, including health conditions like diabetes, prostrate, supplements, and more.

If you’re seeing consistent changes in ejaculation, it’s time to see a doctor. From medical treatment to therapy, there are all sorts of alternatives available for your help.

Low Sexual Drive

However, it isn’t always necessary to link low libido with infertility in men. Sometimes it might be temporary and occur due to conditions like stress, disinterest in your partner, sex, and so on. But if that ain’t the case, and if one wants to have a baby but still witnesses changes in their sexual desire, then it’s time to visit a clinic.

After understanding the symptoms, relationship, personal medication, and other factors, one can get it treated with techniques of stress management, changes in medication, hormonal therapy, and more treatment procedures.

Testicle Pain

The male organ responsible for the production of sperm and testosterone is the testicles. These glands are associated with the fertility of a man, and any problem with these glands speaks of possible infertility conditions.

Swelling or pain in the testicles can occur because of several reasons, like testicular cancer, torsion, swollen veins, and more. However, whatever the reason, if one witnesses any kind of discomfort in their testicles, it is suggested to visit a doctor.

Physical tests, medications, and surgery can follow the process.

Alternatives to Pregnancy

Several of these signs can be treated and thus, allowing one to conceive. However, it might be possible even after treatment and medication; things don’t work out. But you don’t have to lose hope, infertility is not something to be ashamed of, and it’s common. There still are options that are helpful and allow you to experience parenthood. Some of these options are mentioned below:


Word ADOPTION and figure in shape of happy family on wooden background

Adoption surely isn’t one of the treatments for your conceiving abilities. However, it is one of the best options to start a family if you are unable to start one because of whatever reason.

It has nothing to do with the child’s genetics but allows one to become a parent. Adoption is of different types like Domestic, International, and Foster care.



If you’re struggling with any signs you can’t get pregnant and treatment isn’t working great as well, then surrogacy could be a reliable option. It is ideal for couples who can’t bear the child but still want the baby with their genetics.

In this process, the surrogate mother carries the child for the contracted couple.

Fertility Medication


If anyone’s struggling with signs you can’t get pregnant, then this is one of the most basic steps to explore. Getting yourself tested by a certified endocrinologist and understanding the problem can help. It helps to know which partner needs help and, thus, get medications accordingly.

There are medications for different symptoms like sperm count, ovulation problems, hormonal fluctuations, and so on.


Modern advancement in science and technology is now allowing infertile couples to become parents with their advanced technologies. Two of the most famous advanced procedures are IVF and IUI.

IVF (In Vitro Fertilisation): In this process, the sperm and egg cells from the couple are taken and then stored in a laboratory, where they are combined carefully. After this combination with the creation of the embryo, it is then implanted in the woman’s uterus.

If everything goes well, then the couple can expect a normal pregnancy, just like everyone.

Fertility Medication

IUI (Intrauterine Insemination): In IVF, egg and sperm cells are both taken, but if your doctor feels that the procedure doesn’t require eggs, then he is likely to recommend IUI. Here, only the eggs are harvested, and with the creation of sperm, it is directly released into the uterus of a woman to fertilize.


Struggling with any of the signs you can’t get pregnant can be frustrating and emotionally challenging. Nevertheless, one needs to understand that they aren’t alone in this, and infertility is quite a problem for a lot of couples. It is only wise to understand the symptoms and consult a doctor.

Understanding the problem and its relation to infertility is important. With medical science reaching new heights every day, one can also know if their symptoms are curable. With the help of science and one’s willingness, they may be able to conceive even after struggling with symptoms of infertility. So, you need not to worry.


Does Infertility Have Anything to Do with Genetics?

Yes, it is possible to witness symptoms of infertility because of genetics. However, infertility is a complex problem and it cannot solely get affected because of genes. It rather exists because of several reasons like hormonal imbalance, ovulation issues, and so on.

Is Infertility Curable or Treatable?

Yes, infertility is very much treatable. There are different treatments and medications depending on the cause of infertility. In cases, the cause of your infertility seems not curable, one still can resort to measures like surrogacy, adoption, and more.

What Are the Most Common Signs of Infertility?

The most common signs of infertility include issues with menstrual cycle, flow, and hormones in women. Additionally, in men, it can be related to ejaculation, sex drive, and erection.

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