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26 Wonderful Tea Party Ideas You Must Try

Tea party ideas to enjoy your moment with your friends or family. You may have a great occasion to share with them yet not want to cook for a whole bunch; that’s where it comes from. The afternoon tea party was without more burden and with more chatting.

Tea time has the magic to cool you from your stress and warm you during the cold. And it can elevate your mood from down and calm your nerves from excitement. Throwing a tea party is more convenient as you are the decision-maker for your munchies.

You don’t always need to stick with the traditional snacks and recipes. That’s why we have curated lots of tea party ideas, from where to have your tea party, like which theme to choose, and ideas from arranging the table to selecting your snack platters.

Enjoy your tea party from planning to hosting with these mind-blowing ideas.

Select Your Theme

The theme is the base for your tea party. So decide it by being sure of your mood and needs. This is going to be a memory for a lifetime for both you and your guests. The reason might be a simple gathering for fun and chatting or any special occasion. You can plan a theme from our amazing ideas to make it more special.

1. Floral


This is for romantic and colorful hosting. Decorate the tables with pretty flowers and floral designer tea cups and pots. And it would suit your besties’ afternoon tea party.

2. Garden Tea Party

Garden Tea Party

An afternoon tea party is quite a different one when it is arranged in the garden. Set your table amid your outdoor garden, and it’s always remembered when you have tea and snacks with flowers and bushes. But never forget to arrange it in the shade, or else you might end up squinting your eyes at the sun throughout the event in summer.

3. The Hatter’s Tea Party

The Hatter's Tea Party

Use the classic theme of Hatter’s table from Alice in Wonderland. It’s always fun to have a mismatched cup and saucers. Your choice of favorite accessories can also be used along with the hat.

4. Vintage Theme

Vintage Theme

Antique has its charm. Apart from jewelry, the kitchenware collections are the most treasured as antiques. Decorating the table with antique tea sets and other accessories would be a suitable option to host it in the vintage Theme.

5. Book Club Tea Party

Book Club Tea Party

Bringing your favorite book to the table and having a worthwhile discussion during your tea is a recommended option if you are a bookish person. Tea and snacks with books are an everlasting combination you can give your friends and family members.

6. Theme For Special Occasions

Theme For Special Occasions

The reason behind this afternoon tea party might be a special occasion like a birthday, anniversary, gender reveal, or baby shower. The appropriate elements can be used for a particular occasion, such as pink and blue balloons for a gender reveal tea party. The decorations should express the theme of the party.

7. Tea Party With A Twist

Tea Party With A Twist

After enjoying the afternoon tea party, you can raise a fund from your side and your friends and family members. This can go to any charitable trust which you may want to help for so long.

8. Children’s Tea Party

Children's Tea Party

The afternoon tea party for children has a lot of fun ideas to consider. It should be more creative for those curious minds. It starts with child-friendly tea and snacks like fruit tea or chocolate tea with cookies of the gingerbread man, snowman, etc. Along with these, games and activities are a must for their energy.

9. Having The High Tea

Having The High Tea

This next level of the tea party is an English tea party with a high-standard arrangement with three-tiered snacks and all fine china porcelain and linens. It’s more elegant and sophisticated to have the opportunity to hold a High Tea Party.

10. Give A Cultural Twist

Give A Cultural Twist

Using a specific theme from different cultures, such as English, Moroccan, and Japanese, by incorporating elements from their culture and bringing it live to your afternoon tea party.

11. Concept Of DIY Tea

Having The High Tea

This is An interactive method that occupies everyone in your party. The supplies for the tea should be provided by you, and the guests have to make their tea with their own blends or tea strainer. They can infuse two blends, or they can decorate their cups with different patterns to bring more vibe.

12. Tea Tasting Party

Tea Tasting Party

The Tea Tasting Party is more innovative and active. You can bring various types of teas to your table and let the guests decide by tasting everything. Different flavors and the method of brewing them can be attached as valuable information on your table.

13. Tea Theme

Tea Theme

Do you want to create tea followers? Then host a tea party with the theme of tea. Here, the guests can make. Any tea-themed crafts of tea-scented candles by the materials you provide them with, for example, tea-scented candles or tea-scented soaps.

