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25 Must-Have Gifts for Boys [2023]

Gift for boys! Especially the tweens, the idea of thinking this might make it more joyous to see your tween boy being engaged and saying, “It’s super cool, mama,.” You need to pick the best one, which is the exact one for their age and development. He no longer prefers toys with a childish design.

Something big is the option here for you. Big doesn’t mean expensive; it can be affordable to explore his interest and good for his developing quest. The gifts can be more technical too. Keeping up with the constantly changing interests of active children is essential. This allows you to stay informed about their preferred hobbies and activities.

Now with the tweens, the gifts mean not only toys; remember this before considering your option. Here are some gift ideas for your growing boy that you can use for any occasion. Check out our gift guide for boys aged 10-12 years.

Games for Boys

Gaming is most loved by everyone, particularly boys. Gift them the game sets not because it makes them more active physically. It improves cognitive skills when they interact with nature. The problem-solving, self-esteem, and social skills are also increased with that. So, surprise you, boy, with any of the below games this year!

1. Spike Ball Game

Games for Boys .jpg

The hours of engagement are sure with the Spike Ball game. This more energetic game can be played in the backyard or the basement, whichever you choose. It is played like a volleyball with more activity. It will make your son super active.

2. Hoover Ball Soccer Set

Games for Boys

You can make your kid play indoors in the winter with the fun-filled Hoover Ball Soccer to stay active. The ball has an LED light and hovers over in all directions. They have to chase it around the house to score their goals. As an indoor game feature, the ball has a bumper so as not to damage the walls.

3. Battle Buckets Pong

Battle Buckets Pong

The Battle Buckets Pong is an indoor game played with 2-4 players on a table. Balls are bounced into the buckets by everyone with a chance; whoever gets it first has the victory. This game is a fun-filled option for family nights or play days with friends.

4. Mini Basketball Hoop

Mini Basketball Hoop .jpg

If your boy loves basketball, then this is the best selection for him. You can attach an over-the-door mini basketball hoop. The SKLZ Pro Min hoop has the best reviews among parents. Additionally, it has shatterproof foam slides which protect your door from scratch.

5. Game Tables

Game Tables

Game Tables are ever-lovable and a huge hit among tweens. You can pick the table with multiple game options, such as push hockey, ping pong, and foosball. This gaming has changed the peer group’s interest too. They will start gathering to play table games and even interests the elderly teenagers.

Tables with 12 in 1 options are a fun addition to add. It has a basketball game. The boys would play it like anything and more than everything.

6. Sports Boxes

The sports-themed subscription boxes are exclusively aimed at the sports-loving boys. The theme gives various accessories every month for a particular favourite sport. It makes them more focused and entertained on their particular sport. You can choose from the options like basketball, Soccer, Softball, Baseball, Football and Hockey. The boxes contain accessories for the age of your kid, which makes a unique purchase.

7. Otrio Board Game

Otrio Board Game

Fun-filled board game which combines the Tic Tac Toe and Chess. The players can be 2-4, and the winner is who gets the three in a row first. This is perfect to play with friends, family even though they become older.

8. Emoj’nks Emoji Card Card Game

Emoj'nks Emoji Card Card Game .jpg

Is your son an emoji lover? It entertains the tweens with the craze for emojis. According to the child’s age, you can set that for beginner and advanced level arrangement. As it is the best fun game option, you can take it along with your family vacations to make it more merrier.

9. Hookey Ring Toss Game

Hookey Ring Toss Game

The hookey ring toss game is the shortest and funniest version of the darts without sharp darts. You can hang it in the basement, kids’ bedroom, or garage to play with their friends. This has become a safe hookey game as it does the sharp darts or parts to hurt anyone while playing.

10. Marvel Villainous Game

Marvel Villainous Game

Marvel fans will have a blast with the Marvel Villainous Game. This is an asymmetric board that has the 5 Marvel Villains to pick for each kid, which is more challenging and fun to older kids too.

11. Monopoly Fortnight

 Monopoly Fortnight

Fortnight fans won’t get disappointed with this Monopoly game. You can make them leave the devices and pick this Fortnite version to play. Like every other board game, this too can make a perfect family time and Peer time.

STEM Gifts

The concept of the STEM kits is more sophisticated by letting your boy try more new techniques of his own. These cool toys can be a favorite toy for even older teens sometimes. The building robots, home science experiments, and science-themed toys are most rated among all the boy games. Let’s explore the STEM Gifts for boys!

12. Building Sets

Building Sets

Building Sets are the most engaging toy sets for kids who love challenging toys for their curious minds. The engineering mind of your kid can be satisfied by building robots, RC cars, Roller coasters, and many more.

13. Technique Legos

Technique Legos

Now in 2023, The legos always make an all-time play item for kids who want to create their toy. The technic legos are challenging toy building for tweens who love building blocks. It moves and operates like a real toy with screws and fittings. You can find your son’s favorite set to make from the various options it has.

14. Science Kit

Science Kit

If science and creation are your boy’s favorite, then try this out. It has 16 different science kits with working models such as seesaw, catapult, etc.… The specialty is that it can be built in more than one type, so never worry; it will get boring.

15. The Creation Crate Projects

The Creation Crate Projects

This monthly subscription from the STEM box will help the kids to have hands-on experience with coding and electronics. The curious mind can be satisfied with not only learning but also enjoying creating programs like light emitting diodes(LED), breadboards, Circuits, Ultrasonic Sensors, and many more. Your tech-lover boy would love this for sure. They will surely wait for their monthly boxes to arrive every month.

