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Side-Splitting Teen Jokes: Explore a Collection of Humor Gems!

Humor is contagious, but getting your teen to laugh out loud is never easy. They are most likely to roll their eyes rather than crack up at your jokes. We have all been there and seen it all as teens and as parents. If you have been searching for jokes for teens that will transform into giggles and chuckles, you are at the right place.

Nothing can be sweeter to the ears of parents than the laughter of their kids. Whether it is to destress the adolescents at home or start the class on the right note in school, it is always a great idea to crack a joke that everyone enjoys.

We have collated 100 lovable, funny jokes for teens that parents and teachers can use.

100 Funny Jokes for Teens

100 Funny Jokes for Teens

1. Why was Harry Potter bald in his teens?

Because Harry lost Hedwig.

2. How does the sea say hello?

The sea waves.

3. Why did God create man before He made a Woman?

Because we all need a rough draft before the final version.

4. Why was the man running around his bed?

Because he wanted to catch up on his sleep.

5. Who is an alligator in a vest?

An investigator.

6. An ad looking for a deep sea diver will read as?

A person who can work under pressure!

7. Where does a mummy go for a swim?


8. Why did the singer go sailing?

Because she wanted to get on high C’s.

9. Which keys are sweet to taste?


10. What does the little plant say to the big tree?

Leaf-Me Alone.

11. When, in school, do you learn to greet others?


12. Why cannot a bicycle stand on its own?

Because it is two-tired.

13. Which is the smartest state in the US?

It’s ALABAMA. It has 4 A’s and 1 B.

14. Which tree can you hold in your hands?


Get a Few of These Funny Jokes for Teens printed and Convert Them as Wallpapers

Get a Few of These Funny Jokes for Teens printed and Convert Them as Wallpapers

15. What is that one thing that you can never throw but always catch?

It’s your breath.

16. Where do fish get to save their money?

Of course, on the river bank.

17. Why should you tell a joke when standing on ice?

Because it can crack up anytime.

18. Why do pimples make the worst kinds of prisoners?

Because they keep breaking out all the time!

19. How does one light bulb greet another light bulb?

Watts Up!

20. The stadium is always so cold. Why?

Because it has so many fans.

21. How does a barber drive to work?

By taking shortcuts.

22. What does one wall say to another wall?

Let’s meet at the corner.

23. How do cows entertain themselves?

By going to MOOO-VIES.

24. What makes ghosts bad liars?

It is because you can see right through them,

25. A sleeping bull is known as a _________.

A bulldozer.

26. Why is ice cream invited to all parties?

It is because ice cream is so cool and utterly sweet.

27. Why was the photograph sent to prison?

Because it was framed.

28. What do you call a pooch in the sun?

It is called a hot dog.

29. What did mom corn ask baby corn?

She said, “Where’s POPcorn?”

30. Who shaves multiple times a day and still has a beard?

The barber.

31. Why did the walnut want to enter the rocket?

Because he wanted to become an ASTRO-NUT.

32. The peanut butter was scared of sharing a secret. Why?

Because it knows that you will spread it.

33. When you speak, what do you break?


34. What is common between mobile phones and dogs?


Few School-Related Funny Jokes for Teens. Teachers Can Use These as Stress-Busters

Few School-Related Funny Jokes for Teens. Teachers Can Use These as Stress-Busters

35. Which subject does a witch love at school?

It has to be SPELL-ing.

36. Why did the mathematics book get bummed?

Because it is full of problems.

37. What is the maths teacher’s favorite season?


38. What makes the obtuse angle sad?

That’s because it’s never right.

39. Name the planet that sings.


40. What’s a teenager called who is home due to COVID-19 called?


41. Which alphabet is the most watery?

The letter ‘C.’

42. Why did the teacher use the window as a blackboard?

Because the teacher wanted the lesson to be transparently clear to students.

43. Why is it easy to get passing marks in Maths?

Because it is as easy as a PI-E.

44. Why are judges always awarded A’s in English tests?

It is because they are so well-versed in sentences.

45. What was the point of writing with a broken pencil?

Actually, it was pointless.

46. Why did the dog score so well in exams?

Because it has been the teacher’s pet.

47. What made the student eat his homework?

It’s because the teacher mentioned that it is a piece of cake.

Next, We Will List Some Trending Funny Gaming Jokes for Teens.

Next, We Will List Some Trending Funny Gaming Jokes for Teens.
48. Zoombies love to watch TV in which room?

The living room.

49. As a Minecraft player, how do you avoid sunburn?

Using Sunblock.

