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25 Party Games for Kids That Will Make Their Celebration a Blast!

Kids are most enthusiastic about parties, and why not? They get good food and a lot of time to play with their friends. As much as it is exciting for kids, for parents, it is one big responsibility. Planning the whole party requires planning a lot of things, but one cannot ignore the importance of suitable kids’ party games to make celebrations more fun and exciting.

These games are one such activity that makes these parties most memorable and enjoyable for your kids. So, in this article, we have tried honing down the 25 best kids’ party games that aren’t just classics and easy to play but can fill the whole room with lots of laughter and fun. Let’s have a look at which games these are and how they are supposed to be played.

1. Red Light, Green Light

Red Light, Green Light

Red Light, Green Light is one of the most fun games that can be enjoyed by toddlers of all ages. It can be played indoors as well as outdoors. This kid’s party game is considered one of the best activities to enhance kids’ concentration and awareness levels.

How to play: Before starting the game, make sure to make a start and finish line. Now, there must be a catcher singing green light, red light. When they say the green light, all the other players are supposed to move toward the finish line as soon as possible. And alternatively, when they run a red light, everyone has to stop. Anyone caught moving a red light has to be eliminated from the game. The first one to reach the finish line wins and gets exciting prizes.

2. Pass the Ball

Red Light, Green Light

Pass the Ball or Parcel has always been one of the classic kid’s party games. It’s fun and simple and keeps the toddlers engaged and entertained. Such games allow the kid to be quick in their thoughts and actions.

How to play: Gather all the children and make them sit in a circle. Play some music or rhyme and give a pillow or ball to a kid. As long as the music plays, the kids are supposed to pass the ball/pillow to their peers sitting beside them as fast as they can. The music can be stopped at any point, and the one with the pillow when music gets stopped gets eliminated. You can also make the game more entertaining by assigning dares to the kids who get caught instead of getting them eliminated.

3. Dance Relay

Dance Relay

One must have heard of relay races but have you ever heard of dance relay? Yes, it is a very exciting game that can be introduced into parties and events to make them more entertaining without the need for any props. The best part, it allows one to be creative.

How to play: To start the game, gather the kids to stand in a circular formation. Now any kid can go first and do a certain dance step. And here, it gets entertaining. The second player needs to memorize the step and perform it next while also adding a move of their own. Similarly, the third one to come needs to repeat the first and second moves and add their personal move. The game keeps going on like this, and one to mess it up or forget any move gets out.

4. Musical Chairs


When it comes to kids’ party games, it is not possible not to mention Musical Chairs. They are the classics in any kind of event and can be played by individuals of all ages. Also, these boost the attentiveness and response system of toddlers.

How to Play: To play the game, one simply needs a few chairs, some players, and some music. Get the chairs arranged and ensure that the total number of chairs shall be one less than the total number of players. Now when the music starts, players need to move around these chairs and get seated as soon as the music stops. The one who won’t be able to get a chair gets eliminated, and the last one to have a seat wins the game.

5. Duck, Duck, Goose

Duck, Duck, Goose

Duck, Duck, Goose is another popular kids’ party game. It can be played indoors as well as outdoors. However, playing it outdoors provides more space and, thus, can be more fun.

How to Play: All the kids are supposed to take a seat in a circular formation facing inwards. One player who starts the game taps every other player while calling them a duck while tapping one of them as a goose and thus, making him a chaser. The goose has to chase the picker before taking a seat in the circle.

6. Pop the Balloon

Pop the Balloon

Balloons are indispensable accessories when it comes to parties. They make any event look more fun and lively. But what if someone tells you that one can create super fun kids’ party games using these balloons as props? Yes, Pop the Balloon is one such game.

How to Play: Fill the balloons with some candies or mini prizes before blowing them. Now after they are blown, tie the balloons to the back or feet of every player. Each player needs to keep their balloon protected while attacking the balloons of other players. Now, if a kid pops out a balloon of another player, they can have the candy or prize wrapped in that balloon. The last one to keep their balloon protected wins the game while also enjoying the candies and mini prizes of other players.

7. Obstacle Course

Obstacle Course

Want to make those kid’s party games entertaining but challenging? Then, an Obstacle course can be an ideal choice. These work best for large groups.

How to Play: Create an obstacle course using whatever obstacle course toolscome in handy to you. The props may include items like strings, ropes, cones, and more, and consider building the course in an open space like a backyard or garden area. Instruct the players to follow the rules and cross the obstacle. Whoever crosses the obstacle in the shortest period becomes the winner.