Nerf Guns for Boys

Nerf Guns are the coolest toys from a boy’s angle if you see them. Some parents often worry about giving Nerf Guns as it may make them violent when they grow old. But the research says there is no connection between these fun plays, Guns, and future violence. And teach your boy the proper usage and precautions from the manufacturer to avoid any serious damages. But these types of harm are common with other objects as well.

16. Nerf N- Strike Elite Strong Arm Blaster

Nerf N- Strike Elite Strong Arm Blaster

This is a suitable option for starter Nerf Gun playing and also more reasonable with effortless use opportunity. The Nerf N-Strike Elite Strong Arm Blaster is a perfect addition to birthday party gifts for boys.

17. Nerf Modulus Tri-Strike

Nerf Modulus Tri-Strike .jpg

This is the best Nerf gun for your son as it comes with options to change the body parts according to the kid’s wish. The base has wonderful workability which makes you not worry about picking the base alone. The Nerf Modulus Tri-Strike is the must-have model for the boys.

18. Laser Guns

Laser Guns

Come to the safer side of the gun games. Are you afraid of the Nerf bullets? The fun laser Guns are more fun and interesting in the kids’ world. It can be played anywhere without you worrying about the accidental hitting of the Nerf bullets. It’s designed to be for both outdoor and indoor games and has super sustainability with tear and wear resistance.


Video games are ruling the world at present. Adults and kids both are getting engaged in gaming without any hesitations. But with kids especially the tweens you need to set some rules for the timing and the games they play should be designed for kids to be approved.

Even Though some researchers are showing results that gaming can improve hand-eye coordination, problem-solving skills and the ability to process information in the mind. You need to be careful with the time. Too much of anything is not good as we already know. Now, shall we explore gifts for boyswho love gaming?

19. Gamer Socks

Gamer Socks

This is a cool accessory to own for a kid. They always wanted to present themselves as a gamer which they feel is a unique talent show. If you get them, these socks are designed for gamers and feature printed sentences or words like “I’m gaming” and “Don’t disturb”. They like to wear them to their playdates to express the message.

20. Gaming Chair

Gaming Chair

Every kid will love the gaming chair wherever they play the games, from a computer or playing Xbox. You need to buy them adjustable height chairs to support your growing child’s lumbar support. A floor gaming rocker could settle with an Xbox gaming set that needs you to sit on the floor. This can be folded and kept away when not in use.

21. Headphones

Headphones .jpg

There are various types of headphones available for gaming. Headphones with wire can be attached either with Xbox or iPhone, and this might seem to be a reasonable price with a light-up option on the earmuff and smooth, soft memory foam around them.

Wireless headphones are for the born gamers. If your kid feels like one, you can go for it; even though the prices are higher than the wired ones, it serves the price by the clarity of sound and microphone clearness.

Electronic Games

Your 10-year-old boy has grown up a lot; now he may seem to not want any more toys for gifts. The clue here is that tweens start to behave and live like adults. This is the time you can start buying them electronic products for their daily use. Gifting their long wishes electronic Device will give you the credits for understanding their need. Let’s explore a few electronic items to give to boys as updated parents.

22. Mini Projector

Mini Projector .jpg

This electronic product makes your kids’ room into a mini home theatre for the movies and the gaming times more fun. It can be projected on any blank wall, which makes the sleepover and play dates extremely enjoyable. And it can be used outdoors with a screen or a blank outside wall for family movie nights. The projectors come with options to hook up to iPhone, laptop, Xbox, Chromecast, Roku, and many more. It’s more likely a gift to everyone in the house, so you try this cool gift for boys.

23. Echo Dot

Echo Dot

Music lovers will thank you for this best electronic gift. For additional joy, it has an inbuilt Alexa and clock. The kids enjoy throwing questions to Alexa and getting the answers which are more difficult sometimes. The Echo Dot kidshave a parenting setting to limit the usage time, filtering the improper songs. The most loved feature among the parents is it has a dashboard with all the activities in a review in the parents’ dashboard.


The trending gift for boys for 2023 is Drones. They seem to find it more fun to fly the drone all around the house and parks. As it may be somewhat tricky to understand in the beginning, but after mastering the art, it’s a massive hit.

The facts to look at before buying a drone are the ease of operation, the experience level of your kid, and the camera and battery options. Few Drones for your ideas,

24. Force 1 Mini Drone

Force 1 Mini Drone

This kids’ drone is easy to access as it has a four-channel remote with two-speed controls. It’s not with the video, yet the LED lights, barrel roll, and altitude level control will give more fun for the tween boys. It is simply easy to fly these big drones, which makes beginners enjoy the game.

25. Spacekey Drone

Spacekey Drone

This Spacekey drone with a camera is connected to an iPhone or Android phone. Kids enjoy taking high-resolution pictures and videos from above. It has beginner and advanced options to make it easy at the beginning and to adapt when your boy grows up.

Thoughts To Consider!

Buying suitablegifts for boysis an intricate task. Majorly the gift options revolve around your kids’ needs and your mindset to let them use the gift. We hope the above ideas may show you the different types of gifts you can choose from outdoor games, sports gifts, board games, and STEM kits for curious budding scientists. If your kid loves to play video games, you can take the gaming accessories or other electronic items they may get interested in.

But make sure that the usage and screen times do not increase with your child unless it is for education. Have you found these gift ideas for your tween boy helpful? Then hit the like button and give us your comment with the gift you chose to buy!

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