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25 Exciting Games to Play and Bond With Your Friends

Who is the first person you call when you’re in trouble, when you like somebody but find it very difficult to confess, when you’ve broken up, and when you want to rant about your work day? You can already picture the person in your mind, right? Let us guess; it’s your best friend!

After hours of trauma dumping, ranting, gossiping, time for some games? However, if you’re here after searching for ‘games to play with friends,’ you have come to the right place. We have a concise list of all games that can make your day awesome with all the tea spilled by your friends!

Here you go

25 Fun Games To Play With Friends

We all have that one person in the group who is very quiet, reserved, and wants to keep their life private. We can’t ask you to tag them here, but we can always give you ideas so you can bring the secrets out! We have some super fun games to play with friends here:

1. Two Truths 1 Lie

Two Truths 1 Lie

For starters, let’s break the ice. All of you have to sit in a circle, and every person has to reveal two truths and one lie in their turn without any escape. The fun part is that it’s for you to think about which of the three revelations which one’s true and which one is a lie. You can turn this into a daring round; we’ll tell you how.

Once everybody is done with two truths and one lie, you can do a reverse round where you guess which two are truths and which one is a lie. If your guess is correct, then you’re good, or else you have to perform a dare!

2. Would You Rather

Would You Rather

Out of all games to play with friends, this one is a thought-provoking game. Keep your friends on the edge of their seats with your questions. In case you’re the host, you could prepare the questions beforehand on a chit.

Questions could be like, “Would you rather have money or love?”, “Would you rather go to the past and meet your ancestors or know your future?”, “Would you rather win a lottery of $100,000 or live twice as long?”. Thoughtful questions like these will give you a sneak peek into your friend’s brain!

3. Rapid Fire

Rapid Fire

A game that never gets old! You have probably heard enough of this game, and it’s needless for us to say. But we have some suggestions for what you can ask: “If you could change one thing in your life, what would it be?”, “Who do you text the most?”, “Do you believe in second chances?”.

Fun, interesting, steamy questions could be anything that you’ve always wanted to know about your friend. They say if constantly bombarded with questions and the person is in a hurry, they are most likely to speak the truth. Just the right game to play with friends.

4. Pack of Uno

Pack of Uno

Pack of Uno did no harm until you play one draw two over another, and you forget to call out Uno when you are only left with one card. If you accept this, may god be with you! No limitation to the number of players; you can play this anytime and anywhere. Are any Uno fans here?

We Heard of Uno Flip. Double the fun when you can flip your card and play draw five!

5. Pictionary


Even if you draw a human figure with those straight lines and a circle for the face, it’s absolutely fine for you to play Pictionary. You do not have to be an artist. In fact, to be honest, it’s more fun to identify a bad drawing. Try it for yourself, and you will know.

Divide yourself into teams. One member of the team draws, and the other members of the same team have to guess the drawn image. A generation-long game to play with friends.

6. Dumb Charades

Dumb Charades

This is a classic. Simply form teams, brainstorm all the weird names of movies, and give it to a person from a team while the other members of the same team have to understand the signs, gestures, and acting of the person.

Pro Tip:If you can Google the names of the weirdest titles of films, don’t disclose what we told you! Also, keep track of points!

Make this competitive by giving the person only 3 minutes to act.

7. The Alphabet Game

The Alphabet Game

This has been trending on Instagram Reels these days. If you have not come across this, we’ll tell you! A fun game to play with friends where you say a sentence starting from the letter A and gradually you take the sentence and form a storyline with the next alphabet in line, that is B. Similarly, you keep adding sentences to the story beginning with the alphabet in the queue.

Pro Tip – Keep the above image for your reference!

8. Never Have I Ever…

Never Have I Ever…

Sit in a circle; each person gets a chance to complete the phrase. For instance, I say, “Never have I ever been to the police station.” People who have done this take a sip of the drink served to them. Same way, when somebody gives a statement like say, for example, “Never have I ever Googled myself”, if I have done this, I will take a sip of the drink.

Easy peasy but a lot of fun!

9. 20 Questions

20 Questions

One person has to think of something (it could be a name, place, animal, or thing). After the person has thought, the other people will ask her yes or no based questions. Like, “Is it a thing?”, “Is it an actor?”, “Is it above 40 years of age?” etc. The others have to guess the ‘it’ by asking 20 questions.

10. Taboo

Taboo .jpg

All you have to do is pick a card, start the timer, and make your team guess the word by throwing words or phrases. The only rule is that you cannot use the words given on the card. That’s the only thing you have to follow besides the time limit. The board game to play with friends has correctly written, unspeakable fun on it! Taboo it is.

11. Twister


A game that will make you fall out of laughter but also balance. We can’t wait to explain the game, so here. You require a referee for the game, somebody who can guide you with the moves, which leg or hand to place on which color circle. If you place your feet anywhere outside the required circle, you will be disqualified right away! Go on, test your flexibility with Twister.