8. Three-Legged Race

Three-Legged Race

Three-legged Race is one of those kid’s party games that needs no major props but ensures that the entertainment level of the party remains on top.

How to Play: Arrange the kids in pairs and tie one of their legs together using a rope or a string. Then mark a start and finish line and ask every pair to start the race at the same time from the start line. The pair who crosses the line first with their legs tied wins the race.

9. Treasure Hunt

Treasure Hunt

Want to prize your little angels? Why not motivate them to earn it? Treasure Hunt is one of those fantastic kids’ party games that encourage toddlers to be quick thinkers to earn their reward.

How to play: Make clues using puzzles, pictures, riddles, quotes, and other ideas. One can be innovative while adding clues. Consider scattering these clues all around the play area and kids are motivated to find the hidden clues, which leads them to another clue until one of them reaches the final clue and claims the prize.

10. Escape Room

Escape Room

Want to add a more personalized touch to these kid’s party games? Then why not consider adding Escape Room to your list? The game can be played in several themes like mystery, theft, war, party, and so on. Also, these games are known to improve the mental abilities of an individual.

How to Play: Create an escape room using drawings, clues, puzzles, photos, and other hints. The rules of the game are simple- one must solve the whole mystery and put all the clues together to figure out the code to escape the room. The one who manages to leave the room first after solving the mystery stands to be the clear winner.

11. Tug of War

Tug of War

Tug of War is one of the most popular games that are enjoyed by individuals of all ages. The best part about this game is it can be added to any event to make it fun and competitive.

How to play: To start the game, we simply need to divide the players into two teams. Now, make a mark in the middle of the rope or consider using a handkerchief or something like that. Make two lines and ensure each team stands behind their line. Now, as soon as the game controller says go, each time tries to pull the rope on their side, the team which manages to pull the middle mark of the rope on their side can claim their victory.

12. Sack Race

Sack Race

Be it school sports events or kindergarten game sessions, Sack races have always been a major fun activity in all kinds of kid’s events.

How to play: As the name mentions, sack races are kids’ party games that are simple races but with sacks. Each player needs to stand behind the start line while being in a sack. As soon as the game starts, they must continue to race and hop as fast as they can to first cross the finish line. Remember, being in a sack is a must-have condition to qualify for the race.

13. Egg-Spoon Race

Egg-Spoon Race

Short races are most fun for little warriors. But one can make them more entertaining by adding new elements to the game. Egg and Spoon Race is one such innovative kids’ party game that allows toddlers to race but beware and carefulness is the most important element here.

How to play: Have some boiled eggs to start the game. Ask all the players to stand in a line. Give each player a spoon with an egg on it. Rules are simple: the one who crosses the finish line without dropping the egg on their spoon wins the race. But wait, what if someone drops their egg before the finish line? Well, they need to start again. Fun, right?

14. Pictionary


Looking for some easy, peasy indoor games? Then, why not consider adding a pictionary to your parties? These kid’s party games motivate your toddlers to be innovative and challenge their thinking skills.

How to play: Playing pictionary is quite simple. In this game, a player needs to draw a word or an object using his/her drawing skills. Also, no words are allowed. The other players are required to make guesses, and the one who gets it right gets a point and goes to the next level. The winner can be calculated by counting the total scores of every player.

15. Charades


Just like Pictionary, Charades is also about making guesses. However, the player needs to use their actions and not draw to play this kid’s party game.

How to play: Any one of the players can start acting in a movie or a show. Also, they cannot speak; they can only act and make features. All the other players are supposed to guess the movie, and the one who guesses right gets the point. The player with the maximum scores at the end of the game emerges as the winner.

16. Hanging Donuts

Hanging Donuts

Hanging Donuts is another kid’s party game that can make the whole party exciting while keeping the toddlers entertained and engaged. Some rope or string and some doughnuts are all that you need to play this game.

How to play: Use a rope or a rod and consider hanging all the doughnuts to the rod using a string or a rope itself. Also, make sure that every player can have a doughnut of their own to start the game. With the go command, toddlers need to start eating these doughnuts, but just with their mouths and no hands shall be allowed. The first one to finish their doughnut becomes the winner of the game.

17. Hula-Hoop Contest

Hula-Hoop Contest

Hula-Hoops are fun, right? So why not use them to make your parties more entertaining?

