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20 Free Printable Chore Charts Template To Keep Your Kids Organized

One of the most creative ways of keeping your kids organized and disciplined is to maintain chore charts at home. It is also fun, and they may never get bored of doing household chores. A chore chart is also called by many names – reward chart, behavior chart, chore calendar, or task list.

It is crucial to include chore charts in children’s upbringing as it helps in teaching life skills, improving time management skills, and making them responsible and self-reliant. When you list down all the minor chores/works like making their beds, cleaning their rooms, walking the dog, etc., for your kids to do, they become more independent and smart with good leadership qualities.

In order to make these traits stay permanently in your children, you have to keep coming up with the most attractive chore charts template and print them and paste them on the walls or fridge doors.

1. Illustrated Chore Charts

Illustrated Chore Charts

Illustrated chore charts comprise images of chores. It is easier for your child to learn this way. Every chore is demonstrated in the form of images here, which kind of instills the good spirit of work mode in your child. Training your kids in the most basic thing, like putting their dirty clothes in the laundry box, is not that challenging. In fact, this is the most polite way of disciplining your children and nurturing them into responsible beings at a young age.

2. Behavioral Chore Chart

Behavioral Chore Chart

This is a great way of keeping track of your child’s behavior; if they have any behavioral issues, you can fix them on time. As parents, it is crucial to mold a child at a young age and make them well-mannered and polite. You can simply check your child’s daily behaviors by listing down the good deeds or acts and making them tick the ones they have done. An important aspect to watch out for is whether they were being good to their siblings or not. And then, you can work on the aspects in which your child needs attention or are not so good.

3. School Break Chore Chart

School Break Chore Chart

The best time to impart good qualities to your child is during the school break. A good school break chore chart is mandatory in every household where there are children. This is the time when they learn about responsibilities, self-reliance, and the importance of performing household chores. During school breaks, your children may get more time to learn life skill lessons, and not just study-related lessons. Tell your children to keep a note of any creative things they make.Through this chore chart, your kids may excel in life skills and have smart personalities.

4. Daily Chore Chart

Daily Chore Chart

A daily chore routine is exactly what you need when you want to raise your kids into the finest beings. All the daily basic duties (from morning to bedtime) are included here. It is important to know, as parents, whether your kid arranges their toys after playtime or not. It is also crucial to know if they take baths regularly without you having to tell them. All these really do play big roles in shaping a kid as a person, so a daily chore chart is what your fridge wall should make space for.

5. Chore Chart For Each Sibling

Chore Chart For Each Sibling

So different individuals, different duties. If one organizes the books on the shelves and tables, one tidies up the room. Role play is prominent in a household, even among children. A chore chart with each child’s name and their respective duties mentioned on it may just be a brilliant idea. When the older sibling takes out the dog on Mondays, the younger sibling should get rid of the trash. This is how you impart discipline to your children.

6. Age-Appropriate Chore Chart

Age-Appropriate Chore Chart

A chore chart is made according to the age of your kid. You may not want to see your child do the hard and heavy work that is meant for adults only. So a chore chart that is purely age-appropriate is mandatory because it distinguishes the chores for each age group. In a chore chart like this, you may notice that the age group is separated, and each age group is given chores that they are capable of.

7. Responsibility Chore Chart

Responsibility Chore Chart

Every child should be aware of their responsibilities and not be lazy. A responsibility chore chart keeps track of a child’s responsibilities at home. From morning to evening, the daily routine has to be followed and ticked so that you keep track of all the chores they do.

8. School Assignment Chore Chart

School Assignment Chore Chart

School assignments are important and must be sincerely done to get good grades in school. A chore chart that has every subject mentioned may contribute so much to making your child a studious kid. This can help you track if your kids have studied or done their school assignments. The chances of your kids neglecting their studies are very low.

9. Reward Chore Chart

Reward Chore Chart

Allow encouragement in your house not just by words but by deeds as well. Don’t make it a regular habit, but sometimes it is essential to reward your kids every time they finish a chore. Mention the chores or errands in the chart along with the reward money. Your kids may get super excited and energetic when there is a small amount of money involved.