12. Jenga


Jenga is an awesome game to play with friends. Use numbered bricks to build a tiny wall-like structure, and gradually pull out the bricks one by one in your turn. If the built structure falls, you’re OUT! This is most popular amongst teenagers, but happiness sees no age, right?

13. Monopoly


This never gets old! If you asked for a game to play with friends of every age, this is it! Monopoly is a complete game of destiny and strategy. You get to choose your token, the city you want, and the sites. How fun can this be? Imagine buying a whole city! Okay-okay, it’s just a game!

14. Heads Up

Heads Up

For the GenZ audience, Heads Up has become extremely popular. It’s an online game available at once if you Google. Keep your phone on your head in the horizontal direction, and the people in front will make you guess the word. To pass the word, turn your phone upward, and if you win, turn your phone downward to get the new word.

15. Tug of War

Tug of War

All you need is a rope and a lot of strength. Split into two teams and just pull the rope with all your might. Let’s bring a twist to this game; the team that wins gets to rest, and that loses has to cook and serve! Voila, put all your strength into winning.

16. Badminton


Step out of home and get yourself jumping and moving behind the shuttle. Perfect game to play with friends. Play in duals or singles, especially during winter, and badminton is the best option. Grab your rackets, shuttle, and pull up your socks!

17. Truth or Dare

Truth or Dare

This one’s an OG game to play with friends. Spill all the tea from your friends, make them confess, and do things you always wanted them to do. If they’ve never told you about their crush, ask them! You always wanted to know their guilty pleasure, and you’re just one step away.

18. Bottle Up

Bottle Up

This one is a very interesting game; you require a bottle cap for this. Now, sit in a circle and, one by one, ask a question to the person sitting beside you (Remember: You have to whisper the question, do not say it aloud!) Your question should be based only upon the people present there, say, “Who do you like the most here?” the person has to keep the bottle cap in front of that person. The person now has to flip or toss the bottle cap; if it falls the right way up, the question has to be told out loud. If it falls the wrong way, you’ll never know the question!

19. Scrabble


Without wanting to come across as a nerd, this is our favorite game! Billions of words around; let’s try and make words around our letters. It sounds like a great idea and is indeed a great game to play with friends. You can literally spend hours and still continue to play this. Increase your vocabulary and say what you can’t say through words. Just scrabble!

20. Codenames


If you have not come across Codenames, trust us, you’re missing out on something! What you gotta do is, split into teams, then one person from the team has to explain the words laid out. They can just say one word for the words displayed below, and along with the word, they say the number of words he/she wants the team to guess. Say if I have ‘cream’ and ‘chocolate’ amongst the words I have to explain, then I might as well say ‘cake 2’. Understood?

21. Chess


Are you just two in number and have eaten up each other’s head already? Play Chess! Time-consuming and requires your intellect. You can spend hours strategizing and playing this. One of the best indoor games to play with friends.

22. Chinese Checkers

Chinese Checkers

It has always been the classic game to play with friends, but we are still in disbelief at why it’s so lost these days! We’ve all played Chinese Checkers at least once in life and have always wished to buy it for ourselves. This is your sign to get it for a perfect nostalgic game that you could play with friends.

23. Flip the Bottle and Tic Tac Toe

Flip the Bottle and Tic Tac Toe

You might have seen this on Instagram; we’ll still elaborate on you. It’s a game where you split into teams of two. Flip the bottle; whoever lands gets a hand on the tic tac toe. This way, if your opponent could flip the bottle twice at a go, they get two consecutive chances. Each person from every team gets a chance in a queue, so you keep rotating and try your hands at flipping the bottle!

24. Mono Deal

Mono Deal

Calling out to all Monopoly fans, step up! Mono Deal is here. Literally, just double up everything from Monopoly; there’s more strategy required, more intellect, and of course, more fun! You can literally swap properties with your partners and take their money! Aren’t these factors adding up to the fun?

25. Sequence


We could not have forgotten Sequence! A game that’s evergreen and is all about the J’s! Count yourself lucky if you have them. You can play individually, and teaming up is also fine. As many as 6-8 people can play Sequence. As the word says, there’s a board with mini cards printed on them, and you have to make sequences on the basis of cards distributed to you.

Have The Best Night With Friends

We would all agree that there’s never a dull moment with our friends around, but could we just take a moment and make the environment exciting, fun, and happy and call for a game night to thank our best friends for listening to all our rants? Get your hands on these games and spill all the tea from your best friends!

Why not call them over right away? We have already backed you up with 25 games to play with friends already! Although there could be 100s of more games, we hope this has been helpful! Trust us; it’s going to be a night to remember.

Get. Set. Play.

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