How to play: Gather as many hula hoops as you can and give one to each of the players participating in the competition. The rules of the game are simple. Each player can show their tricks, moves, and anything they want while simply keeping the hula hoop spinning around them. It shouldn’t fall off the ground. The one that manages to remain till the end stands to be the winner of the competition.

18. Pin the Tail on the donkey

Pin the Tail on the donkey

Pin the Tail on the Donkey is one of the classic and fun party games that is an absolute favorite of kids.

How to play: To play this game, one simply needs to have a photograph or a sketch of a donkey; the only condition it should be without a tail. Blindfold each player, and as each one of them comes one by one, they simply need to attach the donkey’s tail to its position as close as possible in the picture. One who can pin the tail closest and most accurately wins the game.

19. Hide and Seek

Hide and Seek

To imagine your childhood without thinking of Hide and Seek games is almost impossible. So why not add these kid’s party games to your event to make it more happening?

How to play: In this game, there needs to be a seeker, and all the other players can be hiders. The seeker closes their eyes and counts for a few minutes while all the other players can use this chance to hide in the most appropriate spots. After opening their eyes, the seeker tries to find the other players, and as soon as he finds one, they become the next seeker.

20. Lego Building

Lego Building

Lego Building is one of the most preferred kids’ party games. The reason behind the same is simple, it is easy to play, and it helps toddlers build several skills like organizational, social, concentration, and more.

How to play: To make events more exciting, one can provide thematic legos to toddlers. Give a set to each player and set the timer. The player that completes the Lego set or manages to fix most of it in the given time becomes the winner.

21. Bowling fun

Bowling fun

Bowling games are amazing, right? But have you ever considered adding these games to your personal parties? Yes, it is possible to create a bowling alley within your house using essentials that can be easily found at your place. One can also have bowling sets. Imagine how much fun it will be for the kids.

How to play: As this game is inspired by the real bowling game, it can be played similarly as well. Make a bowling lane with suitable measurements. One may use cans or similar accessories to be used as pins. Players simply need to roll balls to knock out these pins. The winner can be decided based on the number of falls made by each player.


22. Paper Dance

Paper Dance

Newspaper Dance is one of the most famous games in all kinds of celebrations. These kids’ party games are simple and easy to play. All you need to have is a paper and some good music.

How to play: Get the players arranged in pairs, and each pair stands on a piece of paper. As the music starts, the pair can dance while making sure that their feet shouldn’t touch the ground and be on the paper itself at all times. When the music stops, they should further fold the paper and continue the dance with no feet touching ground rules. The pair that manages to survive till the end wins the game.

23. Freeze Dance

Freeze Dance

Let the kids enjoy their goofy sides with games like Freeze Dance. This kid’s party game allows children to enjoy the music and make their own dance moves.

How to play: The activity can be started with everyone dancing as the music starts. However, one needs to be attentive because as soon as the music stops, they need to freeze in whatever position they are and hold the same position until the music starts again. The one who fails to do the same gets eliminated, and the last one to stand wins the battle.

24. Sleeping Lions

Sleeping Lions

Sleeping Lions is one of those kid’s party games that can fill the whole room with lots of joy and laughter. These are most suitable to be played by individuals aged 4 and up and need no props.

How to play: One of the players is designated as a hunter, and the rest of them are sleeping lions. The sleeping lions are supposed to be down on the floor without making any movements. It’s the hunter’s job to make other players move by making jokes and stories and using other tactics. However, the hunter cannot touch the other players. If any of the sleeping lions move, they are then supposed to team up with the hunter.

25. Limbo


Limbo is surely a party hit game. They are fun and amazing. The best part about Limbo is that individuals of all ages can participate in the game.

How to play: One needs to have a limbo stick that can be placed at a certain height or could be simply held high by two individuals. All the players are supposed to lean backward and cross this limbo stick without getting their bodies touched it. If they successfully manage to cross the stick, then they can move to the next level, where the placement height of the stick can be further reduced.


Parties are supposed to be fun, and adding kids’ games to the event can ensure making the whole environment more lit and happening. This article talks about 25 such kids’ party games that are super fun and engaging. Even adults can show participation in these activities to make them more entertaining.

One may introduce these games in their events as it is, or they can add some modifications to the rules and the playing style following their convenience. Choose the game that best matches the theme of your event, and let us know if your guests and toddlers at the party enjoyed these activities or not.


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