10. Chore Chart With Points

Chore Chart With Points

This is another creative approach to make your kids accustomed to doing chores without boredom. Every time they are rewarded with points for every chore they finish, their spirits just get lifted more and more. Your kids may always want to feed the cats if you keep applauding them and treat them with points. Overall, it’s a clever way of bringing discipline to your home.

11. Floral Chore Chart

Floral Chore Chart

Kids normally love something bright and colorful, so a floral chore chart may just work perfectly fine. It brings life and color to the whole mood, keeping your kids up for the small chores they are capable of. Mention the chores and the days on which it will be done.

12. Robot Chore Chart

Robot Chore Chart

Having robot illustrations on your chore chart matches really well with the whole point. A robot is a machine that runs errands. A chore chart with a robot may look fun and playful.

13. Unicorn Chore Chart

Unicorn Chore Chart

There’s no kid today who isn’t into the unicorn fantasy. They want to see it, sit on it, and feel it with their own hands. A unicorn image is more than enough to bring excitement and cheer to a kid’s mood. Some really vibrant colors with unicorn images attached may do the job.

14. Animal Chore Chart

Animal Chore Chart

For all animal lovers, the good news is that you can include animal images in your kid’s chore chart. This cartoon version of a mini zoo looks so enchanting and fun that your kid may never find it dull. The zeal to do house chores may never leave.

15. Mermaid Chore Chart

Mermaid Chore Chart

For your girl child, who loves fairytales and anything girlish, make a mermaid-themed chore chart and keep her intrigued and mesmerized. There are many cartoon pics of mermaids on the internet, so get one or a few and attach them to your kid’s chore chart. It looks so pretty and enthralling this way, and your kid may happily do the chores that are mentioned on it.

16. Holiday Chore Chart

Holiday Chore Chart

This is again so fun and fascinating because it is the most beautiful time of the year. During the holidays, mostly, your kids are away from school/books, so the chores are slightly different. Now it is more about setting up decorations, wrapping gifts, baking, cooking, and so many loving things. The holiday season is filled with so much love and warmth, and the tasks/chores pertaining to it are never boring or exhausting.

17. Disney Chore Chart

Disney Chore Chart

A Disney chore chart is, like, the most magical thing ever. It’s so enchanting and beautiful to look at. The characters Elsa and Anna from Frozen are popular examples of Disney characters. Featuring them in your children’s chore book may be a cool idea. So get good quality paper and print the prettiest-looking images of Elsa and Anna.

18. Superheroes Chore Chart

Superheroes Chore Chart

The boys in your household may jump with joy if they find out that you are about to choose a superhero-themed chore chart. The characters from Avengers are good choices to be included in your kids’ chore chart. This is when you see instant obedience and an extra level of happy faces in your house.

Choose the best pose of the superheroes, get them featured in the chore chart, and start teaching life skills to your kids.

19. Family Chore Chart

Family Chore Chart

A family chore chart makes the load lighter and easier. The whole family, including both the parents and the children, should join hands and split the chores. It is also fun when the members do different roles. This is how you invite self-reliance to a household.

20. Emoji Chore Chart

Emoji Chore Chart

Emoji chore charts are playful and super fun to look at. They bring a joyous vibe, and nobody ever gets tired or weary following a chore chart that has emojis featured. It is always in a happy mood, and just like that, its mood is contagious. Your kids may always find themselves in jolly moods while doing the chores.


Chore charts (any theme) within a household are necessary and very much needed for organization, responsibilities, and role-playing. Teach your children the importance of chore charts and their impact if you want to see your children get busy with the most important aspects of life. If you teach them how to be independent today, tomorrow, they will be able to sort out their own problems by themselves.

Before you start using the customized chore charts, do not forget to laminate them. Because, then only, you get to use them more than once. You need a marker to do the tickings and the crossings, and an eraser, so you can keep using it.

Chore charts should be encouraged in houses where there are children and discipline is needed. The outcome they bring is outstanding.


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