50. How do you make the skeletons laugh in Minecraft?

By tickling their funny bones.

51. How do Minecraft players spend their weekends?

By going to square dances.

52. Why did Enderman not cross the road?

Because it got teleported.

53. What will the zombie say to the villager?

Great to eat you.

54. What could be a Creeper’s most-loved food?

Of course, a SALAD.

55. How do Minecraft players stay fit?

They keep running around the block.

56. What game do foxes love to play?


57. Who is good at playing FORTNITE?

Dentists, of course, because they floss twice a day.

58. How to make the TV do floss?

Emote Control.

59. Why are strikers not popular in FORTNITE?

Because they fail to ‘BATTLE’ PASS.

60. What is the way of celebrating Minecraft players?

By arranging for block parties.

Next on The Platter Are Some Splitting Animal Jokes for Teens.

Next, We Will List Some Trending Funny Gaming Jokes for Teens.

61. Sharks belong to which place?


62. A leopard always loses when playing hide and seek. Why?

Because they always get spotted.

63. When you cross a pig with a porcupine, what do you get?


64. Why do dogs never drive?

Because they are unable to find a B-ARKING space.

65. Which day of the week do chickens hate?


66. The place where horses live is called?


67. What’s common between elephants and trees?

Both have trunks

68. What do cats wear at home?


69. Which is the most popular fish?


70. Can a kangaroo jump higher than the Empire State Building?

Yes, because the Empire State Building cannot jump.

71. Owls love maths, but which chapter?


With Adolescents so Much Into Fifa

With Adolescents so Much Into Fifa

72. How do football players keep their cool during matches?

By staying close to FANS.

73. Why did Cinderella fare so poorly in football?

Because she ran away from the BALL.

74. Why do fish are not into football?

Because they hate NETS.

75. What is common between Messi and a magician?

Both have plenty of HAT-TRICKS in their kitty.

76. Which drink does a goalkeeper really love?


Biology-Related funny Jokes for Teens.

Biology-Related funny Jokes for Teens.

77. Why didn’t the skeleton get to attend the party?

Because it didn’t have any BODY to go with.

78. Why was there a breakup between the biologist and the physicist?

Because of a lack of chemistry.

79. Why doesn’t anyone go near the biologist?

Because he is always surrounded by CELLS.

80. Where did the viruses go?

They FLU away.

81. Why did the biologist break up with his partner?

Because the biologist was too CELL-FISH.

82. Why are biologists so happy on Fridays?

Because this is the day that they get to wear GENES.

83. Why did everyone avoid the organic compound?

Because it is A-MEAN O ACID.

84. Why did the scuba diver get low grades in biology?

Because he was below the C level.

85. Which vitamin is good for the eyes?

Vitamin C

And Now for Some Sports-Related Comic Jokes for Teens

And Now for Some Sports-Related Comic Jokes for Teens

86. Why are basketball courts always filled with water?

That’s because players always dribble.

87. A pitcher raises only one leg when throwing a ball. Why?

If they raise both the legs, they will fall down.

88. The baseball gloves said this to the ball.

‘Catch ya later.’

89. How do baseball players stay connected?

They touch base every now and then.

90. Which is the golfer’s favorite alphabet?


91. What is common between a team that loses and scrambled legs?

They are both beaten.

92. Why were basketball courts so hot?

Because the fans had left.

Some Amusing Jokes for Teens for Sci-Fi Lovers.

Some Amusing Jokes for Teens for Sci-Fi Lovers

93. What do computers eat?


94. Why did the scientist get irritated with the doorbell?

Because he wanted a NO-BELL prize.

95. The thermometer says what to the graduated cylinder.

You have graduated, but I have more degrees than you.

96. Light travels faster than sound; we all know that. What can it mean?

That most people look bright before you hear them speak.

97. How do scientists keep their breath fresh?


98. A biologist takes her own pictures. What is it called?


99. Why can’t sharks eat clowns?

Because they taste funny.

100.What tool will you use to cut the sea?


Sample Printable Jokes For Teens

Some Amusing Jokes for Teens for Sci-Fi Lovers
where do horses live
why was the math book sad


These jokes for teens are awesome. Not only will this tickle some funny bones in a party full of adolescents, but you will also get them to come up with some new ones on their own. It is an interesting way to connect and get their creative minds to put the gray matter to work.

It has been such a great experience for us to collate these funny jokes for teens. We hope our readers, too, find all these jokes equally hilarious, filling the place with a riot of laughter.

If you have some loud jokes for teens up your sleeves that are not featured here, do remember to share them with us in the comments below.

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