14. Wellness Theme

Wellness Theme .jpg

If your consideration is always the health, you should host this wellness tea party for sure. Include all your tea and snacks inside the health column. Choose your options from healthy tea-based drinks like iced tea or tea smoothies. Let your loved ones know about the reason for this decision and make them work on it too. It gives satisfaction when you do something good for others.

15. Be Unexpected

Be Unexpected

You can host your tea party on a specific theme and make your friends and family members stay comfortable with the theme, then start introducing a new snack with another theme and give combinations with your new theme. This can be used when you have a traditional tea party. In the end, you can provide different flavors of tea and snacks which are not on the list.

Ideas To Set Your Table

Hosting an afternoon tea party is not only for children, it’s a great get-together time for adults too. By arranging the table on different patterns and decorations, you can create the mood of your tea party.

Few ideas for the adornments,

16. Floor Arrangement

Floor Arrangement

Being formal is kind of boring sometimes. The traditional way of sitting on the floor might make your tea party more comfortable for your guests by arranging a picnic set up on the floor with pillows and blankets to make it cozy.

17. Contemporary Menu

Contemporary Menu

Traditional tea and snacks are too awesome, yet you can interest your guests with contemporary snack items with tea like your guest’s favourite options. Mini sandwiches and toast with avocado spread or any other variety to make your tea time more merry.

18. Include Coffee

Include Coffee

Not every one of your buddies will be a tea person. Right? You can make arrangements with multiple beverage options, including coffee on the table with decors.

19. Mini Dessert

Mini Dessert

Who wouldn’t love a dessert when it is specially made as a mini one? Of course, try making mini dessert items to set on your table to serve your guests to take from the varieties. This allows them to taste everything on the table.

20. Classy Items

Classy Items .jpg

To add more aesthetics to your table, arrange your tableware with shimmering glassware or shining metallic options. This gives a classy look to your afternoon tea party.

21. Bar Cart In Handy

Bar Cart In Handy

The special snacks and supplies can be arranged in your bar Cart with extra napkins and cups and silverware for your guests. Bar carts give the perfect party mode and tend to give a classy look of the cozy restaurant effect.

22. Cards With Special Notes

Cards With Special Notes .jpg

Try placing handwritten cards on the table for each guest with lovely messages. This elevates their mood and brings more joy to the party. Personalized handwritten cards addressing their name could give the most welcomed feel, which elevates the party mood. You can try adding your favorite quotes in that too.

23. Vases On The Table

Vases On The Table

Scatter different types of vases with your choice or seasonal flowers popping out. Mini vases are enough for arranging on the tea party table. The flowers give more freshness and calmness to the mind.

24. Picnic Basket in The Centre

Picnic Basket in The Centre

The tea party in the garden is the right choice for using a picnic basket. Outdoor tea parties are often hot, which makes the dessert and snacks too dull. You can use a vintage-style picnic basket to have some extra glimpses and benefits.

25. Tall And Icy

Tall And Icy

Place tall glasses alongside your hot tea cups to serve an iced tea for your guests on hot days. Who wouldn’t love a ln icy tea on a hot afternoon?

26. Balloons


Don’t miss the celebration mood with balloons. You can decorate your ceiling, walls, and anywhere you please in your party room. Party means balloons; there is not much explanation needed here.

Blast Your Tea Party!

Arranging and hosting a tea party for any occasion will be an enjoyable task you can take. The first thing to do would be to select your theme for the party. To make it more crisp, share your friends and family theme to let them dress and get prepared for what they are going to have. Either it might be a book club tea party, vintage, Garden, or any suspenseful tea party.

Have you settled on a particular theme that piques your interest? The next step is to give life to your table by arranging your and your guest’s favorite menu, the most stunning tableware, and the decoration of flowers, picnic baskets, or handwritten cards and balloons. Set your menu with unexpected twists and desserts with cold coffee or iced tea to have more loveliness. Host an outstanding afternoon tea party with these ideas, and let us know your guests’ feedback from the party!

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